Choosing Between an Electric Kettle and Curling Stone – Video

Choosing Between an Electric Kettle and Curling Stone – Video

Electric Kettle or Curling Stone?

In the video titled Electric Kettle or Curling Stone?, the host showcases the new Clyde Kettle from Fellow. The kettle not only boils a large amount of water but also resembles a curling stone, adding a unique and stylish touch to any kitchen. The kettle features a giant spout for easy pouring and simple controls for turning it on and off. The host proceeds to make a French press coffee using a Fellow French press, emphasizing that the video is not sponsored by the brand. After preparing the coffee by adding pre-measured and ground coffee beans, the host stirs the mixture and lets it brew for 4 minutes. Upon returning, the host is excited to taste the freshly brewed coffee and cheers to its deliciousness. The video showcases the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the Clyde Kettle while also demonstrating the process of making a perfect cup of coffee with Fellow products. Cheers to a great cup of coffee!

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Video “Electric Kettle or Curling Stone?” was uploaded on 05/28/2024 to Youtube Channel CNET