30 Best Movie Theme Songs of All Time – Video

30 Best Movie Theme Songs of All Time – Video

Are you a fan of movie theme songs? If so, WatchMojo has got you covered with their latest countdown of the Top 30 Greatest Movie Theme Songs. From classics like “Ghostbusters” to hits like “Top Gun” and “Back to the Future”, these tunes are sure to bring back memories of your favorite films.

Whether it’s the emotional ballad of “I Will Always Love You” from The Bodyguard or the epic rock anthem of “Eye of the Tiger” from Rocky 3, these songs have become iconic in their own right. And who can forget the power of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” from Titanic, which perfectly captures the romance and tragedy of the film.

But perhaps the most timeless and memorable theme song of all is “Over the Rainbow” from The Wizard of Oz. This simple yet profound song sung by Dorothy yearning for a place beyond her farm encapsulates the longing for something more and the comfort of home.

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My Heart Will Go On and On welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the coolest and most memorable tunes that are tied to movies though we’re excluding instrumentals this time you say this cat is a bad mother shut your mouth I’m

Talking about sh number 30 I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing from Armageddon don’t want to close my eyes I don’t want to fall asleep big budget disaster movies don’t necessarily need a big sounding theme song to be memorable but it doesn’t hurt arol Smiths I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing

Features the sort of slick and stylized approach the Boston band always nails and it totally works for 1998’s Armageddon this was the perfect film to highlight the tender ballad with Steven Tyler’s emotive vocals and that bang up chorus meanwhile the backing orchestration is Lush and elaborately

Produced in the best possible way it is a super supercharged Festival of feeling and its power as a theme tune wins us over each and every Time number 29 princes of the Universe from Highlander prin of Thee the 1986 film Highlander featured multiple amazing songs by Queen on its soundtrack who wants to live forever is up there with the most evocative ballads full stop wants to live forever meanwhile princes of the universe is all power emotion without a

Stroke of irony it’s as epic as the Highlander World itself an outlandish Rock statement with aggressive riffing and unreal energy princes of the universe is electric capturing a lightning in a bottle approach that mimics the film’s heroes and villains if there can be only one tune responsible for capturing the film’s essence we

Think it has to be this one we were born to prin of the Universe number 28 Gangsters Paradise from Dangerous Minds it’s quite difficult to separate the song and accompanying video from the musical Legacy of culio if anything Gangsta’s Paradise has outlived 1995’s Dangerous Minds in which it was featured of course it helped that it hangs its creative hat upon the melodies already present within Stevie Wonder’s Pastime

Paradise that said Coolio’s flow and sincer delivery work wonders allowing The Listener to really believe the performance elsewhere lv’s singing on the chorus brings it all home whether it’s playing over Dangerous Minds opening or just blasting through the stereo Gangsta’s Paradise is simultaneously of its time and Timeless

They say I got to learn but nobody’s here to teach me if they can’t understand it how can they me number 27 Kiss From A Rose from Batman Forever Kiss Kiss From A Rose was actually released on two very different film soundtracks this alltime seal classic debuted on the OST from the never-ending

Story 3 before finding its home in 1995’s Batman Forever both films feature Fantastical elements sure but the latter’s gothic Grandeur and Moody bat setting feel more in line with the composition the number is devilishly romantic a dramatic piece that’s set on fire by Seal’s impassioned vocals it is

In a word Sumptuous benefiting from poetic lyrics and melodic orchestration it may not have been crafted for Batman Forever but we can’t imagine a better love theme for Bruce Wayne and Dr Chase Meridian number 26 fight the power from do the right thing fight the fight the fight the the writing was already on the wall by the time fight the power hit listeners like a freight train this theme from do the right thing underlined how Hip Hop was becoming the method of

Musical communication for a generation crucially it never tries to play it safe or shy away from a political message thus fight the power is high energy and aggressive yet approachable it feels like a mantra for anyone who’s willing to listen from the moment it plays overdo the right things opening Ley

Knew what he was doing when he got Public Enemy to craft the tune for his 1989 movie Radio Raheem his boom box and the theme song will forever be linked fight number 25 Men In Black from Men In Black never underestimate the power of a great sample Will Smith’s Men In Black does a great job job at incorporating forget me knots by jazz fusion artist Patrice Russian but it also succeeds at standing on its own two creative feet in serving its aonomus film Smith does a lot of heavy lifting delivering enough Charisma to fill a hot air balloon his flow is underrated too helping us understand the Sci-Fi Action flick story and titular characters while never coming across as

Heavy-handed or corny men in is dancable melodic and economically composed with only a single mission to get you out on that dance floor now Fre number 24 Holiday Road from National Lampoon Vacation you know those theme songs that feel like they were basically tailor made for their movies they’re able to flawlessly embody the story’s energy without pretention even if that energy is largely silly and chaotic if you ask us that’s exactly what Lindsay Buckingham’s Holiday Road accomplishes Vis National Lampoon’s Vacation at this point it belongs to the Griswald family you can’t help but smile and feel happy when it plays just like you can’t help but laugh while watching the movie it was made for indeed it’s infectious with a classic chorus and super cool instrumentation is it any

Wonder that bluesy pop rock Bop found its way into multiple National Lampoon Sequels number 23 Everything I Do I Do It For You from Robin Hood prince of Thieves Canada’s Brian Adams is no stranger to writing big songs and even bigger hits he knows his way around a chorus and Everything I Do I Do It For You possesses one of the best a running

Theme throughout this list is sincerity or or at least the perception of it and this song is practically begging to be seen in this light the grandiose ballad expertly underscores The Love Story present between the title character and Maran in 1991’s Robin Hood prince of Thieves but will you do it for your

King no I’ll do it for you this becomes evident as it lurches up for a massively affecting Bridge before a tender guitar heavy interlude guides us into the Epic closing minutes we still have Goosebumps number 22 theme from Shaft from Shaft who is the man that risk his neck for brother man

Sha can you dig it the black exploitation genre became a treasure Trove of funky instrumental soundtracks from artists like Isaac Hayes Marvin Gay and Roy SS indeed Hay’s work on 1971’s shaft was and remains incredibly important for genre representation in movie soundtracks the Oscar winning theme from Shaft takes its time building

Up with that high hat before the beat builds to mesmerizing effect it isn’t until over 2 minutes in that hay starts his call and response vocal he’s a nosn the song itself describes private eye John shaft in no uncertain terms this is a bad mother and a complicated

Man the Funk is on fire here and theme from Shaft lives forever in our brains rentree D all about right on number 21 Streets of Philadelphia from Philadelphia I bruised anded couldn’t what i f the boss has carved a career out of telling stories with his music Classics like Born to Run and

Meeting across the river are great examples but this award-winning number crafted for 1993’s Philadelphia spotlights that aspect of Bruce Springsteen songwriting cinematically the movie centers on Andrew Becket who has AIDS and his fight for justice needless to say it’s not a light-hearted watch its theme tune anchors itself on a

Compelling breakbeat while Springsteen delivers an intimate vocal sharp production values further do the soft rock hit Justice making Streets of Philadelphia big but never disingenuous as a result the song is appropriately Tethered to its source material serious and dramatic tone number 20 Fame from Fame this musical drama explores both the expectations and reality of pursuing a career in the Arts baby look at me the theme song Taps more into the expectations but there’s nothing wrong with that the fame theme is so optimistic that it’s practically therapeutic for aspiring artists [Applause] Everywhere if you need to pick me up before a life-changing audition or the opening night of your Broadway debut this song will give you the confidence by the end of the first verse you might be compelled to rush outside start dancing in the streets Michael Gore’s toet tapping music and Dean pitchford’s

Celebratory lyrics are perfectly complimented by Irene Cara’s enthusiastic vocals that’s me my son’s music the song isn’t simply about achieving Fame it’s about the enduring passion that will take you to the Top number 19 Rainbow Connection from The Muppet Movie at the suggestion of Jim Hensen Paul Williams and Kenneth Asher devised a banjo solo for Kermit the Frog what so amazing that keeps a star gazing the result was Rainbow Connection a tune that was inspired by the magical When

You Wish Upon a Star from Pinocchio When You Wish Upon a Star just as that Timeless tune evolved into Disney’s Anthem Rainbow Connection has etched out a similar place in The Muppets Legacy somay we’ll find it a rainbow connection also like Walt Disney Henson was a once- in-a-lifetime innovator who

Always dreamed big Rainbow Connection encourages dreamers to pursue the impossible and make it a reality is this The Sweet Sound that calls the young sa you may even pick up some friends who share a similar dream along the way while the main story commences with Kermit singing alone he’s joined by over

250 Muppets for the final repre completing the Rainbow Connection The Rainbow Connection the number 18 the power of love from Back to the Future I’m late for school nothing jump starts a time travel plot quite like being late for school but it’s the classic pop rocker that gets Marty McFly really Going Huey Lewis’s first number one single the song pops up throughout the Sci-Fi Trilogy meshing brilliantly with the movie’s themes and with Marty’s idealistic young character the big how’s it hanging M as it’s practically his own personal theme Marty and his band the pin heads attempt to

Perform the tune at a battle of the bands audition however a familiar looking judge shuts him down pretty quick hold fellas I’m afraid you’re just too darn loud and that’s too bad because the Power of Love Is An Undisputed Masterpiece and we personally don’t mind

If it’s too darn loud that’s a power of love that’s a power of love number 17 the never-ending story from the never-ending Story the never-ending story remains a decade defining movie for any kid who grew up in the 80s from the get-go the English version of this fantasy creates a distinctly 80s aesthetic with its synth pop theme song NeverEnding Story that’s not to say this song is at all dated on the contrary there’s a sense of wonder to the lyrics and Melody that’ll speak to anybody with an active Imagination lal’s Whimsical vocals only make the tune more infectious like the film the song does technically end which you could argue contradicts the Title the tune is so catchy however that you want to play it on an endless loop no matter how many times we listen to it the theme never loses its Appeal number 16 shallow from a stars born although it was originally meant to merely be played over the end credits shallow evolved into the driving force behind a stars born tell me Something are you happy you never know where a song might take you one day you might be testing it out in a parking lot with a fellow singer you just met off the the next the two of you could be performing it in front of a massive audience the

This power ballad conveys Ali’s desire for something more Jackson’s search for companionship and they’re escalating feelings for each other although Ally is initially afraid to dive off the deep end Jackson motivates her to jump with Him moving out of shallow Waters Ally is Swept Away by the adoring crowd and her blossoming romance with Jackson number 15 Mrs Robinson from The Graduate we all associate this folk rock song with the eponymous Mrs Robinson who jump starts the younger Benjamin’s journey into adulthood may I ask you a

Question what do you think of me when Simon and Garfunkle were first working on the tune it wasn’t about Mrs Robinson rather the song was originally titled Mrs Roosevelt as in the former first lady following a meeting with director Mike Nichols everything started falling into place for the now classic song to

You Mrs Robson Jesus loves you more than you will know although traces of the tune’s original intent can still be heard in the final product it still works as an Ode to Mrs Robinson the Carefree Melody paints an innocent portrait upon reading deeper into the lyrics though we sense that there’s

Something more adult going on especially the verse where they talk about needing to hide the Robinson’s Affair from the Kids number 14 foot loose from Foot Loose the Foot Loose soundtrack has arguably left an even greater impact than the film Itself more than 35 years later we’re still rocking out to the titular theme song by Kenny Loggins and Dean Pitchford although many associate this song with Kevin Bacon’s iconic Warehouse dance the song Never by moving pictures actually accompanies that Scene whenever we’re alone and need to blow off steam Foot Loose is the song we turn to the Lively lyrics and electrifying Melody encourage us to let out all of our pent up energy through [Applause] dance you might not have Ren McCormick’s dancing skills but the song will make

You feel confident enough to Fly it’s the ideal way to kick off a weekend and has basically become a school dance staple number 13 Flash Dance What a Feeling from Flash Dance another Dance Flick that defined the 80s Flash Dance also scores singer Irene Cara her second mention on this list co-written by Cara Giorgio maroder and

Keith forzy the theme song can be summed up in one word joyous as such we can’t think of a more fitting way to cap off our heroin’s Journey first heard over the opening credits when there’s nothing the theme returns for Alex’s climactic audition Both the song and the dance convey how far Alex has come not only as a performer but as a person as well emerging more radiant and resilient than ever before Alex leaves her audition on a high Note it’s a mic drop of an ending that wouldn’t feel complete without this inspiring song I number 12 I of the tiger from Rocky 3 if we were to rank all the Rocky movies the third chapter would fall somewhere in the middle you know you got a big mouth you know come out and close it B boy come on as far as Rocky theme songs

Go though Eye of the Tiger is the one to beat ring up back on the street my time my chances performed by the band Survivor the song was co-written by lead guitarist Frankie Sullivan and keyboardist Jim peterik tying it all together is lead singer Dave bickler whose fiery vocals bring

Out the will to Survive I of the tiger could have just been a catchy tune to play over the credits and training montage yeah can he swim name like rock however the filmmakers weaved this rousing song into the narrative’s overarching Theme it encompasses The Edge that made Rocky the champ and the drive he feels to reclaim his title the outcome is a knockout number 11 Lose Yourself from 8 Mile 8 Mile is a semi-autobiographical film that draws influence from Eminem’s life before he achieved mainstream success I don’t think you understand

Fully see me without a like mustard without the hind I lead the new school you’re a buster without the Rhymes the rapper struggles and triumphs are on full display and Lose Yourself which encapsulates B rabbit’s journey in roughly 5 minutes his palms are sweaty knees weak arms are heavy there’s vit on

His sweater already spaghetti the song also captures the grit and pride associated with the Detroit hip-hop scene as well as the city itself the moment never let it in add to being what might be Eminem’s most personal work its rhyme scheme and beat burrow their way into the listener’s head I Wasing the

Beginning the mood all changed I’ve been chewed up and spit out and off stage although Eminem wasn’t present to accept his Oscar he would appear on the 2020 Academy Awards telecast to perform Lose Yourself it went to show that even after all these years people were still

Turning to the song for inspiration and making memes out of mom spaghetti you only get one shot not miss your chance to blow this opportunity comes once in a LIF number 10 I’ve had the time of my life from Dirty Dancing of all the dance movies the80s gave us Dirty Dancing may

Be the most memorable Now this is due in part to its soundtrack which offered a variety of nostalgic songs and original singles yes iar a the standout is this Oscar and Grammy winning tune which accompanies the climactic dance between baby and Johnny and I ow it all to You while the song was written with the film in mind its placement during the pivotal scene can be attributed to choreographer Kenny Ortega and assistant Miranda Garrison I’ve had the time of my life synced up flawlessly with their choreography as well as the emotional Journey our leads have been on oh I’ll

Tell you something could be the sequence is as sizzling as it is uplifting appropriately culminating with what might be the most famous lift in [Applause] cinema number nine Live and Let Die from Live and Let Die when you were young and your heart was the words and ideas of Ian Fleming managed to reunite Paul McCartney with the Beatles producer George Martin to create one of the best remembered themes from the long-running James Bond Series written by Sir Paul after reading the novel on which the film was based the tune sultry piano music strikes up without warning and sets the stage for the musical pressure to come in the form of a grand Orchestra The rocker’s Triumph was as inevitable as another Bond movie and it became not only one of Wing’s most successful singles but also the first Bond theme to be Oscar nominated for best original [Applause] Song the first to win however was Skyfall face it all together Number eight I will always love you from The Bodyguard while some songs become iconic right away others take time to achieve such a status I Will Always Love You is an example of the Latter when Dolly Parton first released the original country version in the 70s it performed well but Whitney Houston immortalized the song with her her haunting rendition in The Bodyguard in her film debut she plays an actress/singer Who develops a close relationship with her bodyguard haven’t you done something in

Your life that just didn’t make much sense although the romance is kept relatively understated for most of the film our lovers share a steamy Embrace as they part Ways their kiss goodbye is sealed with an equally passionate song Houston throw her soul into every Note although the two go their separate ways their hearts remained intertwined through this poignant Track number seven Danger Zone from Top Gun this is truly a song that screams 1980s and acts as the anthem for bromances across the world I feel the need the Need for Speed mixing a synthesized Baseline with the vocals of the king of the movie soundtrack himself never sounded so good especially considering the background to

The song originally producers wanted Toto Brian Adams or even Ario Speedwagon to perform it with all of them turning down the opportunity for different Reasons eventually Mr loggin was tapped to perform the hit track likely thanks to his impressive job with foot loose a few years [Applause] Prior but it’s the Epic nature of danger zone that has bypassed 80s cheese and gone straight back into awesome territory Number six Ghostbusters from Ghostbusters strange in neighborhood who you call say it with us nowers when approached by producers to create a theme for this supernatural comedy Ray Parker Jr was given very little time to write a dance pop Masterpiece especially considering how hard it is to rhyme with Ghostbusters

Aide please hi this Larry King the phone in topic today ghosts and ghost busting according to Parker he saw a cheap ad late at night that was incredibly similar to the one featured in the movie and he was inspired to set what basically became a commercial jingle to a popping beat got

Itust however huie Lewis sued Parker due to the similarities between the Ghostbusters theme and his own song I Want a New Drug regardless of the resemblance Parker Jr seems to have come out on top thanks to his super catchy theme song Better callers number five Don’t You Forget

About Me from The Breakfast Club this coming of age classic opens and closes with the same song by rock band Simple Minds I’ll be alone by the time the credits roll the characters we met in the first scene have significantly grown Don’t You Forget About Me encompasses the same feeling each teen experiences as they part Ways and it’s a feeling that although something has come to an end something new is Beginning whatever Waits on the horizon the five likely won’t face it together because because they all come from different backgrounds but the impact they’ve had on each other won’t be [Applause] Forgotten the same can be said about this Bittersweet New Wave tune anyone who feels lost as the song commences may find what they’re searching for before its Conclusion number four staying alive from Saturday Night Fever they say disco’s dead but the endurance of this film’s best-selling soundtrack suggests it’s still very much Alive the BG’s musical contributions in particular added another layer to the story and character development right off the bat Staying Alive tells us everything we need to know about Tony Monero he Tony two or three two two give me two that’s good like the song Tony comes off as

Cool and confident on the Surface listening to the lyrics however the song’s message of survival is made apparent although it seems like Tony owns the streets of New York the big city is slowly eating him alive and disco is the one Escape theong will speak to anyone who’s tried to maintain a self assured

Appearance while struggling to find their place in life number three circle of life from The Lion King we easily could have populated at least half this list with themes from Disney’s animated library for the sake of variety though we are shining a spotlight on the Disney

Song that gives us the most chills no not let it go let it go although that ever popular tune was a worthy Contender every time The Lion King commences with circle of life we get Goosebumps it’s a song that makes us feel almost insignificant in the vastness of nature at the same time Circle of Life reminds us that we all have a part to play in this World Elton John’s music and Tim Rice’s lyrics are sweeping yet soothing not unlike a sunrise opening and closing Simba story the song makes the circle [Applause] [Applause] whole number two My Heart Will Go On from Titanic as an elderly Rose lies in bed her younger self reunites with Jack aboard the Titanic sharing a kiss while their fellow passengers surround the staircase for for anyone in the audience barely containing their tears the ensuing song is what unleashed the

Floodgates My Heart Will Go On is every bit as epic and romantic as the film that inspired it ironically director James Cameron initially didn’t want a theme song for his picture because he feared it would come off as too commercial night in my dreams I see likewise singer Selene Deion wasn’t sure

If she had another Beauty in the beast in Her composer James Herer was so adamant that he quietly worked on the song with Lyricist will Jennings Cameron eventually gave his Blessing and the rest is history heart Go before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of them if you’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on

Notifications number one over the rainbow from The Wizard of Oz The Wizard of Oz is full of extravagant musical numbers we wish to welcome you so much but its most beloved song feels surprisingly simple there’s no complex choreography or crowds Over the Rainbow it’s just a young girl on a farm

Singing about her desire to travel somewhere more Colorful I wish upon star and wake up where are but sometimes the simplest songs are the most profound Over the Rainbow brilliantly sets up Dorothy’s Story upon arriving in Oz all she wants is to return home it Dawn on Dorothy how much she misses the comfort of Kansas as

Well as those she left behind there’s no place like home there’s no place like home her Farm might not be as exciting as Oz but it has a warmth that can’t be topped while Over the Rainbow speaks to our inner Adventurer its peaceful Melody reminds us that there’s no place like Home what movie theme song hits you right in the fields let us know in the Comments did you enjoy this video check out these other clips from watch Mojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos

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