The Bone-Chewing MONSTER ANT – Video

The Bone-Chewing MONSTER ANT – Video

MONSTER ANT Chews to the Bone!

In the video MONSTER ANT Chews to the Bone!, Brave Wilderness host embarks on a daring mission to rank the leaf cutter ant on the Brave Wilderness Bite Sting Index. The video showcases the unique behavior of the leaf cutter ants, with a focus on the large and powerful soldier ants that defend the nest. The host agitates the ground to find and capture the soldier ants, showcasing their aggression and powerful bites. Despite being swarmed and bitten multiple times, the host manages to collect five soldier ants for ranking. The chosen ant demonstrates its strength and sharp bite, earning a high score on the intimidation factor. With its impressive bite strength and size, the leaf cutter ant proves to be a formidable insect in the Costa Rican rainforest. The video highlights the host’s bravery and determination to capture these powerful insects for the ultimate ranking.

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Video Transcript

All that you can see here behind me in this clearing is a giant nest of Lea cutter ants there are hundreds of entry and exit hles all over this mound below the surface here is a catacomb of mazike Pathways that are home to this leaf cutter ant colony now this Colony will

Be made up of different Siz ants some of them are small workers and then of course at the other end of the spectrum our large soldier ants those are the ones we are after because today we are officially going to rank the leaf cutter ant on the brave Wilderness bite sting

Index the BSI the BSI is our official ranking index for all insect interacted bites and stings the rankings are made by testing three factors intimidation pain and aftermath all of which are combined for a total score you will find out at the end of this video I have been bitten by these amps

Before and I can tell you that I have yet to encounter another insect of this size with this powerful of a bite this this one could rack up a heck of a score but before we actually get bitten we have to find a soldier ant you can see here look at this

There’s a lot of leaf scraps that have been dropped by these ants they’re literally going out into the jungle cutting the leaves harvesting them and then bringing them back here where they will grow a fungus that makes their food but that is not the job of the

Soldan the soldan has one job defend the nest at all cost and that’s why they have the biggest and strongest jaws now in order to find a soldier ant all we have to do is make a little bit of disruption or vibration near the openings it’s almost like knocking on

The door anybody home we’re looking for someone to give me a Chomp and they will defend this nest with their lives there’s pretty much no stopping the will of a soldier leaf cutter ant so I’m just going to go around here at agitate the ground this looks like a good

Hole and with enough tries we should see some of these soldiers show themselves in defense of the colony oh right there get your cameras right there guys look at that huge wow that hole just exploded with Soldier leaf cutter ants look at that okay it’s time to get some

You guys ready there’s no good way to do this you just got to get in and grab the ants here we go missed it missed it okay oh they’re already on my boots ah they’re swarming they’re swarming they’re all over me already these ants are crazy how fast

And Elusive they can be all right I’m have to hit the ground some more get some more big ones out come on boys let’s go right there got one yeah that’s a good one oh it’s a beast I got two got two so far here we go here’s a

Big boy oh that one’s huge ah he’s B me he’s got me ah no not yet not yet ah I already got nailed all right come on we got we got three so far three so far all right let me uh oh there’s a big one there’s a big one come here come

Here come here even the little one’s bite okay all right I’ve got four four ANS one more let’s try to get out some more bigger ones here we go come on where are you oh man they are all over my boots look at this look at this get a shot of that

They are just attacking me here let’s get away from the S wow guys we’re getting swarmed we are getting swarmed holy crap okay okay let me oh man they are so strong they’re hard to get off your boots look at that one get out of here okay they’re all over my

Shoelaces these are all my bootlaces okay guys check your pants oh you got one on your shoe oh oh oh jeez yeah just got nipped little precursor to what’s coming next and in case you’re wondering yes these ants are absolutely capable of breaking skin and drawing blood ah he’s got

Me that one’s already got me ah no not yet not yet not yet not yet oh oo all right dang we got to get out of here they’re all over their boots all right all right hang on all right that’s five that’s the fifth one that one nailed me dang that

Got me good oh man there’s one on your Bo oh my gosh all right guys we’re getting swarmed we got to get out of here all right let’s go and I’m bleeding all right oh my gosh that always get your heart racing trying to catch these soldiers look how

Big they are those are some seriously seriously aggressive ants when they storm out of their nest there’s only one mission Attack I’m just getting nailed on the ear just got hit on the ear ah gosh can never catch soldier ants like these without taking a few bites in

The process but oh you got one your boots right there right boot right there man those leaf cutter ants these soldiers barnstormed out of that entry point and they met only one thing inflict as much pain as possible on all these Intruders and they sure got us a

Few times but in the end we got five really good siiz soldier ants and one of these will officially be the ant that I let bite me so we can rank the jaws of the Costa Rican rainforest for the brave Wilderness bite sting index let’s go set up our bite table okay No joke I have literally found these ants chomped onto my clothing months after our trips to Costa Rica they make it all the way back on the airplane and through the washing machine because once they bite they don’t let go all right bite table set we have our

Soldier ants we’ve got a set of Entomology for forceps before we get into this going to need to tape up my finger because that Ant back there annihilated me this finger keeps just bleeding all over me we’ve got ourselves five soldier ants that we are going to try to pick the biggest

One to be the official Ambassador for the bite sting index of the leaf cutter ant what do you guys think I think maybe this one oh there’s a big one I think right here in the front yeah I think that’s the one ah man the other one’s a gra

There it is there it is that’s the one that’s the one oh man all right there we have our end get a better grip on it scraping it in there look the size of the jaws of that ant these ants do not sting they only bite some ants both bite and sting the

Leaf cutter ant is just a bite but I could tell you no other ant I have ever encountered in the entire world after 10 years of traveling making content for brave Wilderness have I encountered any ant that can bite nearly with the strength of the leaf cutter ant I mean

There’s not even a close second and the reason for that is look at the size of the head of that ant and not only is the bite strong the bite is also Sharp they are like a set of busher knives shearing together to Chom away at anything they can grab on

To and as for intimidation factor I would have to say for ants this intimidation is very high this ant is going to get a very good score right out of the gate I got to go through it again gosh dang it I am not looking forward to

This I know exactly what I’m in for ah this is going to this is going to suck this is going to suck really bad okay yeah and get this when these ants bite you either have to pry them off or just wait until they let go so this isn’t

Like a one Chomp and then we’re done I’m going to leave the ant on to gnaw away until it walks off cuz if not I’m going to have to pry it off and that could do even more damage in fact indigenous cultures used to use these insects as

Sutures where they would take the ants let them bite and then rip the head off because once the ant is locked down it has to choose to release if it can’t choose to release it stays on there so yeah we’re just going to let the ant do

Its thing and Chom away until it feels like it’s done the damage it can do and I have a feeling it’s going to be pretty serious damage all right you guys ready I I’ve done enough talking I want to get this over with it’s time to put the

Soldier Lea cutter and on the bite sting index on three ready I’m going to put it right there one oh man I I could sense it just wants to Chom away it wants to GNA onto me it’s going to slice through you can do it you can do it you

Can do it all right I dropped it all right let me get it back let me get it back don’t lose it don’t lose it don’t lose it don’t get bit yet I know I’m getting lightheaded a little bit cuz I know it’s coming my way you

Guys are wondering if I’m getting used to this by now yeah I know what it’s like to get bit and stung by a lot of stuff but every single time I do this there’s like a wave of anxiety and adrenaline and I’m just I’m feeling the

Nerves and I’m about to feel the chomp here we go on three one two and three right not good man get liead hang on hang on a second oh are you okay mark whoa yeah I’m fine I’m fine all right I got this it’s on three one two three yeah he’s got

Me yeah just popped through I feel feel like is cutting my finger Off let go are you done are you done oh my gosh in case you’re wondering if I was faking that at all probably have to blur that out cuz that is a lot of blood I’d say that was a good test I don’t know how much better of a test

That we can do here I’m going to clean off our ant here cuz he’s covered in blood hang on a second look at that look at that there’s another demonstration of strength like we needed another one but this a so powerful get off there bud come on

Okay all right well I’d say we have ourselves a pretty good official bite test with the Lea cutter Ant Man I hope that’s the last time I have to do that tell me in the comments what else you want to see on the BSI but before we go

Let’s give the leaf cutter ant an official score for intimidation the speed at which these ants move and the numbers by which they swarm and just the general sheer size of their razor sharp Jaws are as impressive as they are terrifying so I give the leap cutter ant

A 7.5 out of 10 for intimidation which is big for an ant and on that note I have to acknowledge that we received some feedback that intimidation as part of the index is too subjective and that we shouldn’t wait it in as much as the other factors guys I have to completely

Disagree with that because I can tell you once you see what’s biting you or in my case what’s about to bite you your emotions are triggered and it absolutely affects the pain you’re about to experience so yes Size Matters and so does intimidation don’t let anyone tell

You otherwise okay now back to the score for pain well I have yet to react to any test as much as I have the leap cutter and so for immediate pain I have to give it a 9.5 out of 10 and yes that score surpris sures even me to say it out loud

But I mean come on look at this finally for aftermath this is where the leaf cutter ant does offer a little relief although very painful at first the wounds end up feeling like super deep paper cuts and almost immediately subside so just as long as you clean

Them out right away you should have very little inflammation or chance of infection afterward so for that I only give the aftermath of the leaf cutter ant a 3.5 out of 10 giving the soldier leaf cutter ant an official BSI ranking of a 6.8 all that to say ouch but yes Venom

Matters big time on this index and without it you just can’t hang with the big dogs

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