22 Bizarre Jobs That Will Leave You Shocked That They Actually Exist! – Video

22 Bizarre Jobs That Will Leave You Shocked That They Actually Exist! – Video

22 Weirdest Jobs In The World You Won’t Believe Exist !
Sniffing armpits, professional cuddling, renting a boyfriend,… All these bizarre jobs can make money, even earning an astonishingly high salary.
Let’s explore the 22 weirdest jobs on the planet that you won’t believe exist in the following video!

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22 weirdest jobs in the world you won’t believe exist sniffing armpits professional cuddling renting a boyfriend all these bizarre jobs can make money even earning an astonishingly High salary let’s explore the 23 weirdest jobs on the planet that you won’t believe exist in the following video number

22 the job of smelling everything in the world sniffing armpits sniffing toilet paper sniffing cigarette smoke sniffing spaceship smells this smelling job only requires you to have a keen nose for example in the armpit smelling job you need to evaluate body odor elimination products with this product evaluators

Have to smell the armpits of volunteers typically they smell 60 armpits three times per hour and have to write detailed analysis reports on different odors or in the job of smelling cigarette smoke you have to sniff the smell to help detect diseases for example example an unusual cigarette

Smoke smell can be considered a sign of gastrointestinal bleeding or the presence of a tumor however the salary for this job is extremely attractive reaching up to 50,000 USD per year to recruit the keenest noses number 21 job of registering marriages for animals in the UK a special service for

Animals has emerged it is a marriage service for pets where they organize weddings for pets this job involves organizing weddings composing vows pet weddings usually start with a breakfast at home for both the owner and the pet then when the wedding ceremony Begins the bride is led to the Garden

Where the groom is waiting to conduct the marriage ceremony some customers have spent over 30,000 USD for their pet weddings the job may seem absurd to many but it brings in a very high salary every year number 20 water slide tester with an annual salary of 35,000 USD successful

Candidates get to visit 20 different water parks in Turkey Egypt to evaluate large scale water slides at various attractions testing water slides may sound quite interesting but it certainly requires a certain level of responsibility when experiencing water slides the tester not only has fun but also has to differentiate the different

Sensations that each water slide provides to visitors and give their opinion and evaluation report in addition the responsibility of a water slide tester is to use the slide multiple times to see how much water it needs how long it takes to reach the bottom and to test how fun and safe it

Is those working in this industry share that it is the best job in the world allowing them to enjoy the pleasure of strong and exhilarating Sensations when sliding from high above into the water having the opport Unity to play on water slides over 5,000 times is not an opportunity that everyone can

Have number 19 snake venom milkers one of the weirdest jobs in the world is the profession of extracting snake venom every year snake bites claim the lives of tens of thousands of people worldwide however when used in the right doses snake venom becomes an effective medicine milking snake venom is

Extremely dangerous and Carries many risks milkers have to use their hands to open the snake’s mouth insert its fangs into a membrane covered container and extract the Venom Medical Science has proven that the more toxic the snake the higher the potency of the venom snake venom can be

Sold for 1,000 USD per gram those who work as snake venom milker are mainly in Asia they can earn over 30,000 USD in a year through this job this job is not for the faint-hearted as just one bite could be fatal number 18 pet food taster did you

Know there’s a job that’s light well-paying and involves just eating and not for humans but for animals like dog and cat food the annual income for a dog food taste to range from 30,000 to 75,000 USD depending on experience in the field the job of a pet food taster is to

Ensure the taste and quality of the pet food to do this job you need to have a Keen sense of taste and a healthy digestive system importantly you should also have a degree in nutrition and some knowledge of animal nutrition some pet food tasters also participate in developing new recipes

For companies they take a small bite and then evaluate the taste afterward they assess the texture thickness and move on to taste the next flavor most of the ingredients in pet food are similar to what humans eat including fish vegetables meat and Animal by products lucky testers might

Get to taste high quality meals made from lamb chicken and premium rice number 17 crime scene cleaner there is a peculiar job that requires a steel Spirit the profession of cleaning crime scenes at first glance one might think that the job is simply about cleaning up corpses or wiping off blood

Stains however this job is more complex than we know the task of crime scene cleaners is to clean and restore the scene to original state to complete the cleaning job those in the profession must undergo training they are provided with knowledge on how to handle crime scenes even before stepping into the

Real field they may have to practice cleaning up mock crime scenes due to the nature of the job crime scene cleaners have to deal with blood stains maggots or insects on corpses every day moreover flies which are attracted to bodily fluids and secretions from the body that attract parasites or scavengers are also

Issues more challenging is the odor of decomposing bodies this can expose cleaners to toxic gases causing respiratory problems therefore they must wear protective gear and gas masks during the entire cleaning process on average a crime scene cleaner is paid a few hundred USD per hour according to the Chicago Tribune the

Cleaning fee for a crime scene can range from 1,500 USD to 3,000 USD depending on the severity it’s number 16 electric shop providers it might sound strange but believe me the profession of renting out electric shocks is entirely real in Mexico some people always carry a wooden box capable of generating electricity

Specializing in standing in areas with many bars and pubs known as toes these toes provide electric shock services for young men and women who are a bit tipsy depending on the purpose some want the electric shock to sober up While others use it to enhance their enjoyment until morning whatever they

Desire money is exchanged for an electric shock it’s peculiar that some actively seek to avoid electric shocks While others pay money to experience it number 15 usia Subway pushes in Japan punctuality is highly valued in Japanese culture they are always punctual to the minute and being late for any reason is

Unacceptable in this country at Tokyo’s subway stations during rush hours you’ll witness the appearance of a Shia or pushers this peculiar job is known as Pusher in English they wear uniforms hats and white gloves oia push passengers onto trains to ensure they’re safe and the train

Doors close on time this job requires a certain level of physical fitness oier emphasizes using both hands to push passengers to maintain balance avoiding using one hand to prevent both the passeng passer and oia from losing balance and falling onto the tracks moreover osia can only push the

Shoulders back or part of the passenger’s arm onto the train avoiding contact with sensitive parts of the body lastly osia needs to keep their feet firmly on the ground because passengers waiting on the platform might push osia into the train after completing their task osia raises a flag and signals with a light

To the train Engineers when the train is ready and safe to depart number 14 professional sleeper I bet many of you would love to have this dream job just lying down and getting paid for it sounds peculiar doesn’t it in today’s diverse job market this is probably the most comfortable job

Professional sleepers come in two forms you can be hired by scientists who study you to treat Sleep Disorders after sleeping you wake up with some money scientists will research you to treat Sleep Disorders another type is testing at hotels hotels select guests to experience the rooms they evaluate the

Quality of sleep the room and the level of comfort with this job your salary is incredibly generous in China a company in Shanghai recruited professionally capable sleepers paying them up to 50,000 USD per year in the US the job of a professional sleeper can earn up to 200,000 USD per

Year number 13 chicken sexa this is an extremely difficult job because we can only be sure of a chicken’s gender when they mature however there are experts who can classify the gender of chicks when they are just a few yellow fluffy balls on the move those who classify the gender of

Chicks often rely on intuition they check the wing feathers back feathers and the vent to determine the gender of these yellow fluffy balls the most accurate method that many gender classifiers apply is through the vent the the salary for gender classifiers in the UK Falls around $60,000 USD per Year number 12 Panda nanny for those seeking an interesting well-paying job that aligns with their passion for cuddling adorable furry creatures becoming a panda Nanny might be an appealing choice this job can earn up to 32,000 USD annually in 2014 the Panda Research and Conservation Center in Sichuan China

Announced a glob search for panda caregivers applicants had to go through several rounds including the top 500 top 50 top 10 and a final media event before being hired the organizers explained your only task is to spend 365 days with panders and share joy and sorrow with them importantly the recruitment process

Isn’t too difficult requiring only a love for Animals patience and a passion for cuddling candidates must be at least 22 years old have basic knowledge of pandas and possess writing and photography skills to report on the animals weekly number 11 professional line standers imagine the scene of a long

Line of people at an official Apple Store just to get the latest iPhone many people have to wait in line overnight braving various weather conditions just to be among the first to own the product this is when the role of professional line standers is particularly honored the most important

Quality to make money from standing in line is patience you also need a resilient Spirit ready to face challenging weather conditions like heat or rain adaptability is crucial as there are times when you may need to sleep Outdoors overnight to complete the task listening to this easy high-paying

Job may sound appealing but it’s not truly as rosy as imagined facing harsh weather conditions sweating profusely under the scorching sun or enduring bone chilling cold in the snow all while waiting in line for your turn that’s why they say there’s no job that is easy every job comes with its

Own challenges standing in line for hours sometimes nearly the entire day also involves the need for meals and personal hygiene this is perhaps the truly inconvenient aspect of the job income levels vary but it can go up to 1,000 USD per week number 10 professional cuddler if

You feel the need for a hug tenderness and to be embraced by someone but find yourself alone then you might need a professional cuddler many people would be surprised to know that there are companies offering professional and warm cuddling experiences hugging and caressing someone can earn you up to 800

USD the requirements for this job are completely different from what one might imagine all the client wants you to do is hug and caress them gently as this can help relieve stress and quickly relax them similar to the results one expects from a yoga session or meditation number nine professional

Hitchhiker at first glance it may seem counterintuitive because typically drivers help people by offering them a ride however in the capital city of Jakarta IND denesia a unique profession has emerged the professional hitchhiker in this case individuals are paid to sit in cars with drivers and help them Reach their destinations

Faster as the sixth largest city in the world world with over 30 million people and approximately 20 million cars the infrastructure is insufficient to handle the high volume of vehicles resulting in severe traffic congestion to alleviate this issue the Jakarta government has implemented three in one zones allowing cars to pass only

If they have at least three occupants this has given rise to the professional hitchhiking profession every morning poor individuals from the outskirts of Jakarta line up near the 3 in1 Zone Lo offering themselves as hired passengers with roles such as employees Sons or friends of the

Driver If a driver is stopped by the police without being able to prove their acquaintance with the passenger they could face fines of over 100 USD and The Hitchhiker might be sentenced to 12 months in jail after just a few hours of hitchhiking these individuals can earn around 7.5

USD number eight sumo wrestler hygiene assistant due to the nature of their profession sumo wrestlers often have large and robust bodies they are ensured a regulated diet consuming around 8,000 calories per day 3.2 times the normal caloric intake for an average young person wrestlers who are deemed too lean

Must try to consume as much food as possible until they gain weight due to their excessive size Summa wrestlers encounter difficulties in maintaining personal hygiene therefore they require someone to assist them in this aspect particularly those in this profession are responsible for aiding sumo wrestlers in cleaning the areas

Around their buttcks as the wrestler’s bodies are oversized making personal hygiene challenging for them just hearing about it might give you Shivers right nobody knows the exact salary for this profession but regardless of how high it might be it’s not a job many would be willing to

Do number seven rent a boyfriend the Serv of renting a boyfriend is prevalent in Japan and China with even many legitimate companies joining the business the cost of renting a boyfriend varies depending on the client’s preferences but generally ranges from $45 to $65 per hour during the date

Physical contact such as holding hands and hugging is allowed but any intimate actions beyond the permitted limit are strictly forbidden moreover companies evaluate and rank boyfriends based on the number of orders and monthly renewal rates if company members receive few orders and have a low renewal rate they might face

Dismissal number six professional wedding guest the job of being a hired guest at weddings initially seeming like a joke is a genuine profession these are individuals who pretend to be friends of the Bride or groom attending the wedding and engaging in conversations like ordinary guests those who work as hired

Wedding guests are required to memorize personal information about clients including names ages occupations and family relationships when attending the wedding they converse with the bride or groom as if they were ordinary friends however this group of people typically avoids being photographed to avoid Eternal appearances in wedding photos most of these young individuals

Working as hired wedding guests are either students or office workers age between 20 and 30 years old the typical rental fee is around 20 USD per party being wellfed welld dressed and having money in your pocket makes this job truly enjoyable doesn’t it number five professional movie

Watcher this is an actual job where online video services in the United States like Netflix hire people to sit and watch television all day they don’t just clock in hours watch they need to know all the content and details before the program goes public this means watching everything

From the best to the worst most boring content the platform offers additionally they need to have a scientific approach to label the films they’ve watched number four professional mourner the profession of professional mourner has existed in China Africa and the Middle East for a long time associated

With ancient beliefs in Egypt this job is reserved for women who are not allowed to have children they must shave all body hair tattoo the names of goddesses on their shoulders and avoid having children in the funerals of strangers professional mourners will wail cry and mourn dramatically professional mourners in

China can be paid 350 USD for one session of mour this is a serious job in China in Europe there is even a professional mourning company in the UK the price to hire professional mourners is around 70 usd for 2 hours of work they are hired to help with family

Gatherings during the funeral and create create an atmosphere of mourning and regret for attendees however the job of a professional mourner has health risks after a long period the voice of the mourner can become hoarse from excessive crying moreover the eyes of the person doing this job can be

Uncomfortable because of shedding Too Many Tears number three face feeler a face feeler is someone who tests the quality of a product before it hits the market this job is often done done by women and is also known as a sensory scientist they use their hands to touch

The user’s face feeling and evaluating the effectiveness of a product such as facial creams or even razors for men people in this job use their hands to touch the user’s face they employ sensory perception to evaluate the effectiveness of the product this is a job that requires seriousness thorough

Research and adherence to specific training procedures during training students are taught how to clinically describe Des what they are perceiving such as shine resistance and slip to convey their analysis those in this profession are often paid a minimum of 25 USD per hour the products they test are diverse

Ranging from soap and facial creams to moisturizers and razors number two being a mermaid are you tired of sitting all day in a dull office do you want to swim freely in Cool Water becoming a mermaid can fulfill that dream professional mermaids can earn 300 USD per hour for their

Performances being a mermaid is not just a character in a fairy tale it has become a profession to become a mermaid female employees have to bind their legs where a tail weighing over 20 kg and swimming glass tanks for visitors to admire living under the sea escaping the

Pressures of everyday life may sound appealing but the process of learning to swim with a mermaid tail is not attractive for example just buying a silicone tail can cost more than 2,700 USD after buying the mermaid tail you have to invest in mermaid training classes in addition this job Beyond

Physical demands has a high risk of illness if you soak yourself all day in cold water number one hand and foot model this profession doesn’t require a beautiful face you need to have beautiful hands or feet the basic standard for hand models is long and straight fingers slender and graceful

Attractive Palms not too wide and without scars hand models can earn Sky High wages up to 5,000 USD per day some have even worked as hand doubles for many famous people so we’ve explored some of the weirdest jobs on the planet that you might have never heard of are you

Intrigued or interested in trying out any of these professions I for one would love to try being a professional sleeper thank you for watching our video don’t forget to like share and subscribe to stay updated with our latest videos see you in the next ones

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