Ivan Cornejo Talks About How TikTok Launched His Career and His Aspirations for Future Collaborations | Billboard Cover Story – Video

Ivan Cornejo Talks About How TikTok Launched His Career and His Aspirations for Future Collaborations | Billboard Cover Story – Video

Ivan Cornejo On How TikTok Started His Career, Who He Wants To Work With & More | Billboard Cover

Ivan Cornejo’s rise to success began with a simple love for music and a passion for the guitar. From a young age, he was motivated by the opportunity to make some extra money by learning songs for his dad, but it was the introduction of Regional music and artists like Raa and Natan Cano that truly inspired him to pursue a career in music.

Starting out with TikTok and Instagram, Ivan began posting covers and was thrilled to see the positive response from fans. Encouraged by the support, he began writing and releasing his own music, eventually getting signed to a label and dropping two albums. This marked a significant turning point in his career, as he went from creating TikToks to working with labels and honing his craft as a musician.

For Ivan, his fans are a driving force behind his motivation, and he is deeply moved by their support. He is dedicated to making music that is genuine and makes an impact on his listeners. Through platforms like TikTok, Ivan was able to connect with his fans and build a successful career, and he remains grateful for the opportunities it has presented to him.

Looking ahead, Ivan has his sights set on collaborating with artists like Ryx and James Blake, while also continuing to push the boundaries of his music. His desire to maintain happiness throughout his journey and potentially win a Grammy one day are indications of his commitment to his craft and his passion for creating meaningful music. Following his journey, it’s clear that Ivan Cornejo is well on his way to achieving his goals and leaving a lasting impact on the music industry.

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It’s a good feeling you know being an influence and I remember what that used to feel like wanting to be a musician it’s a good feeling when I hear kids tell me that they picked up the guitar because of Me I started playing the guitar around 7 years old it was kind of like my way of making like 20 bucks for the weekend or something my dad would tell me to like learn like Joan San songs and just like lo wuki songs he’d be like and I’ll give

You five bucks for each song and at 7 years old five bucks is a lot of money so I was just collecting my my little royalties back then around the time thato was dropping music Raa I remember like I heard that and it like stood out to me so much

I think that was just like H I actually like this at the time I wouldn’t really listen to Regional music it was more of like my dad’s miachi music and like the old school stuff couple years later Natan Cano drops you know coros tumbalo he’s definitely like a Pioneer for this

New genre that you call thato and like gumbal so many people got inspiration from that that he really took a big step and just changed the whole coros I feel like a lot of people just adapt to that quickly I started with Tik Tok and Instagram you know just posting my

Videos after I started getting recognition with the covers seeing a lot of comments supporting me and you know it motivates you to just write your own music and I started writing my own songs I dropped my first song I got signed to a label and I dropped two albums with that label

Now I’m just working on my third album now it was a big change you know for me all I would do was Tik toks and then now you know there’s like labels reaching out it was like a mini dream come true you know it was what I’ve always Wanted I tried to take it step by step every day trying to give the best for my fans and just making sure the music’s on point and that it’s genuine I think that’s the most important thing for me that I’m always proud of what I release

This whole generation is just on Tik Tok it helps keep everybody connected in some way shape or form it’s how I was able to get a career which is awesome you definitely do get overwhelmed which just comments I mean obviously there’s supportive comments and there’s always bad comments and just the pressure

Overall of like not wanting to let your fans down I do get some surprised sometimes when like for example in my shows I do meet and greets and after the shows like sometimes even the moms are like crying and telling me how happy they are to have brought their daughter and it’s a

Great feeling when you just see the mom and the daughter crying it’s heartwarming just hearing everybody’s stories and it made me realize how much power you have towards you know your supporters and just that motivates me more to to keep doing what I’m doing they’re like all my manyi judges and I

Just I want to make sure I make them Proud jenz is definitely Fe I would say I would describe them like when it comes to listening to to genres I would hope that you know they’re not just expecting one specific style and it’s also about being able to not scare them with a completely different style I’m slowly you know

Adding bits and pieces of more and more to the music I really admire tines work I really really want to work with ryx it would be an honor to have one of my songs produced by him also James Blake it’s like every time I drop an album there’s something that feels bigger than the one before and I think this album’s definitely going to feel bigger and just you know I feel like a musician after a year you know there’s improvements and like little things even

Musically and lyrically and the sound is just going to be a lot better it’s definitely exciting that the charts are literally full of you know Mexican artists yeah I’m excited for the next year to drop the album and be a part of those charts more personal goal would be

Like throughout this whole journey to just maintain happiness I think it’s very important a Grammy would be cool one day

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