Bolivia faces fears of coup attempt as military presence grows

Bolivia faces fears of coup attempt as military presence grows

Bolivia is currently facing a tense situation as armored vehicles rammed into the doors of the government palace, leading President Luis Arce to declare an attempted coup. In a video circulating online, Arce, surrounded by ministers, stood firm and urged the Bolivian people to mobilize in response to the perceived threat.

The confrontation between President Arce and the general commander of the Army, Juan José Zúñiga, was captured on video as tensions escalated. Arce asserted his authority as the captain and ordered Zúñiga to withdraw the soldiers, emphasizing that he would not allow insubordination.

As the situation unfolds, uncertainty looms over Bolivia, with troops pouring into the streets and the potential for political upheaval. President Arce’s call for the Bolivian people to organize signals a unified stance against any attempts to destabilize the government.

The world watches with bated breath as Bolivia navigates this perilous moment, with the outcome uncertain and the potential for further unrest. Stay tuned for updates on this developing situation.

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