Curious about a race against time… and an eagle? #shorts – Video

Curious about a race against time… and an eagle? #shorts – Video

The Nesting Grounds of the Beagle Aerial Predator

As we watch the live feed from the camera right by the nest of the ground beagle, we are given a rare and close-up view of the mother and chick in their natural habitat. However, our focus quickly shifts to Africa’s most powerful aerial predator, the beagle.

The Mission Begins

Once the mother leaves the nest, the team is on a tight timeline. With only 30 minutes to set up the rig, they must work with military precision to ensure they capture the perfect footage.

Team Coordination

As the team works quickly to set up the camera, they communicate with each other to make sure they are in the best possible position to capture the beagle in action. With the help of Bertie and Sam, they are able to find the perfect spot for the camera.

Success at the Nest

With the camera in place, the team is able to capture the reunion of the mother and chick, showcasing the incredible bond between them. The camera placement proves to be perfect, allowing for an intimate look at the beagle’s natural behavior.

Overall, the team’s hard work and coordination pay off, providing valuable footage of the beagle in its natural habitat. It’s a testament to the dedication and precision required to capture such incredible moments in the wild.

Video “A race against time… and an eagle 🦅 #shorts” was uploaded on 09/09/2022 by Nat Geo WILD Youtube channel.