Amazon Prime Video Is a Must-Have for Cinephiles

Amazon Prime Video Is a Must-Have for Cinephiles

Forget the Criterion Channel, real cinephiles need Amazon Prime Video. As Jo Koy would shout into the Golden Globes ether: “Shut up! Slow down!” We’ll explain.

Prime Video has the most movies available of any U.S. streaming service, according to new data from streaming observer Reelgood — and it’s not even close. Amazon’s SVOD service (soon to be SAVOD; there’s also FAST service Freevee) has 11,923 movies in its present-day library. Netflix, a favorite destination of Sony Pictures, is next with 4,013; not far behind is Peacock with 3,939 movies.

Peacock is NBCUniversal’s streaming service, so it has a lot of Universal Pictures, Focus Features films, DreamWorks Animation movies, Illumination, and others.

Disney (Walt Disney Pictures, 20th Century, Searchlight, Marvel, Lucasfilm) has a claim to leapfrog everyone but Amazon. Hulu has 2,422 movies (4th place) and Disney+ has 1,432 (6th); combined, as they are in beta form for Disney Bundle subscribers, Disney has 4,492 movies on streaming. Hulu and Disney+ will be formally merged on March 24.

Until then, Max has the fifth most movies on a single streaming service with 2,070. Paramount+ with Showtime has 1,173 movies, many of them from Paramount Pictures. Apple TV+ has a mere 75 films in its library. That’s not a typo.

Apple TV (not TV+) and Amazon Prime Video both have plenty of movies — including new releases yet to hit SVOD and AVOD — for rent or purchase. This study does not count…

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