Breaking Bad: The Top 10 Most Satisfying Revenge Kills – Video

Breaking Bad: The Top 10 Most Satisfying Revenge Kills – Video

The drug trade is a cutthroat business, and the characters from “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul” have shown just how far they are willing to go for vengeance. In this video, WatchMojo counts down the top 10 revenge kills in both shows, from the untimely demise of Todd Alquist to the shocking death of Gus Fring.

One of the most memorable moments on the list is when Walt finally takes his revenge on Jack and his gang for all the pain and suffering they caused him and Jesse. Using a rigged machine gun in his trunk, Walt wipes out nearly everyone in the gang before finishing off Jack himself. It’s a brutal and satisfying end to Walt’s final enemies.

But perhaps the most shocking and iconic revenge kill in the franchise is when Hector Salamanca takes down Gus Fring in a nursing home. With a bomb attached to his famous bell, Hector blows up Gus in a dramatic and unforgettable moment that solidifies him as one of the greatest villains in TV history.

From twisted betrayals to meticulously planned murders, these revenge kills showcase the lengths these characters will go to make their enemies pay. So sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the top 10 revenge kills in “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul.” And don’t forget to toast your favorites in the comments!

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Any second thoughts let’s get to work welcome to watch Mojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the most memorable moments characters from Breaking Bad and its prequel Better Call Saul killed someone for vengeance naturally spoilers for both shows ahead maybe it’s better if uh if I do this myself I do

This number 10 Gus arranges Juan bol’s death Breaking Bad Gustavo Fring has a lot of enemies many of whom he’s forced to work with one such man is Juan Bolsa his main goet with the Salam Mona family I think you’re behind all this why would

I do this Gus approves a hit on Hank Walter White’s DEA agent brother-in-law which raises busa’s suspicions and gets the US government looking south of the borderer and when I get proof and the others find out what you’ve done maybe we come pay you a visit Busa

Connects the dots eventually but by then his house is surrounded by Mexican federales despite busa’s confidence that he can use his connections to escape unscathed the federales gun him down in his house while Gus listens and judging by the rare smile on Gus’s face it’s music to his

Ears number nine the twins kill Tortuga Breaking Bad speaking of Busa while he may not be able to avenge Gus for his betrayal he did manage to punish another one of his men at a bar Mexico BSA meets with Tortuga a long-standing cartel member who has been talking to the DEA Busa

Puts Tortuga at ease complimenting his way with words and giving him a supposed gift in the form of a tortoise his namesake however by signing his present he reveals that he knows of Tortuga’s betrayal just then Marco and lonel Salam monka the cartel’s terrifying enforcers burst in and ensure that Tortuga’s big

Mouth is forever shut it may be a flashback scene but it’s still a terrifying and effective Death number eight Walt kills Lydia Breaking Bad Lydia oh Lydia one time business partner of Gus and Walter White Lydia radart Quail helped with Supply and distribution who said anything about barrels I’m talking about an ocean of this stuff however after she threatens Walt’s family and collaborates with the

Same white supremacist gang that betrayed him Heisenberg adds her to his revenge list when he returns to Albuquerque Walt pretends to seek Lydia’s help at her favorite coffee shop I am have a new method that requires no methylamine and it’s easy and it will keep you in business however he secretly

Replaces her favorite sugar substitute with rysen a deadly poison he had earlier prepared when Lydia calls Todd hoping that Walt has been killed Walt himself picks up the phone and reveals that not only are her new Associates dead but so is she Lydia may have debuted late but her demise is still a

Satisfying conclusion I slipped it into that that Stevia crap that you’re always putting in your tea oh my God number seven the Twins and nacho kill the Espinosa gang Better Call Saul nacho Varga is forced into working as a mole for Gus in the cartel got to make it look real after narrowly

Surviving a staged attack nacho describes the silver car that attacked him to the saloma twins Gus is able to place this car at the compound of the Espinosa gang one of his competitors pinning the blame on them them V got survived barely but he couldn’t see faces someone knows our business

Together with the twins nacho heads to the Espinosa headquarters despite his suggestion to assemble a team Marco and Leonel decide to do it themselves from a distance nacho watches as the duo storm the building and wre complete Havoc he eventually joins the fry killing a few stragglers himself while

We don’t see much of it the assault is still an incredible display of violence number six Gus kills Lo Better Call Saul of Gus’s many enemies in the cartel Lo salamona stands out as perhaps the most formidable The Crafty psychopath carefully observes that Gus is hiding something at his laundry after luring

Most of his men away Lo gets Gus at gunpoint and videotapes a tour of his lab under construction t [Applause] however Gus is one step ahead having planted a gun and loosened a power cable I understand Blood for Blood distracting Lo by railing against the cartel and the

Salam Monas Gus trips the lights and manages to get the gun killing his hated rival you done no not yet Gus may have come out on top in this moment but the contest between these two could have easily gone the other way number five Mike kills fensky and Hoffman Better Call Saul Gus’s

Right-hand man Mike Airman trout had already broken bad before arriving in New Mexico once a crooked cop in Philadelphia Mike retired under a cloud of Suspicion his son Matt a fellow cop had died after being offered dirty money by two corrupt officers Jack fensky and Troy Hoffman aware of their involvement

In his son’s death Mike encounters the two at a cop bar where he accuses them under the guise of drunkenness I know it was you fy and Hoffman plan to silence Mike unaware that he had planted a gun in their squad car come on don’t don’t be

An ass on get the car ready it’s cold out here Mike successfully retrieves the weapon and turns the tables on them he may be a criminal but Mike has his own code of honor and must avenge his son’s death we’re doing him a favor smart that’s what I would have done if I

Were you number four Jesse kills Todd Breaking Bad Todd Alquist seems like an unassuming good old boy but he’s among the franchise’s most despicable characters perhaps no other character Harbors a deeper hatred for Todd than Jesse Pinkman and it’s easy to see why Todd can commits several murders that

Hit too close to home for the drug dealer this includes the killing of a child who witnesses their Train Robbery and Jess’s ex-girlfriend Andrea just so you know this isn’t personal then there’s the whole enslaving Jesse to cook narcotics for a year thing that’s why in the finale when Jesse sees an

Opportunity he immediately uses the chains that Todd kept him in to Snuff the life out of his Tormentor for [Applause] good number three gut kills Don Eladio and the cartel breaking bad Gus has long despised the cartel he works under and for good reason they killed his business

And romantic partner Max after seemingly smoothing things over with the cartel’s leader donadio Gus offers him expensive tequila and proposes a toast although Eladio is smart enough to make sure Gus drinks too he and his men still fall for it Gus goes to the bathroom and throws it up immediately

Meanwhile Eladio and his top men all soon fall ill and die while Mike takes care of their head Enforcer he may be a villain but it’s still satisfying to watch Gus’s long- awaited Vengeance play out number two Walt kills Jack and his gang Breaking Bad for as much as Jesse despises Jack’s white supremacist gang Walt shares the same sentiment Jack’s ruthless actions murdering Walt’s brother-in-law Hank and

Seizing most of Walt’s accumulated Fortune contribute to that Jesus what’s with all agreed here but Walt’s feelings intensify upon discovering that Jesse had been imprisoned and tortured by the gang during their final meeting Walt is very particular about where he Parks his car no no no just straight in man just

What all right fine yeah whatever after tackling Jesse to the ground he activates a machine gun he jury rigged inside his trunk which wipes out nearly everyone Walt then takes it upon himself to put a bullet in Jack’s head finishing him the same way he did Hank while the

Stunt ultimately claims Walt’s life he makes sure his last living enemies go before he does before we continue be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos you have the option to be notified for occasional videos or all of

Them if you’re on your phone make sure you go into your settings and switch on notifications number one Hector and Walt kill Gus Breaking Bad Gus looms large over the Breaking Bad franchise the chicken man proves to be Walt’s greatest adversary putting him through plenty of misery and even endangering his family

But just when it seems like Walt is backed into a corner he remembers someone else with a deeper animosity for Gus Hector salamona and I know how badly you want to see me dead but I’m willing to bet that I Know a Man whom you hate even more Hector fe’s

Cooperation with the DEA to lure Gus into his nursing home just as Gus prepares to eliminate Hector the old man Rings his famous Bell detonating the bomb Walt attached to it it’s arguably one of the most shocking and memorable moments not just from breaking bad but in TV history it’s

Also one of the best revenge kills ever even though it’s a puic victory for Hector what happened I won is there a vengeful death from Breaking Bad or better call saw that we forgot toast your favorites in the comments did you enjoy this video check out these other clips from watch Mojo

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