Cease this behavior and seek assistance. – Video

Cease this behavior and seek assistance. – Video

Stop it. Get some help.

In the video titled “Stop it. Get some help.”, tech expert Patrick Holland urges viewers to resist the temptation of downloading the iOS 18 developer beta on their personal devices. While the beta version might offer a sneak peek of the upcoming software, it comes with potential bugs and incomplete features that could compromise the user experience. Holland emphasizes the importance of waiting for the official release in the fall, when all the kinks will have been ironed out for optimal performance. By urging viewers to “stop it” and “get some help”, he is encouraging responsible tech usage and reminding them to prioritize their future enjoyment of the software. As a representative of CNET Industries, Holland stresses that patience will ultimately lead to a better user experience, ensuring that viewers can fully enjoy iOS 18 when it is officially launched. So, heed the advice and resist the urge to download the developer beta – your future self will thank you.

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