270th Episode: The Disaster of Crossing the Atlantic Ocean – Video

270th Episode: The Disaster of Crossing the Atlantic Ocean – Video

The video titled “Atlantic crossing DISASTER! (Ep 270)” documents the harrowing journey of the Z-Crew as they encounter numerous challenges on their 16-day passage. The description provides a glimpse into the dramatic events that unfold during their ocean crossing, including the loss of their rudder, engine trouble, and the daily struggles of life at sea. The video captures the crew’s resilience in the face of adversity, as they navigate through unexpected challenges and maintain their composure in the midst of uncertainty. The audience is invited to join the crew for a free live online workshop on embarking on bluewater adventures, as well as to support the Z-Crew through memberships, tickets to their show, and the purchase of their merchandise and boat gear. The video offers a compelling and raw look at the realities of ocean crossing and the unwavering determination of the Z-Crew to overcome the difficulties they encounter.

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Oh we lost the whole Rudder oh my gosh the rudder’s gone dang sure could have been a Orca right here yeah he’s right there so we have no wind we’re down to one engine one rudder it is hot it’s about 80° out here the wind has died to about about 13 knots of

Wind so we’re only going about six knots so our 16-day passage is going to end up being about an 18-day passage and this is day 10 and it is really starting to wear on everybody boredom is kicking in we’ve we’ve read books we’ve watched movies we’ve taken

Video and edited video and he’s got the fishing poles out now fishing lines out so maybe we’ll catch a fish the sail is just kind of fogging a little but um just lazy days on the water can’t wait to see Land got why don’t you use some of those flying fish as bait would that work no I guess it could I don’t know a lot of people just commented said it’s good bait Luke what are you doing just reading a book yeah what are you reading

Uh it’s called Off the Grid it’s a a guy who lived in my neighborhood and now he lives on a sailboat oh local guy oh that’s cool a local guy he he lives on a sailboat yeah yeah we live on a sailboat what’s going on in here

Working I’m looking at Old raw footage from a let’s see something I haven’t even I I just opened it show me something oh my goodness oh my goshia that boat look at you The Tomorrow’s Christmas Eve tomorrow’s Christmas Eve thanks for doing the trash how many bags is that now Jack like three yeah I think so nice hey Finn you give me a bag of trash please boys boys we’re low on what we’re low on eggs we’re low on Fresh Produce oh pretty

Much out of fresh produce we’re out of milk I tasted the last milk this morning it was really gross bagels are gone we do have canned peaches though that could be a neat song we have Christmas coming up hopefully we get bagels Christmas yeah Bagels I wrapped some

Bagels up and stick them under the tree no but we have lots of meat I have steak and pork and chicken and beef din or fish yeah we had fish we caught a fish yesterday so if we get a Squall tonight the SS generally the wind here

It’s 90° so just turn the boat down in whichever way it’s going so that the wind is behind us and then once the squall’s pass then we’ll turn it back on course because the wind’s being 10 to 12 the Squall should put out about 20 20 knots of

Wind is there squalls on the radar what are there squalls in the forecast yeah his pick up a lot of squalls last night last night but they were north of us I’m trying to stay south of them the only left can peaches put a mask on come to think

About it yesterday me and K did this exact same thing maybe we’re not the safest family maybe yeah ah oh it hurts the sful when we go through a big one oh no Lor would like this I’ll get wet wait I miss you glory miss you glory the

Boat how’s the water is it hot no it’s cool good put a mask on guys you could give me a mask yeah I was thinking about that you wouldn’t want to do that though oh my bad can you see anything there yeah I can see the whole ocean oh that’s nice the whole

Swimming later days we lost the whole Rudder no get my M what happened are you serious what is there is there a sh yeah it’s half the rudder’s gone complete half clean off so there is still rud there there’s a little there’s about half a Rudder there

But look at it you can see it down yeah yeah oh my go oh my gosh I thought Jack was joking oh my gosh so we just found out we didn’t know it we just found out we lost half a Rudder on the starboard side that’s a

Good thing about a cadar you got two Rudders but there’re still about probably a meter of rudder left a half a meter of Rudder left which is giving us still good steering when we get to uh the when we get to uh the Caribbean I’ll find a place I’ll pull that Rudder out

We don’t have to take the boat out we’ll just drop the rudder and I’ll go get it ref fiberglass and build a new one around the metal frame how many knots is this five oh you no way You’ be able to hold on out like 10 no you wouldn’t don’t let go my

G fish fish fish big fish fishy fishy a really a no he’s still on he’s on he’s on yeah the line is bent that’s a big fish whatever it is oh kind of look like tuna tuna tuna tuna look like a boat behind the sabatical

About four or 5 days ago filmed a Orca behind them and uh we don’t know when that Rudder half that Rudder came off but it dang sure could have been a Orca swam up to snapped it off and we just during the night or nobody was paying

Attention and we just we just lost the rudder half that Rudder we’ll know when we stop because I’ll look I don’t think we hit something but I won’t know that for sure until I look at the kill because whatever we hit would hit the Kel first and then hit the

Rub and uh so if there scratches down the kill we’ll know something about that interesting but uh chances are it was probably what makes more sense is it was an orchid cuz it looks like something just went up there and snapped it straight off clean off it’s because it’s

A straight cut weird and it snapped it off at the bottom support so we we’ll find out but you know once again we’ve still got plenty of Rudder there it’s still below the prop we’ve got a full Rudder on the other side it’s um it’s

Not a critical event no one need to get stressed out it’s easy to fix that you drop the rudder out I’ll have to drop both Rudders because I need one for the model and I’ll drop that when we get somewhere where I know there’s good fiberglass story we’ll uh we’ll uh I’ll

Drop both Rudders out in the water I don’t need to take the boat out of the water and uh take them to fiberglass shop and I’ll have them remake that Rudder full matter of fact I’ll have them probably do both of them so they’ll be brand new fiberglass and and full

Solid and these have foam core in them and the new ones I’m going to make solid solid fiberglass solid solid epoxy so they’ll be really strong and and U that’ be that interesting something like this a few years ago would have been kind of a I’d have been stressed out yeah eight

Years ago seven years ago oh my gosh we’re going to die we’re not going to have ruds what’s going on it’s not like we do much right here we just got to accept that it’s gone I remember we had a saale that fell off once and you said

We got to go back remember that sail fell in the water was it Code Zero the old one or something like in the beginning of like we can’t sail we got to go back scary we didn’t leave it no we got it out of the water and hooked it back

Up all right Motors are coming on huh yeah a lost our wind just makes just makes let’s go Necessities yeah right He come on awward boy what are You these have got to go those are starting to really smell y’all can’t smell them I feel like I can smell them that’s not true they look gross sailor no not anymore our motor booer it’s a Hera sand it’s a heater today mhm it is warm so I think we got a

Tuna cuz it’s dope down deep which I don’t know if we’re going to keep it cuz we don’t like tuna yeah we kept one last time but we never did eat it we just kind of we could keep it gave it away or threw it out or

Something use it as B no you wouldn’t use a tuna’s bait holy Mo that’s a short build uh short build swordfish let’s keep no I don’t want to eat that guy I don’t want to eat that guy brother I want to eat it y’all want to

Eat that that’s a you know how much fish that is that way dang that thing is pretty y’all want us clean that thing down oh yeah we kind of need got better to do swordfish breakfast look how pretty C so what we decide we keeping

Them or no no I don’t think so beautiful fish keep beautiful too big for us too big for usado that size keep be on you already be played kind to help you Bab byebye what are you doing uh just uh changing just changing the impeller and putting everything back together now

Yeahuh here’s the olden pillar nice I’ll try that up yeah and now we’re just putting it all back together so what’s going on the new alternator I saw just keep clicking up and down up and down up and down up and down see like you just Pi down draw 30

Amps now they’re up up down up down up down the one alternator is I don’t know what the should just be running steady these deals that you installed recently yeah well those are The Regulators the centralizer where are the Alternators on the Eng on the engines H

Strange what does that mean for passage just our batteries aren’t charging well they aren’t charging when the generator’s r when we have the engine off right no when the engine’s on I can char charge the batteries with the generators okay but they’re not they keep tripping on

And off on and off on and off when when the generator’s off you know just running the main engine like we’re motor selling right now right so the accessory generator should run they keep flipping up and down here all right so we’ve slowed the boat

Down Kei is going to or actually we stop theat I’m just going to fill up my spare oh Keith is going to go under and look at that Rudder I think [Applause] yeah right over there oh so they see dolphins hear it I don’t see any what have been burning us he’s he’s there look where where he’s look he’s right there it’s right there it’s a pilot oh right there oh my gosh it’s a pilot well

It’s right under me how far like these ways away look get in there all right be ready keep your eyes out the shark yeah I am who’s right in front off the bow I see him under the water right there y’all be careful do not let him grab your legs he’s coming back

Guys he’s right here right here about B that’s cool so cool right here yeah he’s right there here oh he’s big so big dude he yeah he was like he’s a size of KN he’s going to come up for air just a second so cool barely a little bit they don’t travel

Al for Life For Life they mate for life the saddest thing I’ve ever heard we just broke up her relationship maybe we’ll let her go are we eating her I don’t know I haven’t seing how big it is yes I say we keep her we need the

Food hold it that was hilarious good job Ben I cut myself all right so that’s good news we got a fish and uh we’ve got about 7 days left we have the freezer still has a lot of meat in it but I’ve broken down all of our meals so that we’ve got breakfast

Lunch and dinner for every day till we uh make landfall so a little bit of extra fish is going to do good it’ll be a good uh lunch cuz we’re just about out of bread just about out of eggs we still have tons of food I mean it’s not like

We’d starve I have to plan the meals so that we can ration and I can make sure we have good meals every day So And I’m probably not going to freeze them I’m going to leave the fresh maybe put a little more in here change my meal Dorado I don’t know how you guys can see him from so far away bado it’s a bigon no it’s not oh it looks worth fing

Though you think everything is worth mother well I know when you’re getting low on food like we kind of are sorry right through the brain that’s a pretty good Gap not be Sloping we pull the skin up keep going just like that keep going that’s bit me no that’s that’s pretty good for put it off to the side a bit there we go there we go that’s all the fish yeah that’s it it was a small fish awesome

All right another bag of fish cut him that’s a good meal right there some fish and rice again fish Tacos [Laughter] H All right guys so I haven’t done weather updates since about day 10 I think or I can’t remember because the weather just Solly the winds and the Sea State just gradually came down so I thought I’d show you today this is what calm looks like it’s it’s showing you know

Four to 5 knots and then on Thursday as You Follow the weather across it gets up back up to 12 or 13 knots from the north North uh East here uh the SE State shows 1.8 m and that would be a swell if you look out here on the ocean right now you

Can see there’s just rolling swell there’s just a little bit of wind wave over the top and so we’re motor selling with one engine you can see I got the Code Zero up it’s really nice it’s super hot uh water temperature is 30.1 De and uh

Motor selling with the big Code Zero and the main we’re getting about 7 and half to 8 knots the wind’s supposed to pick up at this angle so we should be able to make good time we’ve got about 4 days left and uh you basically seen the

Crossing you saw the biggest waves at the beginning of the crossing you’ve saw the biggest winds at the beginning of the crossing and now it’s it’s just all went slowly gradually down we’re in this little lull where there’s no wind or a little bit of wind and then right at the

End we pick up some wind on on Thursday Friday and and we come in Friday or Saturday morning so that’s all worked really Well how’s it feel to swim in the middle of the ocean feels good it’s really warm it is warm all right so if you’ve been watching the the show you see that we lost half of a Rudder and then at some time I don’t know when it was but when

We started that engine cuz we’ve been motor selling for the last day or two we started that the starboard engine it’s got a lot of vibration a lot of vibration and so I checked the shaft this morning when we was in the water uh

I I checked to see if the shaft was bent cuz I thought whatever broke that Rudder might have hit the shaft the shaft seemed straight the prop is didn’t get there’s no bends on that we CH we we tighten the bolts on the uh the U Flex coupler where the shaft actually

Connects with the engine a flex C there those bolts are all nice and tight and snug so it’s only the only thing left it’s got to be my engine mounts I may have broken an engine mount in there there’s four engine mounts on all four corners of the engine and one of those

May be broken and so I got to check those and uh but I can’t do it here so we’re not running that engine well because we’re not running that engine we’re using all the fuel on the port side this boat didn’t come with the fuel transfer unit I don’t know if you guys

Remember when I put those fuel polishers in from kti systems keeps our fuel clean it’s easy to switch when the filter’s bad we can polish fuel transfer fuel from tank to tank cuz like sometimes when we’re on anchor for a long time we’re running the generator on one side

The tank gets low on this side I can transfer fuel I can do all kinds of things but one of the advantages of that was it created fuel transfer pumps so I could transfer from the starboard tank to the port tank or the port tank to the starboard tank besides just polishing

Fuel they’re excellent for emergencies and so now all I had to do was set a few valves there’s a valve manifold on each one and I just set a few valves and then I come right here this is my starboard uh kti fuel polisher this is my port

Fuel polisher so I just flip the pump switch here that cord out of the way I flip that the pump comes on and now it’s transferring fuel from starboard to port and you can see I’ve already transferred yesterday this had 95% fuel in it the starboard tank and the port had about

40% fuel but yesterday I flipped the switch and I transferred so I even out the tanks and we’d be transferring fuel right now but we’ll probably do some tomorrow cuz this tank will be down a little lower but we’ll be sailing here in another couple of days but it’s one

Of those things I think is a must have on a boat especially when you’re out in Wild places where you maybe not get a fuel pump it’s just like I said if the fuel pump on one of my engines goes out the diesel fuel pump on the engine I can

Flip that switch and that pump on the the kti fuel polisher use is a backup pump and it will Pump Fuel into my engine if my fuel pump goes out so once again lots of redundancy see my engines and my fuel system so today is day to much on the

Front 1 I can’t trim it anymore I think it’s 13 or 14 you jack 14 of 18 it’s going to be 18 days now it’s going to be 17 oh 17 or 16 it’s going to be 16 or 16 or we’ll be there tomorrow but yesterday

Was Christmas I didn’t do a lot of filming cuz I just wanted to enjoy my family at Christmas and uh so we had a good breakfast we opened some presents had a good dinner and it was just kind of a chill day and so it was good today is the

26th and we are ready to get there now very very ready to get there we’re going to Union island in the grity sces so exciting Finn got a new toy from Luke Luke’s parents I think Luke’s parents thank you chucking candy it’s the little things little I’ve been playing it with

Probably way too much that’s what she said yeah yeah the best day by far this is the best day yeah why it’s just so relaxing yeah it is nice it’s fixing to be unrelaxing when I roll that sail in the center of the sun comes down

On you well we got a little bit of wind for a minute suppose wind sh it’s common it’s going to Glass off okay so what’s the word today when I put the new Alternators on the house alternators I forgot to tighten one bolt I it tightened it but I forgot to

Tighten it all the way up after I put the belt on and cinch the belt down and this morning I was down there trying to figure out what was causing that vibration we’ had some exhaust gases coming out of the engine hold it was kind of getting giving us headaches

It’s kind of bad so I I figured out right away that I have an exhaust leak on the top of the valve gasket it’s coming outside the valve gasket on the valve cover over the the engine so we’ve got to get that fixed but while I was

Down there I saw a bolt on the very bottom of the alternator the new alternator on St was loose so I thought well I’ll tighten that up I tighten that up and then in the back of my head I thought surely that one bolt is not causing all the vibration through my cuz

I thought I had a prop shaft well sure enough engine runs smooth pers like it no vibration to the boat so that takes care of that so now all I got to get fixed on the boat is the exhaust the exhaust I got to get a new uh uh uh

Valve cover uh gasket put in there and then I’ve got to get the the rudder fixed new fiberglass Rudder made and uh I’ve got one little thing with the Balmar alternators to fix I just need to talk to their tech department I’ve got a wiring issue on when I’m running one and

Not the other and so uh that’s it that’s all we got the last week of the last what 3 or 4 days of this passage have been kind of trying they have been very trying and PRS and once again it’s it’s just uh I just have to think about

Things and yeah normally on anything whether it’s an airplane whether it’s a helicopter whether it’s a boat whatever you did last is probably attributing to what’s going wrong now cuz you didn’t do something right or you forgot to do something so always just go back and check your work follow it through make

Sure you did everything right and that will probably eliminate any problems you’re having right now because if it was running before if it was running good before you touched it it’ll be running good after if you did it right cool what you filming for uh I don’t know just filming passage of

Time so we have no wind we’re down to one engine one Rudder and we’ve got 48 hours left to go however Keith said the wind should pick up tonight about midnight so that’s good news but I’m going to end this episode here because um it’s already pretty long I tend to uh

Put the video on the timeline after I take it I’m I’m very up to date and organized with my editing so I know this video is already about uh 27 minutes long so I’m goingon to shut it off um hopefully next week we will have arrived in the Grenadines and be sailing to

Beautiful places on our way up to Florida so subscribe if you don’t already and give us a thumbs up and leave a comment and have a fantastic week we’ll see you next week byebye cut it bleed it eat it hey when you have a new person hey you you’re in my shot

You’re in my Shot hi hello YouTube what’s up YouTube today it is the love day love day love day love day love day Oh

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