Cicadas’ Noisy Chorus Inspires Country Songwriter – Video

Cicadas’ Noisy Chorus Inspires Country Songwriter – Video

Wood Newton, a seasoned country songwriter, has drawn inspiration from a rather unexpected source for his newest song: the loud cicadas that have taken over the United States in a historic bloom. Newton, who has been creating music for decades and draws inspiration from his church roots and radio hits, found himself captivated by the buzzing of the cicadas and decided to incorporate their symphony into his latest track.

The result? “Cicada Serenade,” a unique and creative blend of country music and the sounds of nature. The song is now available on Spotify for listeners to enjoy.

This unexpected inspiration speaks to the power of nature and how it can influence our creative endeavors in unexpected ways. If you’re curious to hear how cicadas can inspire a country song, be sure to give “Cicada Serenade” a listen. You never know what beauty and creativity can come from the most unlikely sources.

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