Colombia’s coca wars | DW Documentary

Colombia’s coca wars | DW Documentary

Colombia’s coca wars | DW Documentary

The Catatumbo forest is at the heart of the largest coca-growing area in Colombia. Cocaine has become the country’s most important export.

Armed groups seeking to expand coca cultivation are fighting a war for land, power, money, and influence. The main victims of this brutal rule by the guerrillas are civilians. But for some time now, the boom in cultivation has led to overproduction, leaving many farmers struggling to sell their coca. A report by Daniel Sager.

00:00 Intro
00:51 The coca farmer
02:58 Working the harvest instead of attending school
04:57 Women: victims of the coca wars
09:12 A glimmer of hope: a women’s shelter
11:22 Palm oil as an alternative to coca cultivation

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