Americans who spied for Cuba included Ambassador and Pentagon official:  – Video

Americans who spied for Cuba included Ambassador and Pentagon official: – Video

The recent revelation of two Americans, former Ambassador Victor Manuel Rocha and Pentagon analyst Ana Montes, who spied for Cuba for decades, sheds light on the ongoing threat to US national security posed by Cuban espionage. Rocha, who held high-level security clearances and served in sensitive government positions, was recruited by Cuban intelligence in the late 1970s and continued to pass sensitive information to them throughout his career. Similarly, Montes, known as the “queen of Cuba” in the intelligence community, worked as a spy for 17 years, compromising critical US intelligence operations and personnel.

The extensive infiltration of the US government by foreign agents like Rocha and Montes highlights the serious implications of Cuban espionage, with Cuba using the information obtained to barter and sell to America’s enemies. Despite both spies facing legal consequences for their actions, the threat of further infiltration remains, with experts warning of the presence of other individuals loyal to foreign powers within the government. This 60 Minutes video delves deep into the intricate world of Cuban espionage and the significant impact it has had on US national security.

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