5 Songs You Didn’t Know Ana Bárbara Wrote

5 Songs You Didn’t Know Ana Bárbara Wrote

With her eclectic fusions of Música Mexicana and Latin pop, Ana Bárbara has not only molded the Regional Mexican genre but righteously earned her title of La Reina Grupera (the queen of grupera music).

In celebration of her 30-year career that has ultimately defined the grupero genre through 11 studio albums and various Billboard hits, including “Me Asusta Pero Me Gusta” and “La Trampa,” Ana Bárbara will be honored with the Music Lifetime Achievement Award at 2024 Billboard Latin Women in Music ceremony airing Sunday (June 9) on Telemundo. 

“With so many things happening in life, to have life is a miracle,” she recently said to Billboard. “Because in 30 years, how many stories could have been written? How many were part of my songs? I can’t express enough thanks for the gratitude that my heart feels, without a doubt.”

In addition to her heartfelt creations, potent vocals and mesmerizing looks, the San Luis Potosí native is also a passionate songwriter. She’s not only penned some of her own biggest hits, such as “No Es Brujería” and “Que Poca Solos,” but she’s also composed songs for other artists. 

“The songwriting part of it is very exciting,” she expressed. “It’s like, ‘Oh my God, I came up with this! Where did it come from? What part of the universe? Where was my soul?’ […] The creative process is like an adrenaline rush. Also, you know that a feeling crystallized, if you can call it that. A feeling that took shape.” 

Below, check out a list of songs the Mexican star composed for some of her colleagues:

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