Black Crowes Prepping First New Album in 15 Years, ‘Happiness Bastards’

Black Crowes Prepping First New Album in 15 Years, ‘Happiness Bastards’

The Black Crowes are back at it. The once battling Robinson brothers go back to their dirty southern blooze roots on their upcoming 10th studio album, Happiness Bastards, due out on March 15. The first new studio record from singer Chris Robinson and guitarist Rich Robinson in 15 years comes after the siblings reunited in 2019 for a string of more than 150 shows in 20 countries in celebration of the 30th anniversary of their breakthrough 1990 album Shake Your Money Maker.

“Call it brotherly love or music destiny that brought them back together, the highly anticipated record consecrating the reunion of this legendary band just may be the thing that saves rock & roll,” read a statement announcing the project. “In a time where the art form is buried beneath the corporate sheen of its successors, The Black Crowes are biting back with the angst of words left unsaid penned on paper and electrified by guitar strings, revealing stripped, bare-boned rock & roll. No gloss, no glitter, just rhythm and blues at it’s very best – gritty, loud, and in your face.”

The follow-up to 2009’s Before the Frost… Until the Freeze was recorded with producer Jay Joyce in early 2023 by the Robinson brothers along with longtime bassist Sven Pipien.

The group previewed the album slated for release on their own Silver Arrow Records on Friday morning (Jan. 12) with raucous first single “Wanting and Waiting.” The classic slice of hip-shimmy boogie blues finds Chris Robinson singing, “It’s been a month of Sundays since I could fake a smile/ Trying to lose my lonely in self-imposed exile/ Trying to stay friendly but feeling so hostile/ It’s like I’m cold to touch, mortuary style,” before busting into the stomping, hand-clapping, gospel-assisted chorus, “I’m nothing but lonely/ Waiting and wanting/ Wanting and waiting for you/ Ohh, it’s true.”

The 10-track album also features a duet with country singer Lainey Wilson on the fiery Southern gothic ballad “Wilted Rose.”

In a statement, Chris said, “Happiness Bastards is our love letter to rock ‘n’ roll. Rich and I are always writing and creating music; that has never stopped for us, and it is always where we find harmony together. This record represents that.” Brother Rich added, “This album is a continuation of our story as a band. Our years of experience writing and making music and touring the world are represented in this record, and we were brilliantly guided by one of the best producers in the business, Jay Joyce. I am incredibly proud of what we put together.”

The band will hit the road this spring for dates in North America, the U.K. and Europe, with dates to be announced soon.

Listen to “Wanting and Waiting” and see the Happiness Bastards track list below.

Happiness Bastards track list:

  1. “Bedside Manners”
  2. “Rats and Clowns”
  3. “Cross Your Fingers”
  4. “Wanting and Waiting”
  5. “Wilted Rose” (feat. Lainey Wilson)
  6. “Dirty Cold Sun”
  7. “Bleed It Dry”
  8. “Flesh Wound”
  9. “Follow the Moon”
  10. “Kindred Friend”

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