“Adventures with RampItUp.Org and MobilityDog.Org” – Video

“Adventures with RampItUp.Org and MobilityDog.Org” – Video

Ramp It Up: A Community of Support and Inclusion

In the coastal town of Sunset Beach, California, there is a group called Ramp It Up that is making a big impact on the community. The group is dedicated to providing support and resources for individuals with mobility challenges, and they recently introduced us to Tom, the founder of Ramp It Up, and Junco, an adorable service dog who assists Tom with everyday tasks.

Tom shared with us the incredible ways in which Junco helps him as a puppy raiser, explaining, “Pepper helps us with counterbalance picking up stuff. Like getting up and down stairs for me, he’s my railing and balance.” It’s clear that Junco plays a critical role in Tom’s life, providing him with the support and assistance he needs to navigate the world with confidence and independence.

One of the key elements of Ramp It Up’s mission is to create a supportive and inclusive community for individuals with mobility challenges. As Tom and Junco demonstrate, the group provides a socialization space for service animals to interact with other dogs, people, and bikes, helping them maintain their focus and calm in a variety of environments.

In addition to their work with service animals, Ramp It Up also hosts a monthly event on the second Saturday of each month, where they invite members of the community to try out hand cycles and experience the exhilaration of moving under their own power. “We do this once a month, second Saturday of each month, hopefully going to put a lot of people on some bikes and make a lot of people happy,” Tom shared. “That’s why we’re doing it, because we want to see giant smiles on their face.”

The impact of Ramp It Up’s work goes beyond simply providing access to mobility equipment; it’s about creating a space where individuals with mobility challenges can feel supported, included, and empowered. By offering opportunities for people to try out hand cycles and engage with service animals like Junco, the group is fostering a sense of community and belonging for everyone involved.

The work of Ramp It Up is a testament to the power of community support and inclusion. Through their efforts, they are not only changing the lives of individuals with mobility challenges, but also spreading joy and creating opportunities for connection and empowerment. With their dedication and commitment to making a difference, Ramp It Up is truly an inspiring force in the Sunset Beach community.

Video “RampItUp.Org & MobilityDog.Org Adventures” was uploaded on 09/19/2023 by Mobility Service Dogs- West Coast Project Youtube channel.