Battle of the Ages: Real Lightsaber vs Indestructible Nokia 3310 – Video

Battle of the Ages: Real Lightsaber vs Indestructible Nokia 3310 – Video

Real light saber vs Nokia 3310

In a hilarious and exciting video titled “Real lightsaber vs Nokia 3310,” the popular Youtube channel Hacksmith showcases their latest creation – a real-life working lightsaber. While they typically create life-size versions of iconic weapons and gadgets, this time they sent a miniature version to the host for some fun and experimentation.

The lightsaber is a striking red color with a sleek handle, but as the host warns, it’s important not to touch the dangerous blade. In a surprising turn of events, the Nokia 3310 – known for its durability and indestructibility – is brought into the mix. The host decides to see how the classic phone holds up against the powerful lightsaber.

As expected, the outcome is both humorous and impressive. Despite the intense heat and power of the lightsaber, the Nokia 3310 surprisingly remains intact. The host showcases the before and after, proving that the legendary phone still stands strong even against futuristic technology.

Overall, the video provides entertainment, laughter, and a nostalgic look back at a beloved piece of technology. It’s a fun and lighthearted experiment that showcases the durability of a classic phone in a new and unexpected way.

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Video “Real light saber vs Nokia 3310” was uploaded on 06/14/2024 to Youtube Channel Marques Brownlee