Bebe Rexha Slams ‘Ungrateful Loser’ G-Eazy, Calls ‘Me, Myself & I’ His ‘Only Real Hit’ in Heated Post

Bebe Rexha Slams ‘Ungrateful Loser’ G-Eazy, Calls ‘Me, Myself & I’ His ‘Only Real Hit’ in Heated Post

Consider the bridge between Bebe Rexha and G-Eazy burned.

Nine years after scoring a top 10 smash together with “Me, Myself & I,” the pop singer took to Instagram Stories on Thursday (June 13) to call out her collaborator, alleging in a now-deleted post that he treated her poorly after the release of their duet in 2015.

“You’re lucky people are liking you again,” Rexha wrote, tagging G-Eazy. “‘Cause I could go in on all the sh–ty things you’ve done and how you treated me after giving you your only real hit.”

The “Meant to Be” musician’s comments came in response to a member of her team asking via text message if she had any interest in shooting social media content with the rapper, a screenshot of which Rexha also posted. “You have my number,” she added. “Why don’t you text me and ask me yourself you stuck up ungrateful loser.”

“Btw the answer is no,” the vocalist concluded. “Hope you good.”

Billboard has reached out to reps for Rexha and G-Eazy for comment.

It’s probably safe to say the two musicians won’t be working together again any time soon for a follow-up to “Me, Myself & I,” which debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 in November 2015 before peaking at No. 7 the following March. In 2017, they teamed up again for “F.F.F.” on Rexha’s EP All Your Fault Pt. 1, which reached No. 51 on the Billboard 200.

The post comes a week after G-Eazy released his new single “Anxiety.” Rexha dropped her latest track “Chase It” at the end of May, days before making headlines for kicking out a concertgoer at her show in Wisconsin for apparently attempting to throw something at her.

“Out, out,” she says in a clip from the concert, which took place one year after Rexha sustained a serious facial injury due to a different fan throwing his phone at her during another show. “Or, if you wanna hit me in the face, I had to press charges for the other guy — I’d love to become richer.”

UPDATE: This article has been updated to note that Bebe Rexha’s Instagram Stories post has been deleted.

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