25 Rules Amish Women Must Follow – Video

25 Rules Amish Women Must Follow – Video

25 Prohibitions for Amish Women that they Must Adhere to!
Prohibited from wearing white wedding dresses, makeup, or jewelry, restricted personal vanity, and worse, Amish women are obliged to consider caring for the family as a full-time job. The conservative views about women make the Amish community appear extremely peculiar and incomprehensible.
In this video, let’s explore together 25 prohibitions for Amish women – a community that isolates itself from the world in the U.S, which you might find hard to believe is real.

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25 prohibitions for Amish women that they must adhere to prohibited from wearing white wedding dresses makeup or jewelry restricted personal vanity and worse Amish women are obliged to consider caring for the family as a full-time job the conservative views about women make the Amish community appear extremely peculiar and

Incomprehensible in this video Let’s explore together 25 prohibitions for Amish women a community that isolates itself from the world in in the US which you might find hard to believe is real number 25 not allowed to wear clothes of their choice Amish women wear simple plain clothing that they sew

Themselves these outfits lack bright colors or elaborate designs the reason is that the Amish want to appear modest and unpretentious avoiding flaunting or extravagance in particular Amish women must wear plain subdued colored dresses without pattern paired with a white apron and are forbidden from wearing makeup or any form of jewelry even

Women’s accessories are not allowed as it is considered too worldly and Divergent from the community’s beliefs there are also rules about how clothing is worn for instance the straps on a woman’s dress must be at least 2 in wide and the dress must cover the knees

When she sits some rules of the Amish also apply to Men’s Clothing these rules dictate that clothing must be made from natural fibers like wool cotton and linen synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon are not allowed for making clothes for a long time the community

Has believed that what is inside such as their character and values is more important than what they wear outside therefore their attire reflects a commitment to living a simple and modest life number 24 must obey husband’s orders absolutely imish ceremonies traditions and teachings from the Bible highly value a woman’s obedience in the

Amish community women must obey their husbands absolutely this means they must comply with their husband’s wishes and heed every opinion of the husband one reason why obedience is crucial in the Amish community is that it helps maintain order and stability by having a hierarchical system where the

Husband is the head of the household there is less room for Dissent and conflict another reason why the Obedience of women is highly regarded is that it allows women to focus on their role in the home and as mothers by listening to their husband’s words Amish women can avoid any conflicts that could

Potentially break up the family of course this does not mean that Amish women have no power they still have significant influence within the family and the community in many ways they are the backbone of the Amish community as they are responsible for all household and farm

Chores number 23 not allowed to cut hair armish women are not allowed to cut their hair according to biblical Traditions a woman’s hair is considered her glory therefore they must keep their hair long throughout their lives often tying or braiding it they also cover their hair with head coverings when

Leaving their homes these head covers are often bonnets or White Caps the Amish believe that hair is a gift from God and must be respected cutting hair is seen as a challenge to the will of God due to wearing similar clothes and keeping their hair the same Amish women May look alike don’t

They in addition married armish men are not allowed to shave their beards they must grow their beards to show respect to God number 22 not allowed to work outside the family women in the Amish community are not allowed to work outside the family their main role is to

Take care of the household and family they are taught to become Weavers specialize in harvesting and caring for farm animals baked bread and craft household items such as baskets on shelves and beds woven with Willow spikes for dogs Amish women must cook clean and take care of children they

Also often assist with work in the Family Garden while some Amish women work outside the family it is usually in roles related to the family such as midwives or teachers the Amish believe that women participating in the community is essential however they also believe that women should not work outside the home

If it affects their responsibilities to their own family there is a truth that some Amish women have a passion for painting and decided to follow this path afterward she was shunn by the community and expelled from her family number 21 wedding dresses should not be white we are all too familiar

With Brides wearing white wedding dresses aren’t we but arish women are not allowed to wear white wedding dresses in the Amish community wedding dresses are not white white is considered a symbol of extravagance and pride instead Amish women often wear dresses in shades of blue and

Apricot blue is seen as a symbol of Purity loyalty and faithfulness apricot is associated with paradise and Eternity wearing these colors on the wedding day reflects a woman’s lifelong commitment to her husband and her community Amish women often sue their wedding dresses they use Simple Fabric and Designs avoiding flashy or

Extravagant styles the Amish believe that weddings should be modest they see marriage as a sacred Covenant between a man and a woman rather than something celebrated lavishly or extravagantly therefore arish weddings are very simple without elaborate rings or large ceremonies it is a significant event for the entire Community demonstrating the

Values of modesty and unity in marriage number 20 Girls dolls without faces Amish girls dolls are unique in that they do not have faces the Amish believe that creating human or animal like images is frivolous instead their dolls are often made from simple materials like wood or fabric intentionally lacking facial features to

Encourage the use of imagination the absence of a face also symbolizes that the doll is not a real person it is just a toy and nothing more Amish believe that girls should focus on playing with toys that teach practical skills such as farming or cooking even without faces Amish dolls

Are beautiful and intricate crafted by the skilled hands of Amish women number 19 not allowed to lead church activities the Bible’s teachings explicitly state that women should not hold positions of authority over men this means Amish women cannot lead the church such as being a pastor or Bishop however they can participate in

The church community and play crucial roles in various church activities they sing in the church choir serve on various committees help plan and execute Church events and contribute to many aspects of Church Life while Amish men often make decisions in the community women are still respected and their opinions are valued Amish believe

That both men and women are equal before God number 18 women must wear head coverings if you’ve noticed Amish women always wear a white Bonnet on their heads these bonnets hold great significance for modesty as well as cultural and religious reasons it’s essential to know that there are two

Different types of head coverings that Amish women wear one type is called a cap usually made of light material such as silk or muslin then there’s the Bonnet a larger head covering that women wear over the cap the Bonnet can also be made of muslin or sometimes cotton

Wearing a head covering is an essential way for Amish women to show that they are Amish black bonnets are worn by un married women and young girls after marriage a woman will wear a white Bonnet this distinction helps differentiate between married and unmarried women especially since Amish people do not wear jewelry including

Wedding rings there are also various styles for married and unmarried men before marriage men must have clean shaven faces but after marriage they are required to grow and maintain beards without trimming in most armish communities girls start wearing head coverings from a very young age sometimes around 4 years old by the age

Of 12 almost all Amish girls will be wearing head coverings number 17 no excessive contact before marriage Amish communities allow couples to express affection while courting but excessive physical contact before marriage is not permitted furthermore a unique tradition exists where a courting couple spends an evening together on the same bed but is

Not allowed to touch in instead both are bundled on the bed with a wooden board separating them they spend the night talking to get to know each other without physical contact however this form of courtship is rarely practiced in modern times number 16 divorce is forbidden divorce is a common occurrence nowadays

But not for the Amish in the Amish community marriage is considered a lifelong commitment divorce is not allowed because Amish culture values family stability and this means once married a woman must continue to uphold the marriage and overcome challenges to maintain a strong and United Family in some US states

Adultery abandonment or abuse are grounds for divorce however the Amish live by their own rules if an Amish couple separates due to marital conflict efforts will be made to reconcile them however if a couple desires to divorce for reconcilable differences they would be forced to leave the community of course Community Elders

Would attempt to prevent marital breakdown through counseling and if reconciliation is not possible the couple would face consequences for violating Community regulations number 15 note photography allowed this rule applies to both Amish women and men photography is discouraged as posing for pictures is seen as prideful and not reflective of humility

However some Amish individuals may be more lenient about this rule allowing photographs as long as their faces are not visible some Amish women May permit photography if it is authentic believing that posing for pictures makes it inappropriate rather than the photograph itself number 14 women’s work never ends

The work of Amish women though confined to the home is incredibly busy after preparing breakfast for the family Amish women have about an hour hour or two to work outside in the garden before starting to prepare lunch lunch preparation takes about an hour because the family always has a substantial

Meal after lunch women wash dishes and have about 3 hours to work outside or in the garden if not Amish women clean the house in the spring or help in the barn or fields at 4:00 it’s time to prepare dinner because the cows need to be milked by

5:00 after dinner dishes are washed and the kitchen is cleaned for the third time time that day laundry needs to be taken down and folded after that women ensure everyone bathes and goes to bed before 10:00 so they can wake up around 4:00 the next morning this is a typical day for an

Amish woman and repeats throughout her life and if there are small children in the family they will have an even more demanding schedule number 13 prohibition of buttons on clothes in the Amish community women often use pins to fasten and secure clothing while men use hooks this is because buttoned clothing is considered

Extravagant and can lead to vanity going against the Amish views of Simplicity and modesty however not all Amish communities are equally strict in adhering to this Rule and some may allow buttoned clothing in certain instances number 12 regulations on women’s dress length the length of armish women’s dresses varies by imunity

And may depend on the woman’s age however in most cases the Hem of the dress must have a specific length usually no higher than the calf Additionally the length of the dress sleeves must be longer than the elbow to avoid showing immodesty this reflects the Amish emphasis on modesty and humility while

Also maintaining a traditional dress code within the community strict dress regulations are an integral part of Amish culture and are closely adhered to by community members number 11 women are obliged to have children in the Contemporary era many women choose not to have children however in the Amish and menonite

Communities the idea of not wanting or having children is seen as a crime and goes against the community’s expectations this notion needs to be punished and rectified immediately therefore Amish women often have large families and it’s not uncommon for them to intend to have more than two or three children sometimes

Even having families with 15 16 or 17 children this still stems from the high value that the Amish place on family and Community considering it an essential part of their lifestyle they believe that having a large family brings much more joy and happiness to their lives number 10 women must have

Knowledge of farming in the Amish community women are expected to have knowledge of farming and food procurement they often work alongside their children in the fields to assist the men in addition to farming Amish women are required to learn food preservation through techniques such as canning essential for survival during the Long Cold

Winters this knowledge and expertise are passed down from generation to generation ensuring the community has the necessary skills and resources to sustain their traditional way of life young girls learn these farming and food preservation skills early on helping their mothers and grandmothers number nine women rarely pursue formal education arish individuals are often

Considered less educated compared to surrounding communities in the United States in Amish communities formal education typically concludes after the 8th grade at this point many girls become teachers and contribute to the education of younger children within the community they are also not permitted to attend schools outside the

Community as a result they receive no information from outside sources limiting their exposure to new ideas therefore Amish women have little choice but to become Homemakers and care for their families however when an arish child turns 16 whether male or female they have the opportunity to explore everything the Amish community forbids

Such as technology alcohol Etc this is called the rum Springer ceremony Amish teenagers must decide whether the Temptations of the modern world World outweigh their relationships with their Community once they decide they have broken the rules they are recognized as adults if they choose the outside world

They are expelled from the community and cannot return all contact with friends and family is prohibited however most Amish individuals choose to stay within the community and live like Generations before them number eight always participate in community activities with their simple nature oriented Lifestyle the Amish don’t have a place

For individualism within the community despite being religious they don’t have churches instead every Sunday a few dozen families gather at one house or another on a rotating basis women have to participate in community work and volunteer activities when a couple in the community gets married the whole Community comes

Together to build a house for the Newly Weds and what about sickness without hospitals or modern Mach Machinery when illness strikes traditional methods are used for self-healing fortunately since they use horses and simple tools severe accidents are rare however in case of serious illness the community raises funds to send the

Sick person to the hospital for treatment especially Amish women often give birth at home since there are no technological devices like phones or computers in the house when in labor men ride horses to call a midwife to the house or take the wife to the midwife’s house

I wonder what happens if the Midwife is not at home at that time number seven mothers teach their children how to behave from a young age mothers begin teaching children proper behavior from a very young age a prime example is saying grace before meals mothers have to train a one-year-old

During Meal Time and Amish people even train a child at this age to put their hands down in a Praying position in silence before meals additionally mothers prepare their daughters for marriage and motherhood by having them do household chores from a very early age yes that’s right for the

Amish a woman’s role focuses more on the household this includes skills such as cooking cleaning baking and crafting girls are not gender educated from an early age but they have to learn all household tasks to assist the family and prepare for marriage in the future number six no use of musical instruments

Amish people don’t object to singing as long as it’s Acappella and doesn’t involve musical instruments they believe that using musical instruments while singing is a self-indulgent expression placing individual Talent above the collective Spirit of the Amish community despite this they have a rich history of hymns their church songs come

From the Oland first published in 1,564 and it’s the oldest collection of anabaptist hymns still in use today these hymns lack musical notation perhaps as another example of ass shuing worldly attachments all melodies are pass down through generations and they typically sing in their own voices without the use of any

Instruments number five pregnant women must not rest you’ll never find a pregnant woman resting or being lazy in the Amish community all pregnant women continue to work throughout their pregnancy Amish people also don’t believe in contraception leading to a tendency for women to have more pregnancies additionally a woman’s

Pregnancy is not disclosed to anyone in the Amish community except her husband and the Midwife therefore a pregnant woman must continue her daily chores as if it’s business as usual until she goes into labor they work in the fields do household chores and serve their husbands without complaining afterward all births take

Place at home without the use of pain medication unless it’s an emergency in which case they allow the woman to go to the hospital number four must seek husband’s approval before deciding anything Amish women not only have to obey their husbands but also need their husband’s approval before making any decisions

Whether it’s about household matters or shopping Amish women must seek permission from their husbands making decisions or purchases without the husband’s knowledge is seen as a sign of disrespect the husband husband needs to be aware of what’s happening in his wife’s life and the family which is why

Amish women always have to ask for their husband’s opinion before taking any action if the husband disagrees the woman must comply with his wishes without arguing number three prohibited from decision-making in the community while some Amish communities allow women to contribute to community decisions Amish women often refrain from

Participating or contribute very little all decision-making Authority is given to men in the community and women must comply at the head of the Amish community is the bishop who enforces the rules and ensures everyone lives according to traditional Amish ways the bishop is always a man and never a woman this explicitly indicates

That men are always the ones responsible and women are not welcomed when it comes to making decisions within the Amish community number two not allowed to contribute Ute financially to the family while Amish women earning money is not uncommon the amount they earn is for their personal use only Amish women are

Allowed to contribute financially to the family if necessary but they are required to keep their money and not spend too much on the family contributing financially stems from the belief that the husband should be the sole provider for the family if an Amish woman contributes more than what the

Husband can provide it’s seen as a sign of the husband’s weakness this means that the h husband is not fulfilling his duty for the family’s happiness and the family will be looked down upon and not respected by the community it shows that armish men also face significant pressures doesn’t

It number one women must prioritize Community needs Amish women are not allowed to be selfish and must always prioritize the needs of others over their own beyond the family Amish women must prioritize the needs of the church and the community they also have the responsibility to help Neighbors in

Times of difficulty which may include taking care of children doing laundry cooking or other household tasks Amish women not only take responsibility for their own family but also for other families in the community therefore Amish women often are not allowed to worry about their own needs for example in most cases they are

Not allowed to worry about their own health but must instead prioritize the well-being of those around them so we’ve explored some peculiar rules for arish women from prohibiting Financial contributions to strict obedience to their husbands Amish women truly face challenges don’t they thank you for watching our

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