Clear Throat and Sinus Congestion with SALT – Video

Clear Throat and Sinus Congestion with SALT – Video

If you are struggling with mucus in your throat, sinuses, or inner ear, this video on using salt as a remedy could be just what you need. The video explains the science behind how salt can effectively help get rid of mucus and also inhibit microbial growth. Salt dehydrates bacteria, fungi, yeast, and mold, killing them in the process. It also thins mucus, making it easier to expel from the body, which is especially important when dealing with infections in the respiratory tract, sinuses, ears, or tonsils. The video offers practical tips on the most effective way to use salt for mucus issues, such as gargling with salt water or using a neti pot for nasal irrigation. The video emphasizes the importance of using high-quality salt, such as sea salt or Himalayan sea salt, to ensure the best results. Additionally, it discusses the benefits of incorporating apple cider vinegar into the saltwater solution for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Overall, this video provides valuable information for those seeking natural and effective methods to alleviate mucus-related issues in the body.

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Discover how to get rid of mucus in your throat using one ingredient—salt!

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0:00 Introduction: How to get rid of mucus using salt
0:54 What does salt do to microbes?
3:35 How to use salt to get rid of mucus
6:20 The best natural options for sinus mucus
11:26 Discover how to use salt to get rid of respiratory mucus

Today, we’re going to take a look at how salt can effectively get rid of bacteria, fungi, yeast, and mold in the body. Salt causes water to move out of the cell, eliminating these pathogens through dehydration.

Salt thins mucus with this same mechanism. Salt removes water from the mucus, making it thinner so that it can be more easily expelled from the body.

To eliminate mucus using salt, dissolve a teaspoon of sea salt (not table salt) in a glass of water. Drink or gargle the salt water. This exposes the mouth and throat to salt, which helps to get rid of mucus, improves immunity, and strengthens the autonomic nervous system.

You can also use diluted apple cider vinegar. This changes the pH and helps kill microbes.

A Neti pot uses nasal irrigation to gently send a stream of diluted salt water through your sinuses, helping to thin the mucus. If you have a constant post-nasal drip, you may have a fungal infection or mold issue going on in your sinuses, and cutting sugar from your diet may help.

You can also use a humidifier with a saltwater solution while you sleep. A humidifier turns liquid into vapor, allowing you to inhale the salt water. Halotherapy, or salt therapy, can also be beneficial.

If none of these remedies seem to be working, an ear infection could be the source of your mucus. In this case, try putting four to five drops of saltwater directly into each ear. You can try the same thing with diluted apple cider vinegar or use one drop of garlic oil in each ear.

Vitamin D supports your immune system and helps prevent mucus. Vitamin D deficiencies are associated with enlarged tonsils, sinus allergies, sinus mucus, and ear infections. Try taking 20,000 to 50,000 IU of vitamin D once per week to address mucus.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you get rid of mucus in your throat. I’ll see you in the next video.

So if you have any type of excuse me one second oh man any problem with mucus in your throat today we’re going to talk about how to get rid of it using salt very very simple this is part of a series of three different videos to address this problem from different

Angles so whether you have a sinus mucus or mucus in the inner ear or coming from your tonsils or up from the throat we’re going to get into it so I’m not sure if you know this but salt is is really good for anything bacterial fungal yeast and

Mold even if you think about um how they cure meat they add salt to actually raw meat to stop any type of bacterial growth and even when you make Sauer Crow you have this bacteria that is fermenting this cabbage but then when they want to stop it they add salt to it

Then it stabilizes this stage of making sour crab I want to explain what salt does to these microbes okay we take a look at my little chart right here if we put salt on either a bacteria a fungus yeast or a mold the salt concentration is a lot more outside than inside right

In inside you have water and water tends to flow towards a concentrated salt mixture so the water is going to move out of the cell into the extra cellular area right here turning this bacteria into a shriveled dehydrated dead particle so the salt will kill bacteria fungus mold and yeast through

Dehydration another cool thing that the salt will do is it’ll thin mucus so a lot of times people get this really thick mucus it won’t come out of their bodies well you can use salt to loosen it up how does it do that the same mechanism it takes the water out of the

Mucus it breaks wakes it up and it thins the mucus so we have two things going on we have the inhibiting of the microbial growth and the killing of microbes and we also have the thinning of the mucus so this is really good for an infection anywhere in your respiratory tract you

Could have a postnasal sinus drip situation that’s leaking down into the back part of the sinuses into the throat you could also have a situation where there’s an ear infection and there’s mucus buildup through the esta tubes on either side and that can end up in the

Throat as well and so here you are trying to get rid of the throat infection but it keeps coming from the ear so the source is the ear the effect is the throat so you have to be able to handle where it’s originating from and

Also if it’s in the sinuses you have to handle that as well so this mucus can be originating from the sinus from the ear or even from the tonsils which are little uh immune glands in the back part of the throat which can swell well up especially in children and be a source

Of infection but really the tonsils are trying to fight off the infection and protect any invading of the microbes deeper into the body so it intends to create defenses and it creates inflammation and a lot of times you’ll end up with a sore throat on occasion

Some of the mucus could be coming up from the esophagus because you have either acid reflux that’s irritating the esophagus or you could have some mucus that’s coming up from the lungs so there’s many different uh things that you can do related to salt from very expensive to very inexpensive so let’s

Start with the least expensive thing you can do you can basically take a teaspoon of sea salt now as far as the salt that I recommend I don’t recommend using table salt because they have so many additives in their anti-caking agents and you really don’t know the source of

Where they got that refined product I would highly recommend uh you find a good rock salt something that has been preserved uh that hasn’t been exposed to Plastics and pollution in our oceans a lot of times people will use Himalayan sea salt but I will mention if you’re

Going to use one of the therapies that I’m going to recommend I think usually when you buy one of these units which I’m going to explain it comes with its own rock salt and so in that case you maybe you don’t want to put Himalayan sea salt because that does have a bit

More iron but certain units also just use sodium chloride so let’s say for example you’re not going to get those units you’re just going to use uh some sea salt Himalayan sea salt is a really good one what you’re going to do is you’re going to take a a teaspoon of

This sea salt and dissolve it in a glass of water and you’re going to drink that down just by drinking it down you’re going to expose everything in your mouth and the throat area to this salt plus the salt’s going to go inside the body and strengthens something called the

Autonomic nervous system which especially focuses in on this uh flight or fight mechanism it it tends to improve that so many people will get results just from drinking some salt water so you want to heat up the water to a certain degree so you can dissolve

The salt in there so you have the option of drinking it or using it as something you can gargle with right so you just you drink this salt water you gargle it get the back of your throat all exposed to this sea water and you’re going to start to improve your immune system

Because it’s going to kill up the microbe and start loosening up this mucus so saltwater gargles are great but just remember when you gargle with this make sure you dilute the salt in the water you may want to also add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar I like

Fairchild’s because it’s a little more concentrated and it’s more pure but apple cider vinegar changes the ph and it kills microbes as well so we’re not only going to dehydrate the microbes thin the mucus but we can actually also kill the microbes by adding this Alid of

Vinegar which is acetic acid now I’m not telling you to put this straight concentrated acid into your body because that’s going to irritate it especially if you have a sore throat you want to dilute it like one teaspoon in a glass of water to make it more diluted but

Both salt and apple cider vinegar works really good for an antibacterial effect as well as an anti-inflammatory effect the next thing you have an option to do is get a nety pot a nety pot is something called a nasal Irrigation in which you’re going to pour some salt water up into your

Sinuses through here and it’s going to come out the other side over the sink so the reason I like that is that you’re using this diluted salt water and it’s very gentle to your sinuses you’re not using any chemicals and it seems to really thin the mucus and you will

Notice that you’ll when you blow your nose a lot of mucus will come out if you have a post-nasal drip all year round suspect a fungal infection or some type of mold growing in your sinosis because that would indicate it’s not seasonal and hopefully you’re going to change

Your diet and come off any sugar because sugar feeds this mold and candida and fungus you’d probably want to do like a nasal irrigation NTI pot maybe every other day until it’s completely settled down the problem with some people is they get their sinuses scraped out and

They might get surgery and now they damage this very delicate layer of skin that has all these good bacteria to protect you against path so in another video I talked about using a drop of diluted kimchi juice and a little cotton swab to add that microbiome into the sinuses to give you

Relief there’s some great uh data on that now the next uh thing you can do is use a humidifier which basically turns a liquid into a vapor and so you would use this while you’re sleeping right you turn it on you put your salt water in

There and you let it run all night long so you can actually breathe this into your body into your lungs and it can help to um thin the mucus one more thing I would recommend is to really bundle up and get warm when you’re in bed because a lot of times these infections

Especially if it’s in the lower part of the respiratory uh area or even the higher part the upper respiratory um that could be viral and so antibiotics don’t work and so you want to heat your body up and generate more like a natural fever so you want to bundle up get in

Your bed stay warm and try to sweat so you can cook these viruses with temperature and so we’re going to kill them with dehydration kill them with an acid kill them with heat and then the next thing you can do is what’s called halotherapy which is a couple options

You can actually uh go somewhere and they have these salt caves that you can go in uh or there’s H theapy machines which basically are like a dry salt machine that puts this dry salt out into the air and they usually come with their own type of salt which is purified

Sodium chloride and I don’t think they use sea salts they may I’m not sure sure but these Halo therapy machines are a little bit more expensive so if you can afford one they might be worth it now let’s say for example you do this and it’s just not working it could be the

Source of your infection is coming from an ear infection or some type of microbe in the estation tubes which can get really clogged up for that you have several options you can just take a drop of this seawat and put it about four drops or five drops in each ear let it

Go in there kind of Shake It Out and what that will do it will create a thinning of the mucus through here and coill off those microbes you can also do the same thing with diluted apple cider vinegar not concentrated just a few like maybe four or five drops of that diluted

Apple cider vinegar in the water one tpoon per glass and you would put that in each year so you have different options of things you can do based on your feeling comfortable about it there’s something else you can do you can add uh one drop of garlic oil in

Each year that works really well it kills the microb and allows this thing to clear out and of course you also have this acid reflux thing if that is the problem uh you have to watch my video Down Below on how to get rid of acid

Reflex but you’re going to know if you have acid reflux because you’re going to have digestive issues you might have heartburn you might feel it uh indigestion down here typically this is not going to be the issue it’s mainly going to be either coming from the sinuses or even the tonsil so the

Garling will really help now on top of all of this I would highly recommend you take vitamin D there’s a large amount of data on the relationship between kids that have enlarged tonsils and a vitamin D deficiency kids and adults that have sinus allergies sinus mucus and low

Vitamin D ear infections okay in people with vitamin D deficiencies and so just the fact that vitamin D receptors are in every single cell in your body including almost every single immune cell it makes sense to take vitamin D and probably at least 20,000 iuse one little extra

Strategy that I would use instead of taking regular doses of vitamin D for something like this is I would just take 50,000 IUS of vitamin D once a week that way you get this shotgun effect and uh you can actually speed up the clearing of this mucus now if you haven’t seen

How to get rid of respiratory mucus with salt you have to check that video out I put it up right here

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