Alicia Silverstone Discusses ‘Clueless’ Sequel and the Possibility of Playing ‘Batgirl’ Again – Video

Alicia Silverstone Discusses ‘Clueless’ Sequel and the Possibility of Playing ‘Batgirl’ Again – Video

Alicia Silverstone on ‘Clueless’ Sequel & Playing ‘Batgirl’ Again

In the video, Alicia Silverstone discusses her involvement in the unique and high concept film she recently starred in. She talks about how the script evolved and her initial attraction to the project. She also delves into her eclectic taste in roles over the past decade, mentioning her experience in theater and working with interesting filmmakers. The familial dynamics of the movie are also discussed, as well as her experience working with the other actors. The conversation also touches on the subject of audio storytelling and the participants share their favorite podcasts. In a nostalgic throwback, the possibility of a Clueless sequel or a return as Batgirl is mentioned, and Alicia jokingly agrees to reprise her role if the opportunity arises. Overall, the video provides an insightful look at Alicia Silverstone’s current endeavors and her openness to exploring a wide range of creative opportunities.

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They were so cute the two of them and so lovely and so I wanted to go play with Them I just want to start I mean obviously the script is so unique and uh I’m just wondering how it evolved into what it is um it’s a it started out as a pretty simple idea we like the idea of a 90 sitcom in this sort of really safe world yeah um and

And to that up I mean that was that was how it started and and and it just sort of the script got worse and worse in a good way um yeah Alisa what what Drew you to the project I got a call from my agent saying I read a really crazy script that

You need to read and I did and you know it’s a page Turner for sure never saw anything like this before and was so interested and then I watched their film um flip and stepan made a film called Ron the stunt man and I thought it was

Really good and just so stylish and had such a clear point of view and you tell these guys are artists freaky wild insane artists and um and then I met them on a zoom or it was in my car actually on a FaceTime and they were so

Cute the two of them and so lovely and so I wanted to go play with them and I got to go to Amsterdam and play with all of these Freaks and they’re all so talented and it was just wonderful it’s amazing I mean I think that you’re you

Here a couple years ago with the lodge incredible brief but powerful Cameo and then just your taste in the past decade has been so awesome and so eclectic is there anything sort of behind that you just want to sort of Branch out more and

Play more or as an actor well I would a long time ago when I I made some changes and someone said to me you don’t need to do I don’t care if you don’t work for two or three years just only do what you

Love and that was so strange to me I can do what I love what do you mean that we don’t have to agonize over this decision just and um and so I’ve just been having fun playing and I did a lot of theater and when I was doing theater they let me

Do things that they weren’t letting me do in in um movies and from that theater stuff I think they let me start doing it in movies so you know playing with really interesting filmmakers like yorgos Lanos and yeah um but also David mammo and Donald marges and Laura Linny

And just doing these interesting artistic projects have been sort of I just get to go where I’m where it feels inspiring and exciting and it’s I think that’s what’s happening does that feel like did that feel impossible to you at one point especially in the 90s and

Early 2000s I don’t know that I thought about it like that I was just wanted to be an activist and run away I think at first because it was all just so overwhelming so now I get to just do fun things and go where it feels challenging

And inspiring and and weird and I feel like I’m getting to just do I continue to do very strange things over and over again and it’s really fun like like this which is fantastic how did you sort of B I mean obviously the as as sort of absurdist and high concept and amazing

As it is the familial Dynamics important so did you do anything to bond these guys as a family uh yeah I put them in a studio for 22 days oh that’s all Tu yeah yeah I mean that was the cool thing it was like a sort of an ensemble movie um um having

These two families the the the Russians and the Americans uh in this one set and that was I mean there were a couple of other actors uh for for small moments but that was the basis of this film so um I think that brought everyone uh

Together really so did did you did you guys happen to see any ’90s cheesy 90s sitcoms to reference for for the performances and what were they I mean I saw a bunch but not necessarily as a reference I don’t think yeah yeah it’s in there it’s just in our DNA I think as

As yeah it’s true we I mean I grew up with it yeah I like to watch it still well not anymore so much but I watch Full House like all the season really yeah just nice it’s comforting yeah so now this you know something different what was your experience like working

With Alicia well very freaking cool because she’s obviously amazing and yeah and above all like I’m very inspiring and mostly very fun it’s so much fun like I would do it again in a heartbeat bazillion times if I could yeah I just like I always like when I

When they work with bigger actors and then find out that they’re really comfortable nice people who are mothers and beautiful you know beings instead of just this sort of screen so that’s I saw that yeah the Looking Glass um so we’re obviously here with audible today and I

Just wanted to ask all of you you know do you think about audio as a storytelling medium do are you guys podcast people I am for sure what your favorite oh my gosh I have so many right right well I am right now I’m listening to all Esther else oh fantastic yeah

Therapy but I I like the ramas podcast oh that’s very Serene yeah absolutely for sure yeah rest in peace I made a podcast called the real heal okay so what is that about um about how are we going to solve these problems you know with our community like how can we

Heal ourselves our community our environment all of it answering that question but I also really like listening to Russell Brand oh fantastic oh yeah Stephan uh I found out that there’s some audio commentary of films just on Spotify or the on the interweb yeah which is great so you can listen to a

Film and hear the audio commentary and oh that’s Fant oh like a director’s cut almost yeah exactly and I’m used to watching it but it’s very nice to just listen to it when especially when you know the movie like Apocalypse Now or something totally yeah I mean so many

People complain that when we lose phys iCal media we lose DVD extras and bloopers and stuff like that it’s all streaming that’s so cool um Lisa I know you’re probably going to kill me but uh after your clueless commercial was such a huge success was there any real

Traction about talking about SQL reboot Nostalgia 9s crazy anything there I think people are talking about that all the time at all times since that happened so it’s been I don’t know has it been 30 Years yet I don’t know people can’t let it go everyone loves it but

Yeah you know that always is a fun conversation and everybody it’s so lovely to see how people just still love that movie it’s very nice absolutely um last thing that I I promis I would ask you uh I think in the most recent iteration of um maybe it was perhaps The

Flash we saw George Clooney return very briefly as his version of Batman is there any world where you would put the cap back on as backgirl which you iconically played if you arrange that I will do it okay I will I will get on the

Phone right now and I’ll do it thank you guys so much congratulations thank thank you

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