DADDIO Official Trailer #2 (2024) – Starring Dakota Johnson – Video

DADDIO Official Trailer #2 (2024) – Starring Dakota Johnson – Video

In the upcoming movie “Daddio,” set to be released in 2024, viewers will follow the story of a woman, played by Dakota Johnson, who takes a cab ride from JFK airport. During the ride, she strikes up a conversation with the taxi driver, played by Sean Penn, about the important relationships in their lives. As they share their personal stories and struggles, they form an unlikely bond that challenges their perspectives on love, family, and connection.

With powerful performances from Johnson, Penn, and Marcos A. Gonzalez, “Daddio” promises to be a moving and thought-provoking drama that explores the complexities of human relationships. The second trailer for the film gives a glimpse into the emotional journey that the characters will embark on, leaving audiences eager to see how their stories unfold on the big screen. Don’t miss out on this compelling tale of love and connection when “Daddio” hits theaters on June 28, 2024.

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