Accused Shakira Stalker Arrested Outside Her Home

Accused Shakira Stalker Arrested Outside Her Home

A man named Daniel John Valtier of El Paso, Texas, was arrested in Miami and charged with one count of stalking Shakira, according to NBC 6 in Miami, citing the arrest report. He was detained outside the Latin music star’s home in Miami Beach on Monday (Jan. 8).

Billboard has reached out to the Miami-Dade Police Department and Shakira.

“She’s my wife. I speak to her all the time,” Valtier, 56, is heard claiming during court on Tuesday (Jan. 9), in video shared by the local NBC affiliate.

“I have real concerns right now because this man is delusional saying she’s his wife and that’s not true. That is very concerning to the court,” the judge responded. “I’m very concerned. … Then I have the same man in court making comments to me  that suggest he believes that he has the right to be with this person and that is absolutely not true.” 

Valtier has been sharing alarming posts about the Colombian singer on social media for months, and has even sent gifts such as wine bottles and toys to her home, NBC Miami reported. 

“Shakira, she wants to be American like her father, and share the rest of her life with me. We will own a trucking business, sing songs, promote, manage and own a garment manufacturing corporation worldwide,” he wrote on Instagram in October.

The judge ordered a $50,000 bond, which he then increased to $100,000, and ordered that Valtier have zero contact with the singer, including no contact on social media, no sending letters or gifts, no emailing and no one else speaking to her on his behalf, unless required for court appearances.

“The 50K is not sufficient to protect this community and in particular this victim,” the judge said, according to NBC Miami. “I’m going to increase the bond to $100K because I feel that I have to, and with the stay away order.”

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