27 Unusual Occurrences Exclusive to China – Video

27 Unusual Occurrences Exclusive to China – Video

27 Strange Things That Only Happen in CHINA !
From brides crying a month before the wedding, police using geese on duty, purchasing alligator and shark meat at Walmart, to renting a significant other in the blink of an eye… China, with its vastness, harbors numerous peculiar truths that set it apart from the rest of the world.
Let’s explore the 27 weirdest things in China that will undoubtedly leave you speechless. With customs like ghost weddings, you won’t believe they actually exist!

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27 strange things that only exist in China from Brides crying a month before the wedding police using geese on duty purchasing alligator and shark meat at Walmart to renting a significant other in the blink of an eye China with its vastness Harbors numerous peculiar truths that set it apart from the rest

Of the world let’s explore the 27 weirdest things in China that will undoubtedly leave you speechless with Customs like ghost weddings you won’t believe they actually exist number 27 hanging burials a remarkably unique form of burial found only in China is known as hanging burials suspending Coffins on mountains

Is a simple understanding of this ancient burial practice in China hanging burials were hanging implies suspending coffins of the deceased on dangerously steep Cliffs a one of the oldest forms of burial in China it is believed that the Steep Cliffs or high caves provide a Tran Anil

Place suitable for the soul to rest from such Heights The Departed can gaze upon the Blue Sky rivers and mountains separated from the hustle and bustle of the human world according to local beliefs hanging Coffins on steep Cliffs bring the deceased closer to both the higher power and their

Ancestors due to Natural influences older coffins gradually deteriorate break and fall people then place them in lower positions most new coffins are larger in size and more vibrant in color number 26 ghost weddings in China marrying the deceased also known as mingon emerged in China in the 17th century BCE if a young

Man or woman dies unmarried it is mandatory to seek a spouse for them afterward they perform divination if the Divination is favorable a wedding ceremony will be organized otherwise they continue seeking a suitable match through a ghost Matchmaker according to ancient Chinese Customs if a young person engaged in

Waiting for their wedding day unfortunately passes away the family must complete the wedding ceremony otherwise the spirit may disturb the Peace of the family if both the bride and groom have passed away the family uses symbolic figurines these figurines are treated and conversed with as if they were alive

If the groom is alive and marrying a ghost bride an image of the Bride will be placed on the Altar number 25 pre-wedding cry ritual in typical wedding preparations brides are expected to be the happiest and most joyful individuals right however in China the sound of crying before the wedding day signifies filial piety virtue and intelligence in the bride crying during a wedding is a traditional ritual in Chinese weddings whether she

Wants to or not the bride is obliged to cry before boarding the bridal sedan the crying symbolizes bidding farewell to parents relatives and blessings for her married life according to tradition the bride must cry for 1 to 3 months or at least one week before her wedding the

Louder and more she cries the more it demonstrates her filial piety virtue and intelligence conversely if the bride does not cry or cries minimally the villagers May mock criticize or even have her parents scold her the Chinese believe that louder crying signifies a more thoughtful marriage life number 24 transportation system through

Buildings if you visit Jong Shan China you will be astonished by its transportation system notably the railway line runs through buildings however this is quite normal in jongan you should get used to occasional images of trains passing overhead or through residential buildings according to many tourists station names are relatively

Straightforward due to the complex Terrain for instance the train announcement might say the next station is the turn of the Kim family the turn of the TA family it’s quite amusing when the train passes through someone else’s house isn’t it number 23 Maiden tea at first the

Name Maiden tea might sound like just another type of tea so what’s so peculiar about it the uniqueness lies not in the tea leaves or the flavor but in the method of harvesting and preparing this tea Maiden tea is grown in the Hanan region of China and is

Exclusively plucked using the mouths of young virgin girls after plucking the tea leaves are placed in a basket positioned on their chests those who have tried this tea note that the brood tea has a refreshing and uniquely delicious taste absorbing the girl’s saliva sweat and body

Warmth would you dare to try this tea feel free to share your thoughts in the comments number 22 Cricket fighting in China Cricket fighting has been an entertainment for Chinese Aristocrats for thousands of years dating back to the Tang Dynasty this tradition has persisted and is still enjoyed today

Each Cricket combatant can be sold for thousands of USD the most famous type is the fighting Cricket inidian found in the fields around the town these crickets stand out with their large heads strong mandibles and Powerful hind legs typically each Cricket is weighed in classified into different weight

Categories a day before the competition a female Cricket is placed in the Box to stimulate the fighting Spirit of the male cricket number 21 not sharing a pair in Chinese the word for pair is synonymous with separation therefore Chinese people avoid sharing a pair with others to avoid bad luck and unfortunate events

For both the person eating the pear and the one sharing it number 20 urine boiled eggs apart from the peculiar drink of Virgin boy tea urine boiled eggs are another bizarre dish this dish is a renowned specialty in J Jang China just hearing the name might give you chills but many

Tourists who have tried it can’t stop praising it this famous dish from Zang involves boiling eggs in the urine of boys under the age of 10 for a day and night according to ancient beliefs this dish is considered delicious and nutritious because the urine from young

Boys is clean and has the ability to cleanse impurities and ward off bad luck would you dare to try this dish if yes feel free to leave a comment as for me I’m sure I wouldn’t dare number 19 geese is anti- theft guards instead of using dogs to guard

Against theft police forces at a station in the Tian Jang Province Northwest China have employed geese as security guards geese of keen hearing and can make loud noises when Intruders attempt to break in furthermore as dogs are often susceptible to poisoning the police prefer using geese large geese

Are often courageous and may Advance towards strangers attacking if necessary additionally geese have poor night vision making it difficult for thieves to approach unnoticed especially if using poison bait surprisingly the idea of using geese as an anti- theft measure has proven to be highly effective with many unauthorized entries being thwarted

Thanks to the goose patrols number 18 footbinding tradition in China the practice of footbinding in China has almost become a traditional feature of the country throughout its feudal history people believe that smaller feet are a sign of nobility making each step graceful and elegant therefore women created Lotus

Feet by tightly binding their feet to make them smaller there’s also a theory that foot binding was seen as a way to control and reinforce the virtues of women specifically women with tiny feet would find it challenging to leave the house easily making it difficult for them to engage in extramarital

Affairs the consequences of foot binding can have significant health risks for women I’m curious to know your thoughts on this tradition feel free to comment number 17 women wearing full cover at the beach instead of wearing revealing bikinis for a stroll on the beach Chinese women often opt for full cover swimsuits in

General and particularly in China the ideal beauty standard for women involves having Fair and white skin the sun is considered an enemy to the skin that’s why many Chinese women wear full cover swimsuits covering their faces meticulously leaving only their eyes exposed this not only protects the

Women’s faces from the Sun but also Shields them from jellyfish and algae the these swimsuits might look quite unusual would you dare to wear a full face cover at the beach number 16 automatic crab vending machine in a city in China aside from buying crabs at the market or

Supermarket you can also choose to purchase them from automatic vending machines at Subway stations to ensure the crabs stay fresh but not alive the machine is maintained at 5° C the price for each crab is around $2 USD besides crabs this machine also sells bottles of Ginger vinegar in the

Upper compartment even though these two items seem somewhat unrelated in addition to crabs Chinese vending machines also offer sweet pastries tofu and even boneless chicken feet and if someone wants heartier food options just a few steps away there are machines selling freshly cooked noodles pre-prepared eggs clean vegetables and

Ready fried potatoes alongside these the machines Also Serve fresh squeezed orange juice and coconut water number 15 cockroach is a Chinese delicacy if anyone here is afraid of cockroaches let me know in the comments I guarantee these dishes made from cockroaches will give you the chills it may sound unbelievable but cockroaches

Are indeed considered a delicacy in China in Shandong Province China locals often barbecue boil stir fry or deep fry cockroaches among these fried cockroaches are considered a delicacy attracting diners with their rich flavor crispy texture and fatty taste but that’s not all as in Sichuan Province China a farm raises over 10

Million cockroaches as a food supply for local restaurants roach Sushi is one of the dishes prepared from this special ingredient the sushi pieces are made with the usual ingredients but instead of using meat or seafood as toppings crispy fried cockroaches are placed on top in Taiwan a food supplier has introduced

Dried cockroach snacks the manufacturer advertises these as clean safe and delicious snacks if you find the truth about this fried cockroach dish interesting give our video a like number 14 fresh air in a can if you didn’t know major cities in China are often dubbed the most polluted in the

World to allow people to breathe air that’s truly fresh inventor chenan Bao created a canister shape like a soda can filled with purified air priced at 5wd equivalent to 1 USD this product reflects the current environmental pollution situation in the country the air can come in various product lines if someone wants to

Immerse themselves in pristine air the pure Tibet flavor is a suitable Choice number 13 traffic jams stand in service China is a densely populated country with around 1.3 billion people consequently traffic congestion is no longer a surprise in this country with the world’s largest population with extended traffic jams

Sometimes lasting for days or weeks the emergence of the stand in service for traffic jams is a viable solution companies offering this service send someone to sit in your car and keep an eye out for you the procedure is as follows just call the company and inform

Them of the congested location two male employees of the company will arrive in a few minutes one person will drive the customer to their destination on a motorcycle while the other will sit in the car to watch over it this service mainly appears in the city of Wuhan

Famous for having the worst traffic congestion in the country it’s quite an interesting service what do you think number 12 living keychain animals one of the most interesting yet disturbing products that tourists can buy in China is the living keychain with live animals tiny turtles or moon-faced

Fish are packed in plastic bags or plastic bowls filled with a type of nutrient Rich liquid what’s most peculiar is that this secret liquid can keep these tiny animals alive for 3 to 4 months some people buy them as Lucky Charms While others purchase them with the intention

Of setting the poor animals free from those horrifying water bags of course the question arises as to where these pitiful creatures get oxygen to breathe when the bag is sealed like that and this secret may not be revealed by the manufacturers what are your thoughts on this I find this form of

Treatment towards animals quite distressing number 11 dwarf Kingdom in China the dwarf kingdom is not just a product of fairy tales it has become a real tourist attraction in Janan Province China the amusement park covering 13,000 hectares resembles a miniature world for Dwarfs with over 30 small houses the dwarfs are the exclusive

Residents of this amusement park what’s unique is that the dwarf Kingdom also has a king and queen the king usually wears a yellow costume and strolls around exploring the Kingdom on a three-wheel motorcycle the dwarfs living here are actors dancers or Ordinary People from China with a height not exceeding 130 cm

And they come from all over Asia to live here and avoid the Prejudice of people of normal height to generate income for themselves the residents have established a dwarf art troop and regularly perform circus acts magic and musicals for Tourists number 10 buying crocodile and shark meat in supermarkets the Walmart chain is present in many countries worldwide including China however you can only find incredibly bizarre items in Walmart China for example you can easily buy whole fresh crocodiles in the supermarket crocodiles are carefully iced along with other types of fish but

This isn’t the most terrifying whole item available in Chinese supermarkets there are also whole sharks sold here if someone wants to choose between eating shark or crocodile meat they should head to Chinese supermarkets number nine 12-day traffic jam in China traffic jams are a nightmare for Chinese citizens

Especially before and after each long holiday in the country however the most horrifying incident occurred in August 2010 when the Chinese government conducted maintenance on the expressway connecting Beijing to Tibet without proper planning resulting in a severe impact on traffic the most horrifying traffic jam stretched nearly 120 km for over 12 days

Before gradually reopening approximately 10,000 stranded Vehicles waited hundreds of police officers were mobilized I wonder how people cop during those 12 days of traffic congestion if anyone has any ideas feel free to comment number eight dedicated Lane for smartphone users in jongan China a lane has been designed exclusively for pedestrians who

Are glued to their phones this special Lane is dedicated to those addicted to to staring at their phone screens without paying attention to the people around them there have been various opinions on this matter some criticize the phone addicts While others Express concerns particularly for blind individuals who may collide with each

Other since they’re focused solely on their phones what do you think about this number seven hard to find cold water in China Chinese people believe that drinking hot water can cure various illnesses such as colds and dentry this tradition dates to the 4th Century BC with the belief that drinking hot water

Is excellent for health helping the body naturally purify itself restore health and minimize diseases today the habit of drinking hot water is still maintained and has become a hardto break routine for many people due to this habit when visiting Chinese restaurants or eateries customers are usually served hot water or hot tea

Finding a glass of cold water let alone ice water can be challenging number six using separate social media platforms don’t even try to access Facebook or YouTube in China they are all blocked as soon as you step into Chinese territory you won’t be able to use social media platforms such as

Twitter Facebook Snapchat Google zow YouTube all the banned in this heavily populated country China uses Buu instead of Google Dean instead of Tik Tok and webo instead of Facebook Instagram and WeChat as a replacement for messaging apps like messenger it’s tough for international students in China their friends back

Home eagerly await every update while they themselves have to find ways around the firewall to connect with friends number five renting a boyfriend or girlfriend is extremely popular in China renting a boyfriend or girlfriend online for several hours or even months to have companionship and conversations has become popular among young people in

China recently for as little as 20 UA and about 3 USD one can rent a companion online for half an hour through a shop on taau alibaba’s e-commerce platform the rental price depends on experience with beginners priced at 20 unan per hour while clients have to pay

160 unu per hour for a professional many fake lovers are booked solid during holidays like the Luna New Year International Labor Day or national day due to overwhelming demand indeed money can buy happiness I wonder if you’d like to try the experience of renting a boyfriend or girlfriend let me know in the

Comments number four tasting spicy ice cream the cuisine of Sichuan China is renowned for its spiciness as traditional dishes are seasoned with Sichuan pepper and chili these ingredients are extremely common in the kitchens of Jong Chan the food served in Jong Chan is so spicy that tourists

Planning to visit need to be mentally prepared and train themselves for months before the trip in fact Jong Chan even has ice cream covered with chili oil there are also various flavors of ice cream such as Sichuan pepper corn sprinkled on top of cold ice cream ice cream which is

Typically sweet now has a strange and spicy twist what do you think of this unusual ice cream flavor number three fake divorces to evade taxes China’s tax conditions stipulate that homeowners will be exempt from taxes if they are the sole owner and have held the property for a period

Of 5 years or more for the second house and onwards they must pay a 20% tax on the profit after selling therefore couples just need to spend a small amount to complete a divorce to divide property ownership then sell the house without paying taxes as required this law has led to millions of

Fake divorces in China most of these couples have a common clause in their divorce agreement stating that after the divorce they will continue to live together some couples even Mar immediately afterward number two unpopularity of the number four in China while in the Western World people are often superstitious about Friday the 13th

Leading to the absence of the 13th floor in many elevators in China the number four is considered unlucky this is because the pronunciation of the number four in Kenton sounds like the word death it can be observed most clearly that many elevators in China skip the fourth floor to follow Fang shuy

Principles number one sleeping with 20 men before marriage according to ancient customs in Tibet girls before marriage must give themselves to at least 20 men given the sparse population in this region it’s challenging to accomplish this to find the required 20 Partners girls have to walk along Mountain paths

They spend many days waiting to encounter strangers and make every effort to help satisfy them afterward the girl asks her partner for a souvenir to prove to the elders in the village that it has occurred no less than 20 times based on the number of souvenirs I wonder what your thoughts

Are on this peculiar tradition if you find this interesting give us a like to continue exploring more strange customs in other countries that concludes our exploration of 27 strange and fascinating facts about China from convenient vending machines selling crabs to Bizarre Foods like ride in Sex and ghost weddings it’s

Truly eerie and peculiar don’t you think thank you for watching our video don’t forget to like share and subscribe to stay updated on our latest videos see you in the next one

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