5-Year-Old Boy Located by Police 2 Years After Disappearance – Video

5-Year-Old Boy Located by Police 2 Years After Disappearance – Video

After two long, agonizing years, a little boy named Steven Bryan has been found safe and sound. The 5-year-old was reported missing by his father when he was just 3 years old, sparking a desperate search by Mooresville Police in Indiana.

According to the police, Steven was last seen with his mother, Deborah Bryan, who had taken drastic measures before disappearing with a man named Caleb Blevins. She withdrew all her cash from her bank account, turned off her phone, and left town with Steven, leaving his father devastated.

A warrant for Deborah’s arrest was issued for custody interference, and authorities worked tirelessly to locate the missing boy. Finally, after two years of uncertainty and fear, Steven was located and safely reunited with his father.

The joy and relief felt by the family and the community are immeasurable, and the young boy can now look forward to a brighter future after his harrowing ordeal. This heartwrenching story serves as a reminder of the importance of remaining vigilant and of never losing hope in the search for missing loved ones.

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