“17 Signals That Your Body is Craving Superfoods for Better Nutrition” – Video

“17 Signals That Your Body is Craving Superfoods for Better Nutrition” – Video

If you’re experiencing these signs in your body, it may be an indication that you are lacking essential nutrients. In a recent video, Dr. Berg shared 17 different signs of deficiencies, along with 17 superfoods that can help correct these issues.

From scaly, flaky skin to panic attacks and even puffy eyes, each sign can be linked to a specific nutrient deficiency. For example, scaly, flaky skin may indicate an omega-3 fatty acid deficiency, which can be corrected by consuming more fish oils or salmon. Twitching underneath your eyelid may be an indication of a calcium deficiency, which can be balanced by adjusting your pH with apple cider vinegar.

Other signs such as puffy eyes, lower back pain, and insomnia can also be linked to specific nutrient deficiencies such as vitamin A, vitamin D, and magnesium respectively. Dr. Berg recommends consuming superfoods like spinach, almonds, and cod liver oil to replenish these nutrients in your body.

While these superfoods can help correct deficiencies, it’s important not to diagnose others based on these signs. Instead, use the information to address your own nutritional needs and make positive changes to your diet. By incorporating these superfoods into your meals, you can support your body’s needs and maintain overall health and well-being.

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Discover 17 superfoods to address 17 nutritional deficiencies!

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0:00 Introduction: 17 superfoods
0:48 Scaly, flaky skin
1:31 Twitching
2:11 Pink toothbrush
3:18 Panic attacks
3:46 Constipation
4:10 Decreased libido and erectile dysfunction
4:35 Bruising
4:50 Menopausal symptoms
6:00 Anemia
6:14 Muscle loss
6:26 Slow thyroid
6:56 Insomnia
7:17 Can’t see in the dark
7:56 Lower back pain
8:12 Puffy eyes
8:36 Prolonged muscle soreness
9:01 Overall weakness
9:18 Learn more about nutritional deficiencies!

Today, we’re going to look at seventeen different superfoods and the nutritional deficiencies they can help fix. We’re going to examine the deficiency, the symptoms, and the superfood solution!

1. Scaly, flaky skin
•Caused by an omega-3 fatty acid deficiency or by consuming excess omega-6 fatty acids
•Increase cod liver oil, fish oil, or salmon

2. Eyelid twitching and general twitching
•Calcium deficiency caused by alkalosis
•Drink one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water a few times a day

3. Pink toothbrush after brushing your teeth
•Mild case of scurvy (vitamin C deficiency)
•Consume bell peppers or raw sauerkraut

4. Panic attacks
•Related to a vitamin B1 deficiency
•Take nutritional yeast

5. Constipation
•Take castor oil

6. Decreased libido and erectile dysfunction
•Caused by a zinc deficiency
•Consume more oysters or red meat

7. Bruising
•Vitamin K1 deficiency
•Add more dark, leafy green vegetables to your diet

8. Menopausal symptoms
•You need more cholesterol to build hormones
•Consume more grass-fed butter

9. Anemia
•Vitamin B12 or an iron deficiency
•Consume more grass-fed, grass-finished beef liver or red meat

10. Muscle loss
•Caused by consuming junk food and other foods low in amino acids
•Consume more red meat

11. Slow thyroid (hypothyroid)
•Low selenium
•Eat one Brazil nut each day

12. Insomnia
•Magnesium deficiency
•Add more spinach and almonds to your diet

13. Can’t see in the dark/night blindness
•Vitamin A deficiency
•Consume whole pasture-raised, organic eggs

14. Lower back pain
•Vitamin D deficiency
•Take cod liver oil (also provides vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids)

15. Puffy eyes
•Potassium deficiency
•Consume avocado and decrease carbs

16. Prolonged muscle soreness
•Vitamin E deficiency
•Consume raw sunflower seeds and leafy green vegetables

17. General weakness
•Sodium deficiency
•Add more Himalayan sea salt to your diet

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Thanks for watching! I hope you’ll try these superfoods to address nutritional deficiencies. I’ll see you in the next video.

Now today I’m going to show you 17 different deficiencies that you can handle or correct with 17 different superfoods so I’ll show you the symptom the deficiency in the superfood for each one but here’s the big problem with this you may have the tendency to want to evaluate friends family people in the

Street please don’t ever mention my name when you do that so don’t do this um you know honey I noticed that you have some flakiness some redness right around your nose right there have you had that check you know Dr Berg said that’s an omega-3 fatty acids and you probably should be

Eating more fish or oh you know you look like you have some puffy eyes there Dr Burg said that could be a potassium deficiency so you may want to eat an avocado so use it on yourself friends but just don’t mention my name all right number one scaly flaky skin now this can

Be around the nose it could be anywhere on the face it could be anywhere in the body that is usually an omega-3 fatty acid now it could be that you’re not consuming enough of these omega-3 fatty acids or it could be that you’re consuming too much of the omega-6 fatty

Acids which they both compete so if you’re doing too much of the seed oils the other stuff won’t work and I would say that out of all the foods that create the most damage on your body not just your skin it’s the seed oils it can actually make you gain weight it can

Create insulin resistance it can create arthritis and it’s in so many different foods start consuming more fish oils Civ oil but salmon is loaded with it all right number two um twitching underneath your eyelid or anywhere in the body now as far as a nutritional deficiency it’s not really a nutritional deficiency even

Though it it is a problem with nutrition it’s a problem with calcium that’s not able to be mobilized correctly because your pH is too far on one side so when you become too alkaline calcium doesn’t seem to work within the nervous system so you get this little tetar twitching

And a lot of times it’s right right underneath the eyelid don’t ask me why a simple remedy is just to change the pH take some apple cider vinegar one tablespoon and a glass of water drink that a few times a day for a couple days that should correct it all right number

Three pink toothbrush you’re brushing your teeth and you notice wow it’s like pink what’s going on and you look in the mirror and your gums are a little bit red or swollen or bleeding or you dental floss your teeth and it creates some blood this is a very mild version of

Scurvy that’s kind of like subclinical version of vitamin C deficiency vitamin C helps the collagen around the arteries so if your capillaries are weak because you don’t have enough vitamin C to create this collagen um protection around these capillaries uh they’re easily uh inflamed and they can bleed

Easily if you irritate them so The Simple Solution is to start consuming bell peppers now you could also do uh sauerkraut uh but it has to be raw but you need more vitamin C one thing that creates a vitamin C deficiency Beyond not consuming vitamin C foods like

Salads vegetables things like that is that you’re consuming too much sugar sugar competes with vitamin C so if you’re consuming vitamin C and sugar vitamin C won’t go in it’ll become blocked all right number four panic attack okay if you have a panic attack which is kind of like a severe form of

Anxiety you’re deficient in B1 and so the best remedy for that would be nutritional yeast okay and find out how you’re becoming deficient it usually could be that you’re consuming too many carbs but B1 will give you within minutes a sense of relaxation it’ll pull you out of a panic attack all right

Number five constipation there’s this um natural acid called rolic acid which out of all the things that have a lot of that it’s Castro oil so this is why Castro oil is really good for constipation because it helps The receptors in the colon mobilize calcium to allow the normal contraction and

Relaxation that you need to eliminate number six decrease libido and erectile dysfunction this is a zinc deficiency and you need to consume more oysters you can also do red meat uh it’s loaded with zinc couple things that deplete zinc sugar and stress and phytic acid from

Sur as in grains which can block zinc all right number seven bruising you bruise easily this is a vitamin K1 deficiency okay you just need to start eating dark leafy green vegetables any vegetable that’s green is going to have vitamin K1 number eight menopausal symptoms so if you’re going through

Menopause and you have any symptoms related to hormones and this could be anything from like estrogen progesterone testosterone cortisol so what’s that a deficiency of usually the raw material that makes these steroid hormones you need more of that raw material and that is cholesterol that’s right cholesterol could be considered a nutrient because

It’s the building block of all of the steroid hormones and when people go low fat or they don’t consume animal Foods they’re deficient in cholesterol now our bodies do make cholesterol but here’s the problem when you go through menopause or early menopause because you had surgery and they took out the

Ovaries so now your adrenals have to compensate and if you’re going through stress your body will allocate the cholesterol to the adrenal hormones and maybe not these other hormones giving you other symptoms like hot flash depression um low stress tolerance Etc bone loss cholesterol is the thing you

Want to increase and the way to do that is grass-fed butter all right number nine anemia the two types of anemia are related to a B12 deficiency or an iron deficiency the best food for that would be beef liver if you don’t like beef liver you can get this from red meat

Make sure it’s grass-fed grass finished number 10 is muscle loss and that is due to eating foods low in amino acids like junk food and carbs the best thing for that is consuming red meat all right number 11 you have a slow thyroid 90% of all hypothyroidism is Hashimoto this is

An autoimmune problem and the usual deficiency is selenium not iodine selenium helps regulate these antibodies this immune system problem it also helps convert the inactive T4 to the active T3 so the best food for selenium is eating one brazilnut every single day all right number 12 insomnia and this could also

Be um related to leg cramps as well this is a magnesium deficiency many times if you’re low on magnesium your cortisol tends to go up and that can affect uh your sleep uh one of the best foods for um magnesium is spinach and almonds 13 you’re driving at night it’s dark it’s

Rainy you can’t see that well you’re starting to lose your sense of seeing in the dark this is a classic vitamin A deficiency the best source of vitamin A that I would recommend comes from egg yolks so start consuming the whole egg but make sure they’re pasture raised

Because the commercial eggs they don’t have uh the best quality of vitamin A in fact they use certain dyes or synthetic pigments to make the yolk very brilliant golden or yellow or orange but if you’re consuming pasta Rays organic eggs you don’t have to worry about that 14 lower

Back pain this is classic vitamin D deficiency best source of vitamin D dietarily is cod liver oil cod liver oil will not only give you vitamin D but vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids which are anti-inflammatory 15 puffy eyes I’m talking about the lids on top and the

Bottom they’re puffy that’s usually a potassium deficiency because you’re consuming too many carbs which are locking up your potassium as well as retaining your sodium so the solution is to increase more potassium and cut out the carbs avocado is a great way to do that all right number 16 prolonged

Muscle soreness especially after exercise this is a vitamin E deficiency a real simple way to get vitamin E would be to consume more sunflower seeds make sure they’re raw and they’re not like stale and old you want some fresh sunflower seeds now you can also get vitamin E from leafy green vegetables

And certain nuts and number 17 the last one overall weakness in your body let’s say you’re exercising and you just you don’t have that inertia you don’t have that ability to climb upstairs this is a sodium deficiency you need c salt I would recommend Himalayan sea salt now

If you have not seen my other very popular video that I did on nutritional deficiencies you should check that out I put it up right here

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