Chaos in the Red Sea and the Plundering of Cambodia | Full Episode of

Chaos in the Red Sea and the Plundering of Cambodia | Full Episode of

In the latest episode of “60 Minutes,” the show tackles two important and pressing issues happening around the world.

The first segment focuses on the crisis unfolding in the Red Sea involving the U.S. Navy’s response to the Houthi rebels. With tensions escalating in the region, the U.S. Navy plays a crucial role in maintaining peace and security. Viewers will get an inside look at the challenges faced by the Navy as they navigate through this volatile situation.

The second segment sheds light on the looting of antiquities in Cambodia. As precious artifacts are stolen and smuggled out of the country, Cambodia is taking steps to track down these looted treasures. The episode delves into the illicit trade of antiquities and the efforts being made to preserve Cambodia’s cultural heritage.

“60 Minutes” has a long history of delivering impactful investigative journalism, and this episode is no exception. With in-depth reporting and powerful storytelling, viewers can expect to gain valuable insights into these two important global issues.

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