Critter Fixers Give Abandoned Kittens a Checkup – Documentary

Critter Fixers Give Abandoned Kittens a Checkup – Documentary

Recently, the team at Critter Fixer were faced with a heartwarming yet challenging case. A box of abandoned kittens was hand-delivered to the clinic by a caring individual who found them at the Sheriff’s Department. One of the kittens was showing signs of a potential back injury, and the team at Critter Fixer immediately sprang into action to provide the care and attention that these tiny animals desperately needed.

Upon examination, it was determined that the kittens were about four weeks old, and while two of them appeared to be in good health, one was suffering from dehydration and showed signs of wobbly movements. The dehydrated kitten was given intravenous fluids to replenish its hydration levels, and a thorough physical examination revealed that it was suffering from a condition known as wobbly kitty disease, or cerebellar hyperplasia.

This condition is a result of the kittens’ mother contracting panleukopenia, a disease that attacks the cerebellum and prevents it from developing properly in the kittens. Despite this diagnosis, the team at Critter Fixer remained hopeful and committed to providing the best care for the kittens. They patiently helped the wobbly kitten learn how to eat and ensured that all the kittens received the care and attention they needed.

In the end, the team at Critter Fixer were able to provide the abandoned kittens with the care they needed to thrive and potentially find a loving forever home. The heartwarming story of these abandoned kittens receiving a second chance at life is a testament to the dedication and compassion of the team at Critter Fixer. The hope is that these kittens will go on to find a special family who will care for and cherish them despite their unique needs.

Video “Abandoned Kittens Get a Checkup | Critter Fixers” was uploaded on 03/11/2022 by Nat Geo WILD Youtube channel.