“Essential Recommendations for Your Bavaro Punta Cana Trip in the Dominican Republic” – Video

“Essential Recommendations for Your Bavaro Punta Cana Trip in the Dominican Republic” – Video

Bavaro Beach in the Dominican Republic is a popular destination for travelers, but if you’re planning a trip there, there are some important things you need to know. In a recent interview, experienced Concierge and tourism authority, K-Man, shared some valuable tips and recommendations for visiting Bavaro Punta Cana.

K-Man has been living and working in the Bavaro area for a long time, and he has worked for 5-star hotels in various roles in Punta Cana. In the interview, he covers a range of topics including the best hotels to stay in, the best clubs to meet people, safety measures, and distances between different places of interest. K-Man even shares insider tips on where to find all the single women in Bavaro Punta Cana.

If you’re looking for recommendations for hotels, K-Man suggests Cap Cana, a conveniently located hotel just 10 minutes away from the airport, Excellence at Cana, a luxury all-inclusive 5-star hotel, and Chic Punta Cana, also an all-inclusive 5-star hotel. For those on a budget, K-Man recommends R Hotel, which offers a night pass for entry to their popular pool party and disco.

When it comes to nightlife, K-Man recommends Coco Bongo for a vibrant and lively party atmosphere. He also assures that it is safe to go outside of the hotels and explore the town, but emphasizes that travelers should take normal safety precautions. K-Man’s insights and recommendations are valuable for anyone planning on visiting Bavaro Punta Cana, and his interview is a must-watch for anyone looking to make the most of their trip to this amazing country. #passportbros #DominicanRepublic #bavaro

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Yo what’s up guys I’m still in the we are getting ready to go out now I’m in my hometown met some of my friends we here drinking and Shilling and the freaking bike is crazy loud and um I’m going to ask him some question for you

Guys cuz he’s a c cier cier at a major hotel in in punana B you guys always asking about that so I’m at asking like what are the hot spots where are the best places to go and things like that and and and then we take it from there

All right so that you guys can have some ideas or where to go when you go to B where you go when you go on that side of the so it’s my boy right here man yo what’s up dude what’s going on and this my other boy right here so

Kito e introduce yourself you can introduce yourself yes sure my name is kman kman doing it here so we want to ask you a couple of questions like based on like babo punana like what are the best places to go like what kind of job you do like you know

Cuz people sometimes when they think of Dominican Republic they keep thinking about s Santo Domingo and they know about punana but they don’t really know like really good places to go so it’s always good to have somebody to have some kind kind of guidance of what’s the

Best place to go and at least an idea so it would be good if you could share some information with my peeps of course so where what kind of job you do like I’m where yes I work at Excellence pagana it’s basically one of the hotel of the

Area in wo Alto okay basically wo Alto is uh Northern the Northern parts of punana okay and basically um yeah it’s for all type of uh public yeah but it’s adults only adult only yes adult adults only what kind of job you do there what’s your what’s your I’m a

Chief coner assistant manager Chief concierge right coner I can’t even say that word coner coner all right good so what what is what what is Intel what do you job Intel well basically what we do is a customer service for the for the guest we introduce them to the place to

The hotel giving me giving them the needy greedy of the place itself showing them the room and everything related to the customer service do you also give them like options of where other places to go like and also ideas and tips and like how to manage around the town the

City whatever you want to call it of course we do have the pro tips ER as to where to go night life and everything related to to the state in general got it basically what we do so in your opinion what are the three top

Best hotels to go in pakana top three in punana I recommend capana what is kabana part of the cuz it’s not on the Strip what all the hotels are right kabana is something different or not Yeah Yeah from what I am yes capana is all the way right right

Next to the airport like 10 minutes away from the airport and uh so it’s convenient right it’s convenient cuz you get off the airport and it’s 10 minutes it is very convenient it’s close by sure so all right so we said capana and what else well you go to kakana and if you

Want to go downtown babo as well you can go like you know the plaza Coco Bongo what what three hotels you work on three top hotels ha where is Ha Ha is right at capana it’s in capana inside capana inside God yeah what other Hotel you recommend I recommend also my hotel

Excellence at caring do you know it’s five stars four stars or what of course five star five star and everything included uh incl the look The L all included okay luxury all inclusive okay luxury all inclusive so that means you get like top shelf drinks

All of that 100% 100% that’s a good look and right in Alto I recommend also chick punana is that a Bou hotel or like a major hotel it is well yeah it is all inclusive but but it’s great it’s a great place it’s not a hotel Boutique no

Let me ask you one question what about a low budget hotel that you recommend a lowbudget hotel that I recommend just for party no just like a low budget for people that don’t have a lot of money but they still want to go enjoy with the

They don’t want have like like what is the name was that big the rock star or something what is it you mean hot rock hot rock like but it’s not low budget I that’s what I’m saying if you don’t have money to say at the Hard Rock or the

Excellent and you need to start somewhere a little bit more like downgraded but still good I recommend r r Hotel R Hotel like for instance R Republic they have the biggest homeone party in the area really if you want to party there if you want to you know can

You party even if you’re not staying there you can go you can go on a night pass okay and just like you know pay the money so what is a night pass a night pass is basically like you pay just to say over to let’s say from 6:00 p.m.

Just to 2:00 a.m. okay that’s the time that the Disco closed go ahead and have a good time there and enjoy the the the pool party and it’s drinks like free all included all included all included everything you can eat and drink that’s a good look during that period of time about clubs

And I don’t want to know about the clubs inside the hotels cuz that’s easy but what are the clubs that you recommend like outside of the clubs in the town and it’s is a safe to go in town of course cocobongo you know there is only like in Mexico and the Dominican

Republic you can go there cocobongo is a big party um it’s a nice place to go what but is it safe to go outside of the hotels do you think it’s safe to to move around do you need to be like careful like well you have to take just a

Measurement you know the normal measurement that you need to take but it is safe to go out there is also like you know like uh just like uh bring point in bab that you can go and hang out there and uh there’s a lot of places that you

Can go disco and NightLight okay you what kind of clubs what kind of music they play like all this reg they play all like like Latinos music they play g&b hip hop and saata just like you know okay how you you is it the drink super expensive or it’s like all right

Well average average average for the area what is average for you like how much you think is a beer beer will be like about $5 $5 and like a like a like a mixed drinks like a margarit or something mixed drinks will be like you know probably like $6 $7 oh that’s not

Bad dep on the quality that’s not bad you can also go to imagine Club imagine it’s a like different cave that you go there is it a cave different cave that they have different kind of music oh okay got it got it got it got it got it

Underground oh it’s a cave it is a cave it is a cave literally oh that’s a good look that that looks that sounds interesting it is is that in punana or that’s in the scario that right inside bab right in the heart of uh between

Alto Anda oh so it’s not it’s easy to get it’s like 10 minutes right it is about 20 minutes away from from the airport okay so you would say to be hanging around B like all the hotels all the bar is they all like within 10 to 20

Minutes right that is correct they do have we do have like uh in the area maybe like it is about 25 20 minutes of close of the area all right good so it’s good to circle around all right so one last thing to tell people that are

Coming to the like what would you say what would you advise them to do what would you will be your personal advice like for people that want to come to Dominican Republic and experience something different just come here enjoy it try to enjoy it no worries about anything you know

Security is good we’re actually we just got the the tourist 10,000 10 million 10 million yeah 10 million in the Dominican Republic which is very H so we broke all the records and since Co Dominican Republic is the the hot stop destination and just come here and hang out I mean

Nothing but do you see people from all over the world not just the US right like Germany France Europe Europe China Asia everywhere I mean like you know people just come here from everywhere Russia and just you know come here and hang out have fun and from my single

Friends like what would you say they should go when they come here single guys single guys they they can come to cocobongo that’s the right place to cocobongo yes okay how good all the girls from all the different Resort will meet there okay just to have it there have a big night so

Guys there you go that’s my boy he knows all the details we’ve been working there for like over five 5 years so he knows exactly where to go and how to move around you know how to check and bake over there in punana so there you go

There a lot of good information there so I hope you take some some some of this work for you and if it doesn’t work for you just keep it moving it is what it is we are here we outside baby we outside so guys thank you for watching the

Interview this is my friend kilman he knows a lot about the area that we’ve been talking about which is Bab Beach and the surrounding area so definitely you could take his advice because he’s very well known in the subject I also wanted to add a couple of more clubs to

The list there’s another club called movie discoe there’s another one called alang which is actually like a drink point where you go and it’s open bar and and not open bar like it’s in the open air like you it’s not actually like a club it’s like a bar like an open bar

Also laa D which is a cave that’s very interesting you should definitely check that out laa d the golden cave and then the other one is Dr beia Dr beia is another Point another bar point where you could actually just go and enjoy your time there um also for single guys

That are looking into like building relationships or meeting like women and stuff like that like Dominican woman you could definitely find some and I will suggest the same thing that kman said I would definitely say this big clubs because um people come from all over the

Country to um to B to spend time and to spend vacation there also from all over the world so even if you don’t want to shill with Dominicans you can find people from everywhere there and meet and think about it when people go out on vacation everybody’s having fun

Everybody’s happy and it’s a better mood and it’s easy to approach and it’s people to people to approach you also keep in consideration if you’re actually looking for pay for pay you guys know who you are if you’re looking for pay for pay pay for play there’s also a lot

Of that it’s easy to get it it’s everywhere you could also find guys that you actually acquire their services and they will get anything you like and when I say everything you like you could definitely meet those people everywhere you talk to them and they get you

Whatever you’re looking for so again bab Beach is a is a tourist area so you could find anything you’re looking for from meeting genuine you could find genuine relationships cuz it’s also a town there’s a lot of people that live there that live out of the industry but

There also again like I mentioned before people people from all over the world so you definitely is going to have a good time it’s an exclusive area of Dominican Republic a tourist area of Dominican Republic so it’s consider as like a really nice place so it’s going to be

Protected very well so it’s definitely safe to be in bab to my for from my point of view from my observation I never seen nothing crazy happening there you know for tourists or visitors so I mean take it from me and um see you on the next one it’s your Harper if you

Have any questions leave it on the comments if you have any other suggestions or recommendation also leave it on the comments talk to you in a Bit

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