Danny Trejo, Actor, Punches ‘Coward’ During July 4th Parade

Danny Trejo, Actor, Punches ‘Coward’ During July 4th Parade

Actor Danny Trejo made headlines during a Fourth of July parade in Los Angeles when he punched a paradegoer who allegedly threw a water balloon at his vintage convertible. The incident occurred in the neighborhood of Sunland-Tujunga, sparking an all-out brawl along the parade route.

Known for his tough-guy roles in movies like “Machete,” Trejo didn’t hold back when faced with the disrespectful act. The altercation quickly escalated, showcasing the actor’s no-nonsense attitude.

The fiery moment was caught on camera and has since gone viral, with many viewers praising Trejo for standing up for himself and not backing down. The action-packed scene added an unexpected twist to the holiday festivities.

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