Conscription squads send Ukrainian men into hiding

Conscription squads send Ukrainian men into hiding

The conflict in Ukraine has been ongoing for over two years now, and tensions continue to escalate as conscription squads are sent out to recruit men for the country’s defense. In an effort to combat the invading Russian forces, Ukrainian men are being forced to go into hiding to avoid being drafted into the military.

This video from BBC News sheds light on the difficult situation facing Ukrainian men who are being pressured to join the fight against Russian aggression. As conscription squads roam the streets, young men are forced to make the difficult decision to either join the military or risk their lives by going into hiding.

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has had devastating consequences for the country, with many lives lost and families torn apart. As the situation continues to deteriorate, the need for young men to join the fight for their country’s sovereignty becomes more urgent.

This video highlights the struggles of Ukrainian men who are being forced into a situation they never imagined they would be in. As the conflict in Ukraine shows no signs of abating, the bravery and sacrifice of these men cannot be understated.

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