20 Unusual Things Found Only in Bulgaria! – Video

20 Unusual Things Found Only in Bulgaria! – Video

20 Strange Things That Only Exist in Bulgaria!
Bulgaria is a European country located south of Romania. Bulgaria is a wonderful nation with breathtaking natural beauty, charming villages, friendly people, delicious food, and reasonably priced goods. The country boasts a rich history and traditions.
Today, we will take you on a tour around Bulgaria, sharing interesting information about this place. The country is full of unique, fascinating, and one-of-a-kind things, with peculiar events such as the Kukeri demon festival, Baba Marta festival, and many more.
Don’t miss the video to explore this beautiful and intriguing European country!

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20 strange things that only exist in Bulgaria Bulgaria is a European country located south of Romania Bulgaria is a wonderful Nation with breathtaking natural beauty Charming Villages friendly people delicious food and reasonably priced Goods the country boasts her rich history and traditions today we will take you on a tour around

Bulgaria sharing interesting information about this place the country is full of unique fascinating and one of a kind things with peculiar events such as the Keri demon Festival Baba Mar festival and many more don’t miss the video to explore this beautiful and intriguing European country number 20 pouring water in front

Of the door people in Bulgaria have a rather peculiar custom of pouring water in front of the door to bring luck and success when a family member is leaving the house to attend a special event such as the first day of school a party before for an exam a wedding Etc other

Family members will pour water in front of the door before the departing member leaves additionally they will Express their wishes with a saying may your success flow like water this is a common tradition in Bulgaria symbolizing the hope that everything goes smoothly for the person’s water flows effortlessly number 19 nodding means no

Bulgaria is one of the few countries in the world where nodding means agreement and shaking the head is used to signify disagreement similar to the custom in India this can be a common misunderstanding for anyone newly settling in Bulgaria who communicates with the locals through body language

People who are used to nodding while talking should be careful when they come here as locals might interpret it as a refus number 18 Strange New Year’s customs in Bulgaria in Bulgaria after the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve family members gather to share a specially made cake for the occasion the

Person who finds a coin hidden in their slice of cake is believed to have good luck in the new year it seems like a nice alternative to the traditional New Year’s cake furthermore during the New Year’s Feast the person who sneezes first is considered to bring happiness

To the host for the year the host will then present this person with a goat a cow or a horse as a token of gratitude for bringing joy to their family number 17 Bulgaria has never lost a battle an interesting fact is that the Bulgarian Army has never lost a battle

The country’s flag has never been taken by an opponent in any battle however the Curious part is that the Bulgarian Army has never won a battle either this stems from the shortcomings of Bulgarian politicians rather than the military strength of the country additionally Bulgaria is the only country in the

World that saved Jews during World War II despite being under German occupation no Jews were sent to concentration camps number 16 Bulgaria doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day as Valentine’s Day approaches on February 14th most people eagerly anticipate celebrating love however in Bulgaria another event is commemorated on this day every year

Bulgarian celebrates in Trion the patron saint of Vineyards devoting an entire day to wine and revry on this day bulgarians drink a lot of wine trifon zerzan has been celebrated in the country for many centuries and if you’re tired of the love Festival in February then Bulgaria might be the place for you

Trion’s Arizon traditionally marks the beginning of work in The Vineyards across rural Bulgaria the ceremony typically involves an orthodox priest blessing The Vineyards as St Trion is considered the protector of Vineyards and wine makers after the ceremony feasting begins with laboring enjoying meat cheese and according to Legend

While Trion was trimming and caring for his Great Vines he observed a beautiful woman passing through the field Trion was said to be enchanted by the woman’s Beauty and in a state of infatuation eventually cut off a part of his nose he then sent his severed nose a token of

His affection up to the grape vines or rather the grape wine bottles I think the combination of a wine festival and Valentine’s Day is quite interesting sometimes wine might serve as a way to confess your feelings to someone don’t you think number 15 bride Market selling

Virgin girls in the modern age can you believe that there are still places where human trafficking is brutal and girls are sold like Commodities I regret to inform you that such places do exist and one of them is in Bulgaria where girls especially virgins are sold like vegetables the cage are an ethnic

Minority in central Bulgaria known for a peculiar marriage tradition the bride Market held four times a year in the town of star aora families gather to sell unmarried virgin girls to men looking for the Ki people are predominantly employed as minors and reside in one of the country’s poorest

Regions they sell their daughters to earn additional money to pay off debts reducing the number of mouths to feed and avoiding the need for their daughters to pursue parents here often let their daughters quit school as soon as they have their first menstrual cycled to keep them away from Temptation

Hoping they will have a better life when they get married girls aged 15 to 18 are the most popular merchandise they dress provocatively in short dresses wear elaborate makeup to attract potential husbands the more beautiful the girl the higher the price she can fetch if an agreement is reached on the price and

Payment is settled the bride belongs to the groom thus this Market has become one of the fastest places to find a spouse in the world the most crucial aspect of the Bride Market is that the girls must be virgins the price for a bride range from 5,000 to 10,000 BGN

Approximately 2800 us to 5,600 used day however if the bride is not a virgin the family must return the money and the girl is considered shameful and ostracized by the community in 2024 it’s disheartening to see that there are still places in the world where no progress has been made I find this

Tradition terrifying how about you please leave a comment below to share your thoughts number 14 kukeri Festival demon chasing ritual kukeri is an ancient ritual originating from ancient race dedicated to honoring the god dais the protector of the land also the god of wine fertility and rebirth in mythology

It is believe that performing this ritual will help ward off evil spirits and bring a peaceful year to the Comm the who car wear masks made of wood carved with the faces of animals and birds and hang brass Bells around them to drive away evil spirits and dispel

Misfortune from the community they also equip themselves with various objects such as swords daggers holly leaves goat skins embodying themselves as Fierce demons dancing throughout the streets the costumes all share a common feature the horns of a bull a sacred symbol of the god diis puer dance through the

Village to wish for health happiness and a bountiful year they visit homes and families to perform traditional blessings that have been passed down for centuries traditionally only boys participated in this Festival however nowadays even girls are very brave and actively join the celebration when participating in the ritual they are not

Allowed to reveal their identity to anyone for them the giant Damon mask is a place for evil spirits to attach not the festival it will be discarded to avoid malevolent forces I would love to go there to witness this unique Festival in Bulgaria although I advise those with

Weak Hearts to stay away on this day is wandering the streets at night might be terrifying number 13 bulgarians are relatively short compared to Europeans while Europeans in general are among the tallest people globally the population of Bulgaria has a lower average height compared to most European countries the

Average height for men is 178 cm and for women it is 164 cm although these figures are significantly higher than the global average height they are considered low in Europe number 12 Greece and Bulgaria almost went to war over a dog Wars usually break out due to reasons related

To land resources religion and politics however many blood soaked conflicts arise from absurd Reasons exemplified by the military conflict between Greece and Bulgaria over a lost dog in 1925 on October 18925 dog belonging to a Greek Soldier stationed at the demier Capia pass in Bat near the border suddenly ran towards

Bulgaria out of affection for his pet the soldier hastily pursued the dog without realizing he had crossed the border Bulgarian border guards immediately opened fire killing the trespassing Greek Soldier immediately Greek border guards retaliated with intense gunfire towards Bulgaria and the Bulgarian side fired back when the

Gunfire subsided a Greek major and his subordinates approached the Border area seemingly trying to call for calm in negotiations however the Bulgarian side opened fire killing the Greek major and injuring officers running towards Greece when Greece demanded that Bulgaria punish those responsible issue a formal apology and compensate 2 million France

To the victim’s family Bulgaria refused to comply this led Greek General pangalos to lead 20,000 troops across the border to seize the town of petrich and nearby villages on October 22 Bulgaria deployed 10,000 soldiers to counter The Invasion but gree still controlled the town and besieged the surrounding

Area Bulgaria called on the League of Nations the predecessor to the United Nations to intervene ultimately this organization issued a ceasefire order forcing Greece to immediately withdraw its troops and compensate Bulgaria for launching the war the Greek government had to comply with the request and pay £45,000 to Bulgaria the brief war

Resulted in the deaths of 20 Bulgarian soldiers and 122 Greek soldiers indeed who would have thought that the death of hundreds of people would be caused by a runaway pet dock the situation is truly tragic isn’t it number 11 unusual ual bridal makeup tradition any bride always dreams of

Looking beautiful and radiant on her wedding day however if you grow up and get married in ribn noore Bulgaria making that dream a reality can be challenging on their big day Brides have to close their eyes while a thick layer of white chalk-like powder adorned with various decorations like sequins and

Artificial flowers is applied to their faces the makeup process can last up to 2 hours and during this time the bride must not let any man bride doesn’t wear a modern wedding dress but Dawns a vibrant outfit imbued with various symbols of good luck this unique dress

Is often custom made by many women in the village what’s even more peculiar is that the bride is not allowed to open her eyes until the priest blesses the newly weed therefore before receiving the blessing the bride is led by her husband and mother without being able to

See traditional weddings in this Village are considered a festive day for the community villagers gather to celebrate and dance wishing happiness to the newly weed couple in these celebrations alcohol is strictly prohibited and premarital relations are forbidden in this community imagine the groom seeing the bride with a completely white face

On their wedding night that might be a bit scary don’t you think if you were the bride would you like this style of makeup let me know in the comments number 10 the world’s oldest gold artifact van is the largest port in Bulgaria hence where the world’s earliest gold artifacts were discovered

In the Vana necropolis dating back to the fifth millennium BC Bulgaria ranks third in having the most valuable archaeological sites discovered within its borders following only Greece and Italy over 15,000 ancient thian tombs have been found in Bulgarian territory and many of them remain unex for history and archaeology enthusiasts Bulgaria is

A must visit number nine oldest country in Europe Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in Europe and has retained its name for over 1300 years since its establishment before the establishment of the Republic of Bulgaria the Ottoman Empire and the Romans inhabited the region hence throughout this land of

Roses remnants of Roman civilization are scattered you can find everything from Roman style baths to amphitheaters and theaters that are still in use today if you visit you can explore prominent ancient sites like the Roman Theater of philpop also known as the ancient Roman Theater of PIV built during the reign of

Emperor trer and the Roman Theater intive has many remarkable details including the district’s name carved on the seats for the locals to identify their seating an inscription indicating the building was used as a seat for the provincial Council and various walls and ples inscribed in bantine Greek number eight Rose Valley The Rose

Capital Bulgaria is known as the land of roses when you set foot in Bulgaria you’ll catch glimpses of rose bushes about 200 100 km east of the capital Sophia kazen luk is dubbed the rose capital of Bulgaria this area boasts 1073 Villages cultivating roses covering

An expansive area of 80 Mi making it the largest Rose Field in the world Bulgarian roses are distinctive for their characteristic Pleasant Center can spread over several k the rosad deasa Roses grown in the Rose Valley are used to produce 70 to 85% of the world’s rose oil the essential oil

Extracted from these vibrant flowers has been a fundamental ingredient in various cosmetics and perfumes worldwide since the Medieval Era it takes approximately 1,300 roses to extract 1 G of rose oil and to extract 1 kg of rose oil one needs 3,000 to 5,000 kg of rose petals I

Bet many women would love the Rose Festival in Bulgaria held annually countless roses of various colors blending with dances and performances would enchant anyone number seven Baba Marr spring welcoming ritual on the first day of March each year bulgarians exchange Martini bracelets as part of a long-standing tradition according to

Legend during the coronation of the first king of ancient Bulgarian slaves carnis Barett received the first spring wishes in the form of a red and white red bracelet sent by his sister from their Hometown kubitz via a swallow isaris was overjoyed and wore it on his chest subsequently he ordered all his

People including deities to wear red and white thread bracelets on their hands around their necks on trees at entrances and more over time these bracelets evolve from threats to being made of wool yarn or silk with the basic colors being red and white symbolizing design desires for health longevity and

Prosperity people wear these bracelets throughout March until they spot the first sign of spring often a migrating bird quow stalk or cuckoo sometimes a snake or the blossoming of a tree afterward they take off the mareni and hide them under a stone hang them on fruit bearing trees

In their Gardens throw them into rivers or toss them onto rooftops this is considered a traditional spring welcoming ritual number six the best yogurt in the world have you ever tried high quality yogurt Ure it’s not as delicious as Bulgarian yogurt known as Mako it is a

Must try when in Bulgaria Mako is created through the unique and characteristic fermentation of yogurt with each region in Bulgaria having its own method of making yogurt people often say that the natural environment in Bulgaria is the key to producing the world’s finest yogurt this is attributed to the lactobacillus

Bulgaricus bacteria beneficial for health which is found only when producing yogurt in this country number five bagpipe a popular musical instrument in Bulgaria when it comes to bag pipes people often associate them with Scotland however Bulgaria is also famous for its bag pipes found all over the country they

Are made from goat skin and have a rather simple appearance you will encounter these bag pipes on the streets when touring Bulgaria and amateur artists will be more than willing to perform a piece of music if you ask in May 2012 333 Bulgarian bag Pipers played a 9-minute folk song setting a world

Record for the largest bagpipe performance recognized by the Guinness World Records number four the origin of the cilc alphabet one of the oldest writing systems is cilic it is often thought to have originated in Russia because Russia widely uses it however I’ll let you in on a secret

That’s a mistake in reality the cilic alphabet has its roots in Bulgaria in the 9th century under the cultural and political influence of his father Boris I Emperor Simeon of Bulgaria introduced a new writing system called the old Bulgarian cilic alphabet this script was created by Saints Cil and Method the use

Of this cilic alphabet in Bulgaria was officially established in 93 later this alphabet was widely adopted in Western European countries if you find the Latin alphabet familiar learning the cilic alphabet can be quite challenging in terms of reading and writing number three reikia the national Spirit have you ever heard of reikia an

Extremely popular fruit Brandy in Bulgaria known as the Vodka of the South slaves it is a drink that will make you forget all other beverages rakaya usually has has an alcohol content ranging from 5050 to 80% but some easiest produce it at a whopping 90% Ria is an integral part of Bulgarian life

And locals often say you’re not a true Bulgarian if your cupboard doesn’t have a bottle of homemade rakia filled with Spirit a psychiatrist can help you but using rier is cheaper this is a modern proverb favored by many bulgarians foreigners lucky enough to be invited to dinner by bulgarians or often

Treated to a strong rakia drink it is considered a sign of hospitality and Goodwill raikia can be distilled from almost any type of fruit such as grapes plums apricot pears apples carries peaches and More in Bulgaria grapes plums and apricots are commonly used as raw materials the plum reia is most

Famous around the mountain town of troin in central Bulgaria while the most aromatic apricot rakia comes from to traken near the danu river when you step into Bulgaria you must try this Noble Spirit rakia and the folks saying goes if there’s something that can’t be cured by rakia it’s an incurable disease this

Indicates that this type of Brandy has become the soul of Bulgaria and is a must try when you visit number two unusual Christmas Customs unlike many other countries around the world Bulgaria has its own unique Christmas customs in bulgar area Christmas celebrations typically begin on the evening of December 24th with a

Festive dinner surrounded by family and relatives continuing until December 27th what makes it unique is that bulgarians often welcome Christmas Eve with a completely vegetarian dinner shared with family and relatives people prepare vegetarian dishes in odd numbers usually 5 7 n or 11 courses traditional dishes include lentils pumpkin rice or stuffed bell

Peppers grape leaves rolled with rice and bread the bread often contains one or more coins symbolizing the hope for a prosperous new year for the household bulgarians observe only one vegetarian dinner before Christmas Eve after finishing the meal people usually don’t clean up but leave the plates and

Leftover food on the table this tradition stems from the belief that the Virgin Mary or departed loved ones will visit homes on Christmas Eve another popular tradition to mention in Bulgaria is the Christmas caroling known as kle juine it is one of these significant activities during the Christmas season

In Bulgaria what’s unique is that only the bearded guys get to participate in Christmas caroling this group called kadari consists of unmarried men newly engaged or newly married dressed in traditional and colorful Christmas festival costumes they go from house to house singing and Performing wishing the host health happiness and abundant

Harvest in return the hosts often give small gifts to the kadari such as traditional Christmas cookies small coins and other culinary traits number one traditional horo dance one of the most iconic rituals for Bulgaria is H horo dance H horo is a Collective Dance representing the folk culture of Bulgaria Greece and several

Other Balkan countries participants form a circle line or other shapes is the rhythm of the dancers varies from slow to fast according to specific rules each time a new person joins the dance the circle widens and it can go on indefinitely the horor dance is commonly performed during festivals celebrations

Birthdays and weddings in Bulgaria poro is danced at events and festivals to symbolize filling people with energy from the universe we’ve explored the 20 most unusual facts about the beautiful European country Bulgaria if there’s a surprising fact that impressed you the most please let me know in the comments

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