“BODYCAM: The Quick Way to Ruin a Clean Record” – Video

“BODYCAM: The Quick Way to Ruin a Clean Record” – Video

The video titled “BODYCAM: How To Demolish A Clean Record In Seconds” shows a situation where a woman with no prior record finds herself in trouble with the law due to a series of poor decisions. The video begins with a police officer approaching the woman’s vehicle after witnessing her driving violations. The officer calmly explains the reasons for stopping her and asks for her driver’s license, registration, and insurance.

However, the situation quickly escalates when the woman decides to flee from the officer, leading to a dramatic chase and her eventual arrest. Throughout the video, the woman pleads with the officer, expressing her fear and regret for her actions and emphasizing that she is a good person. Despite her attempts to reason with the officer, she faces serious charges and refuses to comply with a lawful breath test.

The video serves as a cautionary tale, illustrating the consequences of making impulsive decisions and refusing to cooperate with law enforcement. It highlights the importance of complying with traffic laws and officers’ instructions, as well as the potential ramifications of driving under the influence. Ultimately, the woman’s actions result in the demolition of her clean record in a matter of seconds.

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What are you same joh she’s taking off get on the ground now please get on the ground get on your stomach please hey I’m deput with the Sheriff’s Office hey reason I’m stopping you okay first off all right when you were stopped over there at the red light after coming over the bridge

Of lions okay you were stopped way past the Stop Bar and your car was completely in the crosswalk okay okay you can’t be parking in the middle of the crosswalk cuz if people are trying to cross obviously they can’t walk through your car right that makes sense okay do you

Remember where you started drifting over to the left and you almost hit that parked car yes okay and then as you turned here all right you turned here very quick onto this road which is King Street okay so that’s why I stopped you one you were parked in the crosswalk up

There two you drifted over and almost smashed into that parked car I did not almost smash into the parked car I’m a lift I’m trying to get to my customers okay do you remember but you remember almost hitting it no I didn’t almost hit it that’s not what happened okay well

Listen I’m just telling you what I saw okay okay and also parked in the crosswalk okay do you have your driver’s license your registration insurance I sure do he is this with me what’s that I said can you bear with me I didn’t even say anything what are

You st joh she’s taking off she’s heading towards she’s right on St George I’m on Cathedral I just lost her it looks like it’s in 23 she’s single forward she’s Running get on the ground you’re going to get tased you’re going to get tased get on the ground now please get on the ground get on your stomach please get on your stomach now get on your stomach please I have old please I have a you’re

Going to get tased if you move I never go out please 2ye old I have a 2-year-old St John I’m working on getting secured I can’t give you an address we’re in a side yard please I I never put your feet out never please I’m a good person

Please please I never I never work on it put your arms behind your back never go please I’ve never done anything like this I’m scared please you just made a bad decision I know but I’m scar what happens please tell me what happens what’s happening look what you

Just did look what you just did look at all this one bad mistake makes up for do you got anything illegal on you no of course not up we have posts paneling vehicle headlight Toyota oh my God it’s in their yard this thing like exploded oh my that be the end look at

That that’s final destination yeah dude that would have hurt I have a 2 year I have a 3 and 1/2-year-old and a fiance are they home right now yes okay I just want to let them know I’m okay I’ve never been in trouble I got scared I

Know what I did I thought I I know I made a mistake I just got here so I don’t I don’t even know what happened so he pulled me over I’ve never been pulled over in my life I’m 30 years old I got scared have you consumed any alcoholic

Beverages I I met up with some friends at 9:30 okay so about 9:30 you met up with some friends what time do you think you had your last alcoholic beverage I I don’t know you don’t know Okay let’s see I decline the answer hm I’m just I’m you don’t want to answer any more questions I’m not sure about that okay that’s fine so here’s the deal you are being placed under arrest for duy as long as well uh a lot of other charges okay um I am requesting you

Submit to a lawful breath test to determine your breath alcohol content is that something you be willing to do for me no okay I got to read you what’s called your implied consent okay okay

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