Best Activities in Split, Croatia | Complete Split Travel Guide – Video

Best Activities in Split, Croatia | Complete Split Travel Guide – Video

delicious pastries and bread from a local bakery, which brings us to our next top thing to do in Split. The bakeries in Split are a must-visit, offering a wide array of freshly baked goods that will satisfy any sweet tooth or savory craving you may have. From flaky croissants to hearty sandwiches, these bakeries are a delightful stop during your exploration of the city. 
After enjoying some treats from the bakery, take a leisurely stroll along the Riva Promenade. This waterfront stretch is bustling with cafes, shops, and street performers, making it the perfect place to people-watch and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of Split. 
If you’re in the mood for some fresh produce and local souvenirs, be sure to visit the Green Market. Here, you’ll find a colorful array of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and crafts, making it a great spot to pick up some authentic Croatian goods. 
And of course, no visit to Split would be complete without a trip to the stunning beaches. Whether you prefer sandy shores or rocky coves, Split offers a variety of beach options for sunbathing and swimming. 
With its rich history, stunning architecture, and picturesque scenery, Split is a destination that truly offers something for everyone. So pack your bags, and get ready to explore this beautiful city in Croatia.

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Video Transcript

Split is one of Croatia’s most incredible  cities and with its Roman architecture beautiful   landscapes and endless history there is so much  to experience in this city. So in this video we’re   walking through the top things you need to do and  see when you visit Split Croatia let’s start with  

One of split’s most famous icons Diocletian’s  Palace this massive complex is over 1,700   years old and is one of the most Lively spots in  Split this half Palace half Fortress was built by   the Roman Emperor Diocletian’s who’s probably  most famous for being the first Roman Emperor  

To voluntarily step down and given he built this  entire Palace to be his personal retirement home   you really can’t blame him here you can wander the  palace grounds for free but if you want to climb   the palace’s iconic Bell Tower or visit some  of the inner rooms in the cellar you’ll need  

To purchase tickets which you can do from one of  the most scenic queuing locations we’ve ever seen   even if you don’t purchase tickets you can expect  to hear a live clapa acapella performances in the   palace’s vestibule which is a fun and free  way to experience Croatian culture [Music] Over the centuries regular civilians moved into  the decaying Palace ruins and now today it’s a   mix of ancient buildings and modern shops we  couldn’t believe that even the grocery store   here had ruins among the shelves which is even  more surprising given the whole Palace as a UNESCO  

World heritage site making this probably the  only UNESCO protected grocery store on the entire   planet so we are wandering around Diocletian’s  Palace right now this is so much fun to explore   the majority of this site is free to explore but  there are a couple of different upgrades you can  

Make including the bell tower the Crypt and a  couple other spots we decided to stick to the   free section and we are not disappointed it is so  cool to see all of these old Roman ruins and it’s  

Also actually reminding us a lot of Venice not  so much in the architecture aspect but just in   this small winding streets and Alleyways it’s  very easy to get lost in the old town here and   just wander your way through the city and come  across some hidden surprises so definitely give  

Yourself some time to just explore while you’re  here so one thing you might want to know before   coming to split is that they’re actually pretty  serious about their rules here since the palace   is a UNESCO world heritage site and it spans a  decent amount of the Old Town there are a lot  

Of rules set up so there’s no nonsense around this  place one rule that really surprised us is you’re   actually not supposed to be wearing beach wear  at all throughout the city so if you’re planning   on having a beach day and you’re wearing your  swimwear make sure you bring some coverups or  

You might get fined a pretty significant [Music]  amount next on our list of top things to do in   Split is the climb Marjan Hill .Marion Hill is  a Scenic Overlook and split and offers amazing   views of the city and the Adriatic Sea the  park itself is quite large and you’ll find  

Plenty of nature line paths and hiking trails to  explore the most famous hike here is telegrin Hill   which is the highest point in the city the name  comes from the word telegraph as when Napoleon   conquered split he installed a telegraph station  at the top of this Hill and while the telegraph  

Is now gone it’s been replaced by a giant  Croatian flag which waves proudly over the city so if you’re looking for one of the  best views in ol of split definitely take   a wander off marjan Hill it’s definitely  a pretty steep hike but we were able to  

Do it in about 30 minutes from the center of  split and the telegran Overlook in particular   offers you the best 360 view of split  you can see pretty much anything from   here so definitely take a hiup but  definitely bring some water with you

And besides the views another reason this hill is  so cool is because of the history this has been a   public park for over a thousand years starting  with the ancient Romans and you can clearly  

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On some great Croatian Cuisine nearby there’s a  famous and highly rated Bakery towards the base   of the Hill that you can check out to grab  some of split’s best Croatian treats we just   popped into this famous bakery here in split  and immediately upon walking in there were  

Tons and tons of delicious looking varieties we  asked the shop owner what they thought we should   get and they recommended this sweet bread  which they explained is one of the pastries   this Bakery known for and it looks like it’s  really beautifully prepared the bread itself  

Is actually really malleable and you can bend  it almost like you would a chain and while it   was tough to decide on just this past there  were tons of them in there we actually even   saw one piece of cake that looked identical  to what we had for our wedding cake in Bled  

So as tempting as it was to get that we had  to go with the recommendation to get this   delicious looking chain bread so I’m going to go  in my first bite here tons of powdered sugar on

Top wow it is so light and fluffy almost like  an undercooked pretzel and it has just tons and   tons of sugar caked on top so it’s almost like  a sweet pretzel it’s actually a lot better than   I was expecting that’s really good and if you’re  hungry for something that’s not sweet they also  

Have sandwiches here too and we got both of these  for €3.50 which is actually pretty good the prices   and split have been a little bit higher than  we expected so it’s nice to find a good deal  

Here for [Music] lunch and no trip is split will  be complete without taking the time to wander up   and down its famous Coastal promenade this palm  tree line path carves through the the heart of   split and provides great views of dian’s Palace  and the Adriatic Sea here you can find restaurants  

And cafes lining the promenade where you can  expect to dine with terrific views which you   might use to justify the promenade slightly more  expensive prices even if you opt not to sit at the   cafes there are plenty of public benches where  you can sit and take in the spectacular views  

We found this area to be absolutely magical around  Sunset and is a very Lively Street to explore and [Music] split another top thing to do while you’re  in but it’s a see it’s amazing Coastline from the  

Water one of the best ways to do this is to  buy a ticket to go on one of these boats here   there’s different kinds of boats you can take some  take you to specific rock formations or caves and  

Some are just strictly party boats we’ve seen tons  of these boats passing and it looks like it’s an   absolute blast lots of music playing people having  fun and looks like an all around good time if you  

Want to get on the water and split and you have  tons of different options to do this while walking   along the promenade you’ll find plenty of vendor  selling tickets for all kind of water focused   experiences you can book snorkeling and scuba  tours swimming tours that include local caves or  

Even just music filed party boats we found split  selection to be quite wide here and whether you’re   looking for traditional boat pirate ship or even  a glass bottom submarine so if nautical nonsense   is something you wish there are plenty of options  here in [Music] Split next we’re heading back to  

The area near dian’s Palace where you’ll need  to stop by the next item on our list and that’s   splits Green Market this Open Air Market has  been an operation since the Middle Ages and is  

An amazing spot to shop like a local pick up some  fresh food or find a Croatian souvenir the green   Market’s also home to some tasty restaurants that  can whip you up some iconic Croatian Delicacies  

At a relatively affordable price we sto by a vegan  food stall here to fuel up and we absolutely loved it so we are in the Green Market right now and  we figured we would stop in to get a little  

Bit of greens ourselves so this is a Vegan  Street food shop pretty close to where all   the action is in the Green Market and we  heard it’s really good and provides you a  

Whole lot of food for your money so this was  about € 12 here but we got it to split and I   think it’s going to be plenty food we just  got the basmati rice with tomato sauce and   grilled vegetables that’s exactly what it looks  like and it looks amazing she prepared it right  

In front of us just know that it is cash only  here if you decide to go so I’m going to dig in that’s really good as it sounds I don’t  think I’ve ever thought to cook my rice in  

Tomato sauce before that’s extremely flavorful  going to get some veggies here as well that is   really good and it’s really filling too  which is exactly what we’re looking for   and it [ __ ] pretty well which I think is hard  to do with a pretty simple dish really [Music]

Good if you’re looking to spend more time  on the water you’ll love the next item on   our list and that’s to visit one of splits  many beaches there are several beaches in   the area along the Adriatic Sea and depending  depending on what your preferred Beach style  

Is there’s probably a beach here for everyone  we went to this beach and while Rocky we found   it to be quite enjoyable it’s only a 30-minute  walk from dian’s Palace which we felt made it  

An easy Beach to get to plus there were a few  military relics here which were fun to see as   well while here be sure to say hi to the friendly  cat population who lives along the tree line by  

The shore so that’s it for our split travel guide  if you found this video useful it really helps   out our Channel if you hit that like button and  consider subscribing to see more of our content   next up we’re heading to Bosnia and Herzegovina  to explore the breathtaking city of Mostar which  

Is just a short bus ride from split and after  that we’re heading to Dubrovnik and then all   over Greece so be sure to subscribe so you don’t  miss it thanks and we’ll see you in the next one [Music] bye

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