6 Men Convicted in the Murder of Rapper FBG Duck

6 Men Convicted in the Murder of Rapper FBG Duck

Nearly four years since Chicago drill rapper FBG Duck was gunned down in the city’s Gold Coast neighborhood, six men were found guilty of his murder by a federal jury on Wednesday (Jan. 17). The jury deliberated for two days, the Chicago Sun Times reports.

The daytime shooting took place in August 2020 when two cars pulled up and the gunmen stepped out and began opening fire around 4:26 p.m. ET, according to an incident report from the Chicago Police Department. Duck — real name: Carlton Weekly — was killed, while his girlfriend and another shopper were wounded in the attack.

Through their investigation, federal officers tied the shooting to a gang war between Duck’s Tookaville faction of the Gangster Disciples and the O Block group of the Black Disciples, the Chicago Sun Times reports. Charles “C Murda” Liggins, who was one of the alleged shooters, was found guilty on five of seven counts. The jury decided that he committed the murder, engaged in a conspiracy to murder Duck, wounded Duck’s girlfriend and used a gun in the incident. However, he was found not guilty of shooting the other shopper in the attack.

Kenneth “Kenny Mac” Roberson, one of the alleged getaway drivers, faced the same verdict as Liggins. Tacarlos “Los” Offerd, another alleged getaway driver, was found guilty of five counts; he was found not guilty of the counts for shooting Duck’s girlfriend. Marcus “Muwop” Smart, another alleged gunman, received the same verdict as Offerd. Christopher “C Thang” Thomas, another alleged shooter, was found guilty of three counts: Duck’s murder, using a gun in the murder and conspiracy to commit the murder. Ralph “Teezy” Turpin, who reportedly signaled the shooters to the location to kill Duck, was found guilty of two counts: murder and conspiracy to commit the murder.

All six men face mandatory life sentences.

“When stuff like that happens to a good person, regardless of what somebody else thinks of them, it ain’t gonna go unpunished,” the rapper’s mother, LaSheena Weekly, who was at the trial, told the Sun Times. “Knowing that they will not do that to another family brings me comfort, knowing they will not terrorize nobody else. They’re done, the whole crew. O Block and everything of it is done.”

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