20 Movies That Were Despised Prior to Their Release – Video

20 Movies That Were Despised Prior to Their Release – Video

Get ready for a countdown of the top 20 movies that were hated before they even hit the screen! From “Cats” to “The Last Airbender”, these films faced a wave of criticism before they were even released. What caused this preemptive hate? WatchMojo takes a look at some of the most despised movies in recent years that had audiences cringing before they even saw a single frame.

The list includes films like “The Flash”, “The Mummy”, and even “Twilight”, with reasons ranging from whitewashing to poor casting choices. Some movies, like “The Emoji Movie” and “Ghostbusters”, faced backlash for seemingly unoriginal and uninspired concepts that failed to capture audiences’ imaginations.

While not all preemptive hate is justified, these movies left a lasting impression on audiences long before they even made it to the big screen. Do you think these films really deserved all the preemptive negativity? Let us know in the comments!

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