22 Unique Oddities Found Only in Uruguay! – Video

22 Unique Oddities Found Only in Uruguay! – Video

22 Strange Things That Only Exist in the Uruguay!
The poorest president in the world, the host of the first World Cup, the longest national anthem in the world,… Uruguay, despite being a small country in South America, has many fascinating peculiarities. Especially, Uruguay’s legal system is highly developed with numerous rights granted to its people.
Join me through this video to discover 22 peculiar yet interesting facts about Uruguay!

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22 Oddities that only exist in Uruguay the poorest president in the world the host of the first World Cup the longest national anthem in the world Uruguay despite being a small country in South America has many fascinating peculiarities especially Uruguay’s legal system is highly developed with numerous rights granted to its

People join me through this video to discover 22 peculiar yet interesting facts about Uruguay number 22 salt ban nearly 40% of Uruguay’s population suffers from high blood pressure with the average daily salt consumption estimated at 9 G to counter this the government implemented a law that banned table salt

And salty condiments such as tomato sauce and mayonnaise in restaurants in the capital city of Monte videoo aiming to reduce the salt intake of the population if you visit Monte videoo you’ll have have to save a bland dishes at restaurants what are your thoughts on this feel free to comment and let us

Know number 21 Uruguay leads in lgbtq rights not widely known due to its small and modest nature Uruguay is a super lgbtq friendly country the nation supports lgbtq issues to the extent that some believe there are no straight men in Uruguay as all are either bisexual or gay homosexuality

Was decriminalized in Uruguay in 1934 long before the United States in 2003 and the United Kingdom in 1967 anti-discrimination laws came into effect in 2003 adoption rights in 2009 and same-sex marriage was legalized in early 2013 Uruguay is consistently seen as a very Progressive country for instance

Divorce was legalized here as early as 1907 number 20 Uruguay faces severe drought Uruguay has been grappling with a prolonged period of drought and high temperatures for several years another Reservoir Paso Severino which usually serves 60% of the country’s population has witnessed record low water levels the country’s tap water not only

Tastes salty but the tap water also has high levels of chloride sodium and trihalomethanes the severe drought has forced over 1.8 million people in the city representing more than half of the country’s population to switch to bottled water for drinking and even cooking number 19 almost all of Uruguay’s energy is

Renewable Uruguay is a world leader in renewable energy the transition from fossil fuels to Green energy happened quite rapidly in 2007 fossil fuel still contributed onethird of the country’s energy output however today 98% of electricity generated in Uruguay comes from renewable sources such as wind biomass and solar

Energy looking at this impressive figure it’s hard to imagine that just 15 years ago Uruguay was a significant consumer of oil and often had to import energy from other countries at that time oil accounted for 27% of the country’s import value now their largest import item is wind turbines which can be seen

Abundantly along Europe ugu coastlines waiting to be installed number 18 the poorest president in the world here I don’t know if any of you always dream of becoming a politician or a president if you do please comment below and let us know in Uruguay there was an incredibly humble president Jose

Muika a politician who held the presidency for 5 years from 2010 to 2015 he is considered the poorest president in in the world majika led a very modest life and donated 90% of his monthly salary to charity maika’s lifestyle starkly contrasts with most world leaders his

Residence is a small house on a modest farm with water supplied by a well in the backyard surrounded by overgrown weeds only two police officers and an old dog named Manuel guard the premises notably muika declined to live in the luxurious presidential Palace provided for the head of state and chose

To reside in his wife’s farmhouse on the outskirts of the capital Mont videoo the president and the first lady of Uruguay tend to their Garden together this simple and humble way of life has become the foundation of mua’s political philosophy since he took office number 17 Tango originates from

Uruguay though the Tango is most famous in Argentina it actually originated in Uruguay this seductive dance was invented by the workingclass in both buenos IRAs and monteo within the Rio de La Plata region Tango evolved from a mix of African music Traditions European instruments and rhythms today Tango is a famous dramatic

And passionate dance worldwide many well-known movies feature Tango scenes such as Avita mulen Rouge True Lies Chicago and of course Last Tango in Paris in 2009 both Uruguay and Argentina successfully submitted the Tango to UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list in Mont videoo gay couples can participate in Tango classes at Tetro

Solis would you like to try Tango in Uruguay share your thoughts in the comments number 16 the country with more sheep than people according to the National directorate of Agriculture livestock and Fisheries in 2019 Uruguay had 6,419 th000 sheep with a population of under 3.5 million people meaning nearly two sheep per

Person however there were even more sheep in Uruguay in the past for example in 1991 Uruguay had 26 million sheep a record for the country at that time each person had over eight sheep Uruguay exported a considerable amount of wool and sheep meat and Uruguay’s professional sheep shearers shared their expertise

Worldwide nevertheless Uruguay not only has sheep the country also has the highest average cattle per person in the world as of 2021 with 11,946 th000 cows that means 3.45 cows per person number 15 primitive Village living in Uruguay the small village of Cabo ponio is a primitive village

Located on a spit of land protruding into the Atlantic Ocean on the eastern coast of Uruguay this is the most unique Village in the country without electricity water or Drainage Systems a lighthouse here is the only place in the entire Village connected to the power grid meanwhile a few hundred

Houses in Cabo ponio have no electricity water or sewage systems moreover only a few businesses have generators or use solar panels and wind energy to generate electricity for lighting fresh water is obtained from Wells or rainwater harvesting the village of Cabo ponio is isolated from other areas of Uruguay by a large Sand

Dune area the remote Village is about 7 km away from the main Highway and there is no direct road to Cabo ponio the only way to enter the village is by walking on the sand or using a small vehicle the attraction of the isolated Village lies in its beautiful sand dunes

Crystal Clear seawater and especially a sea lion reserve the only place to charge your mobile phone is at grocery stores but only when the generator is running at night people experience life by candlelight if you have the chance would you like to try coming here let us know your opinion in the

Comments number 14 the country that legalized marijuana uguay is the first country in the world to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes this special commodity is only sold at pharmacies in this nation of 3.5 million people with four different types available none of which are particularly potent the law permits the production

Distribution and sale of marijuana individuals over 18 can grow small amounts of marijuana for personal use and establish clubs to gather marijuana users all these processes are supervised and controlled by the government citizens can also purchase marijuana at these clubs or buy up to 40 gram from pharmacies Uruguayan authorities

Estimate that 128,000 people in the country use marijuana with this law the government hopes to to eliminate drug trafficking gangs but critics argue that it may only attract more people to marijuana number 13 Uruguay is the second smallest country in South America Uruguay is the second smallest country in South America after Surinam

This country stretches along the Atlantic Ocean and enjoys a mild warm climate year round the peak tourist season occurs in summer from December to February while the rest of the sees fewer visitors as of 2022 Uruguay’s population is 3,494 248 moreover the country is considered the safest in Latin America with low

Crime rates political stability and a high quality of life Uruguay is also highly Progressive monteo is consistently ranked as one of the most lgbtq friendly cities in South America number 12 a country country that gives laptops to every Primary School student Uruguay is the first country in

The world to give each public Primary School student a laptop the government allocated a budget of $15 million to fund schools with computers costing $175 each however the actual cost of an EXO laptop in Uruguay is $260 including maintenance costs repairs teacher training and internet connectivity fees these computer are designed to

Operate with relatively low energy consumption while ensuring 1 GB of RAM integrated Wireless networking a 12-hour battery life and a display suitable for reading indoors and Outdoors with these laptops students can chat exchange study materials share files and gather valuable information online if the computer has internet access number 11 soccer is highly

Beloved in Uruguay soccer is Uruguay’s national entertainment the pride and joy of the country the Uruguayan national team has won the FIFA World Cup twice and the Copa America more times than any other South American Nation if you’re in Monte videoo the capital of Uruguay watching a match at a

Stadio centenario is a must this Stadium hosted the first ever FIFA World Cup in 1930 and in that year the Uruguayan national team also secured the championship for those who love soccer do you know about this interesting fact like the video and let us know in the comments number 10 Uruguay the world’s

Largest consumer of beef despite Uruguay having a much smaller population compared to its neighbor Argentina its people are considered the world’s biggest consumers of beef so while Argentina might consume more beef overall per person uruguayans tend to enjoy more beef than argentinians in fact 59.6% of of

Uruguay’s land is utilized for sheep and cattle farming similar to Argentina the cattle farming culture has turned the goo a type of South American Cowboy into a significant icon for the country while many uruguayans enjoy beef they also export a significant amount as beef is a primary export

Commodity number nine chiito is the Uruguay’s national dish kabito is a highly beloved dish in Uruguay it’s a large sandwich stuffed with a thin slice of steak mozzarella cheese tomatoes mayonnaise sauce olives bacon eggs and lettuce served with french fries the term chivito means a small goat in Spanish the dish originated in

The 1960s at a restaurant in pter deleste when a customer from Argentina ordered a grilled goat since the restaurant didn’t have goat meat the owner served a grilled sandwich with bacon steak various condiments and more instead the dish gained so much popularity that the restaurant expanded the meal to serve other customers and

From there the national dish was born chivito for rugans is like a hamburger for Americans so you can find it all over the country there are also many delicious variations of the original chivito dish number eight Uruguay has the world’s long EST national anthem Uruguay’s national anthem is the world’s longest extending

To 6 minutes and spanning 105 bars of Music this song is officially the world’s lengthiest national anthem often sung before sporting events the Uruguayan national team had to truncate The Anthem to keep up with opposing teams therefore they usually sing only the first verse and chorus to save

Time number seven uian hom don’t have numbers they have names unlike many other countries around the world Uruguay doesn’t Mark its houses with numbers instead they opt for names while this certainly adds a personalized touch to each house it can lead to confusion when multiple houses in a city share the same

Name imagine the nightmare for male carriers or delivery Personnel you might end up in a mixup without knowing which house is correct number six mate Uruguay’s most popular beverage mate is a widely consumed traditional beverage in many South American countries it’s the national drink of Uruguay where it is

Consumed from a hollowed out gourd through a metal straw called a bomb Billa yurba leaves are dried before steeping in hot water this caffeinated beverage has a bitter taste but uruguayans do not find it unpleasant the traditional straw is often made of silver while modern varieties on the market are typically

Made made of nickel silver stainless steel or hollowed out wooden stems the straw besides its function for sipping also serves to filter out tea leaves while drinking modern straws are designed as straight pipes with many holes or have spring loaded flaps for Tea Leaf filtration for those who have tasted

This type of tea please comment and share your impressions of the flavor number five candom be Uruguay’s traditional dance kandam be is a traditional dance of Uruguay originating from the descendants of African slaves liberated in the country in the 18 hundreds now it is a prominent part of the parades during the country’s

Festivals held on the streets of Mont videoo every February the Camy dance is a fusion of African Traditions with Dance Wild rhythms spontaneous steps and energetic movements Camy was also added to unesco’s representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of it in 2009 the music is performed by a group

Of drummers called quera and each dance has three types of barrel-shaped drums number four traditional GAO Festival in Uruguay the goo Festival is considered one of Uruguay’s traditional cultural events this significant celebration began in 1986 aiming to commemorate the image of the Goo now a hero in the region and an emblem of

Courage freedom and generosity gochos are skilled Cowboy Wanderers Adept at livestock farming living in the rural areas of Uruguay the Cowboys will ride horses and showcase their skills with wandering herds of horses throughout the fields of Uruguay the GAO image stands out in folklore Legends and literature people from all over the

Country compete in horse races livestock hering horse taming horseback riding performances and even sheep shearing these activities take place in various locations not far from the main stage uruguayans of all ages from children to adults represent selected rural societies from across the country competing in various challenges the most famous location for

This Festival is TMO where a lively goo Festival takes place in March every year attracting numerous tourists during this time all the Cowboys from around the country Gather in tarbo to demonstrate their horse riding skills together number three wine culture in Uruguay the wine from Uruguay is highly

Appreciated by many the country’s wine making tradition has existed for over 250 Years starting when Spanish and French immigrants began planting Vines and making wine here nowadays 20,000 hectares are dedicated to Wine production in rural areas making Uruguay the fourth largest wine producer in South America pairing perfectly with the

Beloved beef dishes today many wineries in Uruguay are small family-owned establishments producing high quality red and white wines tourists can explore some wineries along the Camino’s Delino and in the historic district of Camelo number two uruguayans celebrate Noki day on the 29th of each month in Uruguay the 29th of each month is

Officially known as Noki day a day when most families will cooked noi pasta made from potatoes this used to be the day before payday when people were running out of money making noi a perfect meal as it is made from inexpensive ingredients like potatoes and flour even today in modern times noi

Dishes are still commonly found on restaurant menus on the 29th this tradition also indicates a strong influence of Italy in Uruguay due to large waves of Italian immigration from the 1870s to the 1960s it’s estimated that 45% of uruguayans have Italian roots with 65% of people living in

Monteo alongside Noki Mont videoo boasts many enticing Italian dishes with restaurants serving various types of Pizza Pasta and risalto while Spanish is the official language of Uruguay it is said that uruguayans speak it with an Italian inflection number one giant hand sculpture in punter EST

The hand of padell Estee is one of the most unique landmarks in Uruguay this sculpture was created by Chilean artist Mario irazabal and was unveiled to the public in the summer of 1982 it is part of the first annual international meeting of modern outdoor sculpture the sculpture has become an

Icon of pter deste over the years this hand has been called by many names such as the drowning man statue the finger Monument the rising symbol in life although it’s Creator simply calls it the hand and to adapt to natural obstacles like wind and sand outside the beach the hand is divided proportionally

For the best fit it was completed in 6 days made from concrete reinforced with steel rods metal mesh and covered with weather resistant materials after creating the hand the artists became famous and even created several more giant hand sculptures in other places like the hand of the desert in the atakama desert in

Chile so we’ve explored 22 fascinating facts about Uruguay which fact impressed you the most I found the GAO festival for Cowboys quite impressive remember to comment on your favorite fact thank you for watching our video don’t forget to like share and subscribe to stay updated

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