Challenging Your Labels: A Guide to Radical Questioning | LaNysha Adams | TEDxAsburyPark – Video

Challenging Your Labels: A Guide to Radical Questioning | LaNysha Adams | TEDxAsburyPark – Video

In the TEDx talk “How to radically question your labels” by LaNysha Adams, the speaker shares her deeply personal journey of self-discovery and reflection after experiencing a sudden Cardiac Arrest that left her hospitalized and grappling with a new label of “heart failure.” Through her powerful storytelling, Adams challenges the audience to consider the labels they identify with and the impact those labels have on their lives and relationships.

Adams introduces the concept of “radical interrogation” as a process of questioning and examining one’s labels, shedding light on how labels can shape our perception of ourselves and others. She encourages listeners to reflect on the labels they carry, acknowledging that every label comes with both positive and negative aspects. By exploring and challenging these labels, Adams suggests that individuals can gain a deeper understanding of who they are and how they want to be perceived.

Through her talk, Adams emphasizes the importance of unity and connection, highlighting how embracing our unique differences can lead to collective strength. By engaging in radical interrogation and reevaluating the labels we assign ourselves and others, Adams posits that we can pave the way for a more unified and empathetic society.

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What can we learn and unlearn from radically interrogating the labels we place on ourselves and on others? That our unique differences are the foundation of our collective strength. Dr. LaNysha Adams is an 8x award-winning author of Me Power, mother of two young boys, and Director of the Student Wellness Center at Santa Fe Community College. Dr. Adams holds degrees from California State University San Marcos, Columbia University, and the University of New Mexico. She is a Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Advisor and an Institutional Ethnography Board Member of the International Sociological Association. Dr. Adams has been featured on prestigious platforms such as The Roland Martin Show, American Heart Association, Reader’s Digest, Fox Business, Washington Business Journal, The Journal of Emergency Medical Services, Bold Journey Magazine, Blavity, Inc., Brown Girl Collective Book Club, numerous podcasts, and various syndicated radio shows. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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