Dakota Johnson Is Queer in Coming Out Dramedy

Dakota Johnson Is Queer in Coming Out Dramedy

Dakota Johnson is asking herself what we all have at one time or another: “Am I OK?

Johnson stars in the simply titled feature that premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival. Tig Notaro co-directs with her wife and fellow comedian Stephanie Allynne from a semi-autobiographical script written by Lauren Pomerantz.

Johnson stars as 30something Lucy who realizes she is a lesbian just as her best friend Jane (Sonoya Mizuno) announces she’s moving from Los Angeles to London for work. As Lucy’s life is upended, she’s suddenly floating through a queer dating pool without the life raft of Jane.

Jermaine Fowler, Kiersey Clemons, Molly Gordon, and Sean Hayes also star, along with co-director Notaro.

Screenwriter Pomerantz told Entertainment Weekly that “Am I OK?” began as a “friendship movie” centered on her actual best friend Jessica Elbaum, who serves as a producer on the film. However, the feature became a coming-out dramedy instead.

“I took my whole coming out late story, and I used that, and I really based it on a real-life friendship with my best friend Jessica [Elbaum], who is also a producer on this movie,” Pomerantz said. “I started writing it as a friendship movie based on our friendship. We had sort of a big fight, and then we’re friends again, but then simultaneously, I was struggling to come out. And so I realized that was the story that I really wanted to tell.”

The IndieWire review credited Johnson’s…

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