Actors Who Don’t Care About Oscars Are Lying

Actors Who Don’t Care About Oscars Are Lying

As this year’s Oscar nominees enter the final stages of award season campaigning, they’re often forced to perform the delicate balancing act of hyping up their work while pretending not to care about winning. But Carey Mulligan, who recently picked up her third Oscar nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role for “Maestro,” isn’t interested in hiding her enthusiasm.

In a new interview with The Sunday Times, Mulligan made no secret of her excitement about her Oscar prospects.

“It is just the coolest thing. Because it’s from your peers. It’s wicked,” Mulligan said of her nomination. She went on to cast doubt on actors who claim that they’re not excited by awards, saying they’re “100 percent lying.”

Mulligan also weighed in on another Oscar race, expressing disappointment that Greta Gerwig was left out of the Best Director category despite picking up nominations for Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay.

“I’m gutted for Greta because I don’t know what else you can do as a director to get nominated,” she said. “You make a critically acclaimed film that’s also an incredible global success, and yet you don’t get nominated?”

While Mulligan finds herself competing in a crowded Leading Actress field that includes Emma Stone in “Poor Things” and Lily Gladstone in “Killers of the Flower Moon,” her turn in “Maestro” was one of the most acclaimed performances of 2023.


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