“All-in-One Health Scanner: Track Four Vital Signs in One Device” – Video

“All-in-One Health Scanner: Track Four Vital Signs in One Device” – Video

This All-in-One Health Scanner Measures Four Key Vitals

The all-in-one health scanner, Beo, is revolutionizing the health tech industry by providing a compact and innovative solution for measuring key vital signs. This handheld device features a stethoscope, temperature scanner, ECG, and pulse oximeter, allowing users to monitor their heart and lung sounds, temperature, blood oxygen levels, and pulse rate with ease.

The device is user-friendly, with a tutorial feature that guides users on how to properly use the different functions. The data recorded by the device can be sent to a corresponding app, making it easy to share with healthcare professionals for remote consultations. The compact design and USBC port for recharging make it a convenient and portable tool for on-the-go health monitoring.

Beo aims to simplify telehealth by providing users with the ability to send vital health information to their doctors in real-time, without the need for complicated equipment or procedures. The device is set to be released later this year at an affordable price of about $250, making it an accessible option for anyone looking to take control of their health.

With its innovative features and compact design, Beo is set to be a game-changer in the health tech industry, offering users a comprehensive solution for monitoring their health from the comfort of their own homes. Whether it’s for regular health maintenance or remote consultations with healthcare professionals, Beo offers a convenient and reliable option for staying on top of key vital signs.

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Health Tech is so Advanced now you can have a whole doctor in your pocket this is the within beo and it has several different health things they can measure for it even has a stethoscope in here let me show you how it works we can take our temperature I’ll just have to scan

It it’s a hot it’s a hot one it’s a little hot with the stethoscope you can measure heart and lung sounds your doctor would be telling you where to place it yeah you can hear it yourself it’ll send the recording to an app but also it’ll have a tutorial

Explaining exactly where you should be placing it so you can send that information to your doctor the controls a little bit of a knob so you can kind of go up and down with it it’s not just a single button it also has an ACG and it’s able to do blood oxygen tracking

With a pulse oximeter so if you click that come on no whammies no whammies this is measuring blood oxygen and pulse all right not too bad not too bad 70 FTS per minute hi there I’m beo get it it beos to your doctor or your phone the USBC Port is for recharging it

Also lets you listen to the stethoscope you can just stick this in your purse and be able to have something with you wherever you need it but I like how small it is and you can just send all this data to an app with tech like this tella Health doesn’t have to be

Complicated yeah you could be in a video chat with your doctor but in real time be able to send them information by just using something this small this slim with things has so many different things to measure your health and always in very innovative ways I love seeing what

They come out with every year so this is going to be an interesting one for sure it’s coming out later this year at a price of about $250 let me know in the comments if you think you would use something like the beo or if you think it’ be helpful thanks for watching

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