Arab Women Endure the Most Unreasonable and Strange Prohibitions – Video

Arab Women Endure the Most Unreasonable and Strange Prohibitions – Video

The Most Unreasonable and Strange Prohibitions That ARAB WOMEN Have to Endure !
I was shocked to find that amid the civilized century, in a relatively wealthy and modern country in Asia, women are still treated unfairly and must accept illogical regulations. Women here have to tolerate their husbands having multiple wives, are not allowed to use public services, have no right to vote, and… There are many other absurd regulations that I cannot cover in a short period.
Join me in the next few minutes of the video to explore the unreasonable and strange laws imposed on women in the Arab world. I will show you the dark picture of women’s lives in this desert region.

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The most unreasonable and strange prohibitions that Arab women have to enjoy I was shocked to find that amid the Civilized Century in a relatively wealthy and modern country in Asia women are still treated unfairly and must accept illogical regulations women here have to tolerate their husbands having

Multiple why or not allowed to use Public Services have no right to vote and there are many other absurd regulations that I cannot cover in a short period join me in the next few minutes of the video to explore the unreasonable and strange law imposed on

Women in the Arab world I will show you the dark picture of women’s lives in this desert region number 12 there must be a male legal guardian A peculiar thing you will notice in the Arab world is that there will always be a man accompanying girls outside you can never see any girl

Walking alone perhaps they feel loneliness this explanation is not accurate at all it’s simply that they are forced to be accompanied by a man rather than their own choice currently in Saudi Arabia there still exists a guardianship law that restricts women according to this law they do not have

The right to go out alone get married get divorce travel open a bank account find a job obtain a passport engage in business or undergo surgery without the consent of a male Guardian under this law a man will have the right to manage every aspect and decision in a woman’s

Life in cases where the woman does not have a father or the father has passed away the husband male siblings or male relatives and in some cases even a son will have the right to be the woman’s Guardian it sounds truly unreasonable but strangely local women do not stage

Any protests this on the contrary they actively defend the right to be cared for by a number 11 PR of revealing clothing in the Arab world an extremely hot region nestled in the vast desert you’ll be surprised because you can hardly find any girls dressed in a refreshing manner

To be more precise they always wear clothing that covers their bodies I wonder if they feel hot most likely yes so why do they always dress like that perhaps it’s out of in Saudi Arabia women are only allowed to reveal their faces hands and feet a long black cloak

And a heads scarf are their year- round unchanged attire the clothes are made of thick fabric loose fitting and don’t accentuate the curves of the body initially tourists thought that this attire would help protect women from the sun’s rays and dry air however it’s just an absurd regulation imposed by Society

On women here the strictness of the rule varies by region in some places women are only allowed to reveal their eyes sadly if a woman is touched or approached by a man she can be charged if her clothing doesn’t adhere to the rules I don’t know how you feel about

This but being touched and then being sentenced to jail just because you revealed a bit of skin sounds truly foolish and amusing to me nutation of dating by choice family relationships in Saudi Arabia are always one of the hottest topics of discussion the issue is that girls get married at a

Very young age often before puberty this is why many of them have to stop going to school and of course they also do not know what love is dating someone that the girl’s parents do not approve of for marriage is considered wrong this rule is violated the girls can be confined at

Home until their parents find a suitable husband for them marriage in Saudi Arabia requires an agreement between the bride’s father and the groom and the girl is seldom allowed to express her opinion in fact if the bride does not like the groom she can completely refuse the marriage however once they like each

Other signing a marriage contract is mandatory Arab women rarely marry men of different religions because they could be expelled from the country on the other hand Arab men have much more freedom to marry outside their religion however if they divorce the foreign wife of the Arab man will not have

Citizenship the children will stay with their father to get married Arab girls and boys are required to be at least 18 years old but most of them have been arranged and have been living together since they were just 14 years old it’s unfortunate for these girls because many

Of them even from a young age have to have arranged marriages according to their parents’ demands and most of them do not feel happy about it nness sharing husbands well we all value loyalty because it’s a noble human trait but in the Arab world forget about loyalty when a man can have multiple

Wives at the same time the trend of non-binding marriages is widespread in Sou Arabia allowing men who cannot afford the expenses of an elaborate wedding to have wives this is known as missar non-binding marriages have long been legally recognized in Saudi Arabia where the wife loses some rights

Compared to a traditional marriage such as cohabitation and financial support missar can be seen as a kind of floating State between being married and being single helping polygamous husbands avoid the pressure of taking care of a second family despite the risk abuse this secretive form of marriage attract some

Women who do not want to accept the patriarchal traditions of traditional marriages some unmarried couples also use this form to cover up their extramarital relationships which are strictly prohibited in Islam many Saudi and foreign women working here often turn to dating or marriage websites to seek such relationships missar is

Cheaper doesn’t require dowy and has no strings attached it might sound very appealing but the consequence quences for these women are immeasurable a woman with a polygamous husband says that her husband’s second family made her feel ashamed impoverished and affected her ability to raise her own children a

Well-known cleric in riat believes that missia marriages are common among men who do not want to Bear the full responsibility of polygamous marriages which are allowed in Islam if the wives are treated fairly then of children with fathers in this country is increasing but they are not officially recognized

Some women are forced to go to court because Saudi men refuse to acknowledge children born from missar marriages meanwhile many women often turn a blind eye to their husband having missar marriages I don’t know what Arab men think but I can be sure that women with polygamous husbands are feeling

Extremely miserable and the children are not having a normal life either number eight rition of extramarital Affairs extramarital Affairs are universally condemned but in a country where men can have multiple wives why aren’t women allowed to do the same it truly seems illogical however unlike Arab men an Arab woman committing

Adultery can face sever Arab countries have legal systems based on Islamic law and civil law in some cases the punishment may be as light as losing family rights or custody rights being kicked out of the house on a darker note women May face social ostracization and in extreme cases receive punishments

Like stoning to passing away there are cases of women committing adultery in the Arab world being punished in this manner but for various reasons we cannot disclose them right now however you can imagine that a father might even throw stones at his own daughter for committing adultery but nevertheless

Extramarital Affairs still occur because followers of Islam are human beings moreover it is often due to the rigid outward appearance of Islam that more terrible things happen than people can imagine number say trusion of using public transportation I apologize if I sound a bit heated but I think the lawmakers in

Arabia are foolish and I understand why we always see Arab women walking not only are women prohibited from driving but they are also not allowed to use public transportation if they do they are only allowed to take the train and must sit in the last Carriage moreover most bus companies taxes and ride

Sharing services has refused to transport women according to the culture here they believe that women bring bad luck to Journeys everything is terrible for Arab women until the human rights struggles helped them gain the right to drive in 2018 previously in Arabia women were not allowed to drive and of course

They were not allowed to obtain a driver’s license either however on June 24th 2018 the ban on women driving by the Saudi government will be lifted after many years of existence this decision was made by Prince alw Pinella accordingly women aged 18 and above will be eligible to apply for a driver’s

License female instructors at driving schools have international driving licenses the Saudi government had provided many illogical reasons for the long-standing ban stating that women driving cars did not align with Arab culture would lead to role reversal disrupt order and violate the guardianship laws in families but now

Women can drive and they won’t have to walk kilometers because taxist refuse to serve them number six prohibition of walking in the same path as men gender segregation is one of the fundamental principle in the lives of women in Saudi Arabia helping them avoid contact with unfamiliar men Society is divided into

Separate sections for men and women not only at home but also in public places such as beaches public transportation and even in restaurants this rule is particularly strict in dining places with separate areas for families singles and unmarried women even well-known Western Brands like Pizza Hut McDonald’s and Starbucks

If they want to exist must adhere to this rule even at Starbucks Royal in Saudi Arabia you can see a sign women on the left men on the right at the entrance I know that these Brands wouldn’t want such a sign but what can they do when it’s in Saudi Arabia

Prohibition of voting Believe It or Not women were once banned from voting in Saudi Arabia they were considered non-existent and Irrelevant in society after many struggles they were finally allowed to vote in 2015 but it was just a facade to resist condemnation women’s votes are counted as half and they do

Not have the right to vote for high positions in local government in addition female voters also said that their voting process was hindered for many reasons mainly by their husbands not only in voting but a woman’s testimony is also only worth half of a man’s to file a lawsuit they need six

Male Witnesses and the verdict can be based on tribal Traditions rather than the law a child cannot become a citizen of Saudi Arabia if the father is a foreigner men inherit twice as much property as women even in rural areas women are excluded from the list of hirs

Prohibition of visiting Graves I don’t know why they came up with such prohibitive laws but I’m sure it’s too illogical to be accepted according to Arab beliefs even if loved ones pass away women are not allowed to set foot in the cemetery to visit or pay respects that’s the rule graveyards are

Considered sacred places and women are not allowed inside to preserve traditions and teachings they believe that women menstruate and this is considered unclean therefore women are not allowed to visit places like cemeteries to avoid disturbing The Souls of the deceased and summoning Troublesome demons an Arab woman usually

Visits the graveyard only twice in her life when her child dies in the next time when she dies unfortunately even if other relatives pass away they will not be allowed to visit their graves Again no exercise of B for under the traditional blackaby nearly 2/3 of Saudi Arabian women or the weight they may practice dieting but you won’t find any fitness centers or people walking in this city their daughters are also rarely taught physical education in school while there is no law prohibiting

Women from exercising outdoors in such a conservative Society many are influenced by Scholars and clergy who strongly oppose women exercising in public a girl named raana alabdullah mentioned that once an officer asked her to get inside the car when she was walking he didn’t leave until she

Complied now she only walks in shopping areas many sodies are upset about the controversial arguments about religion in a hospital specializing in obesity related diseases there are many books by author Muhammad Al habon warning of the inconveniences if female students study physical educ according to him if female

Students study that subject they will have to change clothes in a communal dressing room while good girls should not change clothes anywhere outside their homes this would make them lose their modesty consider the book also suggests that these girls may be possessed by a classmate in a tight fitting outfit

Meanwhile Health officials in the country argue that the lifestyle of the people is causing their Wast lines to expand fiber rich meals are now giving way to fast food and meat due to the increasingly affluent lives of the people the hire millions of Asians to do manual labor they’re also addicted to

Technology spending their days glued to wireless screens or computers while exercising suddenly becomes a major obstacle for women here number two ision of entertaining male guests at home it’s not surprising when friends come over to visit you It’s a very normal thing for people worldwide except for in the Arab world women never

Entertain guests at home at home they are not dressed according to the rules so when a male guest visit they have to hide somewhere else even if they want to talk to their husband they have to do it over the phone houses here often have

Two doors one for men and one for women the rule of not allowing women to entertain guests at home may stem from various factors one reason could be to maintain trust and avoid the risk of infidelity in Saudi Arabia controlling communication between women and men can

Be seen as a measure to deal with the risk of infidelity however this approach to communication May reflect gender and communication inequality it can increase dependence and control over women while imposing limitations on freedom and personal decisions but who cares about this from the perspective of Arab men just need women to Obey number one prohibition of higher education for women in many countries women even outnumber men in universities but in the Arab World you’ll rarely find a girl in higher education Arab women can go to university but it’s very limited if the guardian permits she can pursue higher education but it’s

Challenging for her to get scholarships to study abroad because Arab men believe women should only stay at home to take care of the family the idea that women should stay at home has led to a very low percentage of women in businesses although many prohibitions have been

Lifted and reformed compared to the past the percentage of working women in this country is only 177% this means that Arab women usually stay at home taking care of children and the family Arabs do not prohibit women from working if they do not neglect their family responsibilities if they

Want to work they must certainly have the approval of their husband or Guardian along with that the career choices for Arab women are limited they can be doctors nurses teachers Etc if they avoid meeting or communicating with many unfamiliar men female politicians or female lawyers are considered extremely rare professions in this

Country simply because these professions involve interacting with many men and that is considered inappropriate please use the information from this video to open the window for conversation and discuss the need for Change and progress this way we can support the development of society in a positive direction and respect diversity thank

You for joining this journey and I hope your questions and opinions will be a source of motivation for understanding and consensus

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