Angela Aguilar Drops Heartfelt ‘Gotitas Saladas’ & More New Music Latin

Angela Aguilar Drops Heartfelt ‘Gotitas Saladas’ & More New Music Latin

New Music Latin is a compilation of the best new Latin songs and albums recommended by Billboard‘s Latin and Billboard Español editors. Check out this week’s picks below.

Ángela Aguilar, “Gotitas Saladas” (Machín Records)

A friendly competition with her brother, to see who would write the best song, led to the creation of Ángela Aguilar’s latest single. “Gotitas Saladas,” which translates to salted drops, is a gorgeous modern mariachi track where the Mexican-American artist sings about past loves: “You and I could have been so much more, but we said goodbye,” she laments, almost wailing at the realization.

Ángela, who was honored with the Musical Dynasty award at the 2024 Billboard Latin Women in Music, shared that she penned this song, along with her sister Aneliz Aguilar, after her brother Leonardo Aguilar didn’t invite her on a song he was writing along with Adriel Favela. “So I was like, ‘Let’s write a better song, in less time — and when I release it, it’ll be bigger than the one they are writing.’” Produced by the patriarch of the family, Pepe Aguilar, the song follows Ángela’s “Mis Amigas Las Flores.”  — GRISELDA FLORES

Mario Bautista, Fénix (Warner Music México)

After earning his first No. 1 on the Regional Mexican Airplay chart with “Brindo” in 2022, Mario Bautista felt motivated and inspired, and began working on his new studio album, Fénix. The feel-good mariachi song with positive lyrics really set the tone for Bautista’s new Música Mexicana era — one that’s stamped on 14 tracks that navigate from cumbia to ranchera to norteño. Lyrically, the album carries a lot of motivational messages, as heard in opening track “Cabrón Yo Puedo,” as well as heartfelt tributes for the family as heard in “Flores” and “Pa’l Viejo.” Even the heartbreak tunes, such as the Adriel Favela-assisted “Mejor Así,” are packed with optimism. With the creation of Fénix, Bautista also had a life-changing revelation.

“Eleven years have gone by in my career and it’s been a wild ride,” he told Billboard during an Instagram Live interview. “With ‘Baby Girl’ [the urban-pop song that put him on the map in 2018], I felt that it was my peak — but at the same time, it was the time that I was most confused and lost with my personality. It took me years to return to Mario Alberto [his real name], and give him the wheel. Nowadays, that brings me joy and peace, and ‘Fénix’ represents this new stage, this rebirth.” In addition to Favela, other collaborators on the album include Bobby Pulido, Karol Sevilla, El David, and Grupo Origen. — JESSICA ROIZ

ROBI, Young Miko, “sorry es que soy bipolarrr” (Interscope Records)

From the get-go, ROBI and Young Miko’s “sorry es que soy bipolarrr” grabs attention with an opening drum beat that conjures nostalgia for Blink 182’s “I Miss You.” Produced by Joel Iglesias and Fred Vilchez, this track merges pop-rock charm with an unabashed, candid vibe that perfectly encapsulates the song’s message. Around the 2:50 mark, a jangling guitar strums in, adding a layer of wistful emotion that ties in beautifully with the lyrics: “If I flirted with you via IG/ Don’t read it/ Just leave it alone,” they sing. The Puerto Rican artists navigate through the complexities of a turbulent relationship, twirling between independence and longing. It’s a raw, honest piece that doesn’t shy away from the messiness of emotions, reflecting the modern-day dilemmas of digital-age relationships. — ISABELA RAYGOZA

Magneto, “Prender El Fuego Otra Vez” (BOBO Music/Altafonte)

Flashback to the ’90s! Iconic Mexican boy band Magneto — consisting of original members Elías, Mauri, Alan, Tono, and Alex — has made a long-awaited comeback after 25 years of not releasing new music. Their latest single, “Prender El Fuego Otra Vez” (Light the Fire Again), marks the beginning of their soon-to-be-released EP and accompanying tour. “Prender El Fuego Otra Vez” is a tropical ballad that seamlessly blends urban sounds with the lively melodies of vallenato accordions. The song, penned by Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Pedro Capó alongside Frank Santofimio, Gabriel González-Perez, Héctor Montaner Jr, Rafael Regginalds (Reggi El Auténtico), carries a message of new beginnings and second chances. — INGRID FAJARDO

LIVING, “mejor que ayer”(CanZion)

With the single “mejor que ayer”,the Colombian band LIVING presents a new preview of their next album, which marks a new stage in their musical career. The acoustic pop ballad is a new example of the evolution of their proposal for spiritual music, which presents an alternative to the worship style of their beginnings. Regarding their new sound, Lucas Consuegra, one of the band’s vocalist, tells Billboard Español that it closes the gap between commercial and spiritual music.

“With our (new) sound, melodies, and lyrics we want to reach people who seek a spirituality detached from any religious affiliation. We want to bring spirituality within reach of everyone with a language and sound that we can all identify with,” adds Sergio Martín, guitarist and producer. “mejor que ayer”, conveys confidence that with God each present day can be better than the previous one. “Our best moment has not yet arrived, it has not passed, but is being born every day” expresses the band. — LUISA CALLE

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