Can Iran’s newly elected president deliver on his promises? | Inside Story

Can Iran’s newly elected president deliver on his promises? | Inside Story

Iran has recently elected a new president, Masoud Pezeshkian, who has been seen as a moderate candidate promising social reforms and engagement with the West. However, in the Iranian system, it is the Supreme Leader who ultimately holds the power, not the president. So, the question remains: will Pezeshkian be able to fulfill his promises and bring about any significant policy shifts in Iran?

With me today to discuss this topic are Foad Izadi, an expert in US-Iran relations from the University of Tehran, Roxane Farmanfarmaian, a specialist in Middle East security from the University of Cambridge, and Mehran Kamrava, a professor of Government at Georgetown University in Qatar.

As Pezeshkian takes office, he faces a multitude of challenges, both economic and political. The Iranian economy has been struggling under sanctions and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, while political tensions both domestically and internationally continue to simmer. How will Pezeshkian navigate these complicated waters and lead Iran towards a brighter future?

Only time will tell whether Pezeshkian’s presidency will bring about the promised reforms and engagement with the West, or if the Supreme Leader’s influence will prove to be a hindrance to his efforts. Stay tuned as we continue to observe and analyze the developments in Iran under its new leadership.

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