Bessie Carter and Sam Phillips of Bridgerton are in a Relationship!

Bessie Carter and Sam Phillips of Bridgerton are in a Relationship!

The world of Bridgerton may be filled with scandal, gossip, and romance, but it seems that the actors behind the characters are creating some drama of their own. Bessie Carter, who portrays the sharp-tongued Prudence Featherington, and Sam Phillips, who brings the dashing Lord Debling to life, have been romantically linked off-screen! The pair was recently spotted walking hand in hand and sharing a kiss while out in Sussex, England.

It seems that love blossomed on the set of the hit Netflix series, as Bessie and Sam met while filming season 3 in 2022. Their on-screen chemistry must have carried over into real life, as they were seen looking quite cozy during their stroll in the English countryside. It’s always heartwarming to see a real-life romance come out of a fictional world filled with love and passion.

Adding to the intrigue of their relationship is the fact that Bessie comes from a talented family of actors. Her parents, Imelda Staunton and Jim Carter, are successful and respected performers in their own right. The trio even made a public appearance together at the premiere of the film ‘Wonka’ in London in 2023, indicating that their relationship is serious and publicly acknowledged.

Fans of Bridgerton are sure to be delighted by this real-life love story unfolding behind the scenes. It seems that the romance and passion of the Regency era are not just confined to the screen, as Bessie Carter and Sam Phillips prove that true love can be found in the most unexpected of places. Here’s to hoping their relationship continues to flourish both on and off-screen!

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