After Israel’s invasion, Rafah lies in ruins 2 months later

After Israel’s invasion, Rafah lies in ruins 2 months later

Two months after Israel’s invasion, the city of Rafah in Gaza stands as a haunting reminder of the destruction left in its wake. Once bustling with more than 2 million people, Rafah now lies deserted and covered in dust, resembling a ghost town. Abandoned apartment buildings with bullet-ridden walls and shattered windows line the roads, their interiors exposed for all to see amidst piles of rubble towering over the remnants of Israeli military vehicles.

For the first time since the invasion on May 6, international media were escorted into Rafah by the Israeli military, providing a glimpse into the aftermath of the conflict. The city had become a refuge for around 1.4 million Palestinians fleeing fighting in other parts of Gaza, but now only a fraction of that population remains. The UN estimates that approximately 50,000 people are left in Rafah, a stark contrast to its pre-conflict population of 275,000.

The scenes of devastation and despair in Rafah serve as a sobering reminder of the toll that war takes on civilian populations. The once vibrant city now stands as a testament to the destruction brought about by conflict, with little hope of recovery in sight. As the world looks on, the plight of the people of Rafah serves as a call to action for peace and reconciliation in the region.

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