15 Latin & Spanish Artists to Watch in 2024

15 Latin & Spanish Artists to Watch in 2024

As is now a tradition for us at Billboard, at the beginning of every year, Billboard’s Latin and Español teams take stock of artists who we think have a shot at noticeably bigger recognition or even stardom in 2024.

Our range of options is vast: We look at new and up and coming acts who’ve caught our attention through their music and/or new chart presence (think Xavi and Milo J); artists who are being celebrated by the artistic community (Joaquina); international artists who are causing a stir in their home countries but may be unknowns outside their borders (Ke Personajes); and even artists who have been around for several years but only recently seemed to find their direction and path to success (Bad Gyal).

In making our selection, we take into account not just chart presence — several of these artists have never been on a Billboard chart — but also artistry, distinctiveness, label support, momentum going into 2024 and our gut instinct as chroniclers of Latin music across the world. Our selection of acts crosses genres –- tropical, pop, urban, regional Mexican and cumbia are some of the genres represented here –and borders.

We’ve highlighted artists from the U.S., but also from Mexico, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Spain, among other countries. They all have one common denominator: Their music moves and excites us, and we are eager to hear what each of them will deliver over the next 12 months.

Read on for our 15 Latin artists to watch, listed in alphabetical order.

The article “15 Latin & Spanish Artists to Watch in 2024” by Sigal Ratner-Arias was published on 10/01/2024 by www.billboard.com