Delicious Vegan and Gluten-Free Mushroom Wellington (No Oil Added) – Video

Delicious Vegan and Gluten-Free Mushroom Wellington (No Oil Added) – Video

As seen in the Youtube script, making a mouthwatering vegan mushroom Wellington is not as daunting as it may seem. This meat-free, oil-free, and gluten-free recipe is perfect for anyone looking for a showstopping dish to serve at a holiday feast. The filling consists of delicious ingredients such as mushrooms, onions, garlic, thyme, smoked paprika, Dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar, and black lentils, creating a burst of flavor that will impress both vegans and non-vegans alike.

To make the crust, a combination of rolled oats, almond flour, nutritional yeast, arrowroot flour, and flax meal is mixed with mashed sweet potato, creating a delicious and wholesome base that holds the Wellington together. Once the filling and crust are assembled, the Wellington is baked until golden brown and served as a beautiful centerpiece for any special occasion.

The recipe also includes tips on how to perfectly assemble the Wellington, including spreading the spinach on the bottom and placing the mushroom and lentil mixture on top before folding and crimping the edges to create a stunning presentation. This mouthwatering vegan mushroom Wellington is a must-try for anyone looking for a delicious and impressive plant-based main dish. Whether you’re new to a plant-based diet or a seasoned home chef, this recipe is sure to delight and satisfy all taste buds.

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Video Transcript

Let’s make a plant-based mushroom Wellington welcome back to the whole food plant-based cooking show where we make plant-based cooking easy I’m Jill and today we’re going to make this beautiful mushroom Wellington which would be perfect for your holiday feast because really it is a showstopper and

It tastes just as delicious as it looks so we’re going to Jump Right In I already have my oven preheated to 400° uh I’ve got one onion here diced pretty small and we’re going to start getting that frying not going to put any oil in my pan because I’m going to cook my

Mushrooms with it this is just 8 O of sliced mushrooms and as those mushrooms cook they’re going to release some of that their juices and that’s going to keep it from sticking and help the the onions to keep from sticking also but if it does

Start to stick a little bit I have some vegetable broth here and you can just you know do about a tablespoon at a time as it’s sticking and it’ll come right up all right our mushrooms are cooked down they’re nice and brown and the onions have cooked down so we’re going to add

We have two cloves of minced garlic in here you don’t need to cook it too long I’m just going to use the residual heat from this stuff to kind of cook it we’re going to add our other ingredients here I have half teaspoon of thyme 1 teaspoon of smoked

Paprika one tbspoon of Deon mustard one tbspoon of balsamic vinegar and I have 3/4 of a cup of black lentils that I’ve already cooked and if you can’t find black lentils you can also use just regular brown lentils or green lentils those are fine too I just really like the flavor and the

Consistency of these I think they’re absolutely delicious and then we’re going to give a little bit of Cracked Pepper pepper we’re just going to stir that together here and let it cook just a little bit just to kind of Mill the flavors together a little bit get those

Seasonings kind of cooked into it a little bit all right while that’s finishing I’m going to grab our ingredients for that beautiful crust whether you are new to a plant-based diet or our seasoned home Chef it can be a welcome relief to have someone else do the cooking at the end

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Order all right so so let’s get this crust made so this is one cup of rolled oats that I just lightly Blended in my neutri bullet and I have 1 cup of almond flour 2 tbspoon of nutritional yeast and that’s going to kind of give it that

Buttery flavor kind of like a pastry crust would give you 1/4 of a cup of aerrow root flour and we’re going to whisk that together first just our dry ingredients just to make sure they’re all mixed well okay and I have 2 tbspoon of flax

Meal and about A3 of a cup of water that I’ve already let soak so that it will uh start you know setting up like this cuz that’s going to hold all of this together along with one cup of uh sweet potato mashed sweet potato this is a

White sweet potato but you could also use an orange sweet potato or even a purple sweet potato but of course that will change how your Wellington is going to look the color of it and I use the white one just because it’s a little bit more of the traditional look it’s going

To turn a nice golden brown color but if you have the orange sweet potato of course it’s going to be a little bit more orange but it tastes just as good all right so we’re going to put all this together and then I’m just going to

Lightly stir a little bit just to get that stuff coated and then I’m going to use my pastry cutter here just to kind of mix it initially just cuz it gets a little bit nicer um texture going and we don’t have to add any additional liquid unless your sweet

Potato is really dry but usually it has just enough moisture and with the flax meal um to get it to all stick together you just have to work it a little bit here all right once it all it’s all coming together with your pastry cutter

You can kind of do the rest with your hands just so we can get it to stick together into a ball because we’re going to roll this out flat so it needs to start out as a ball okay all right so then this next step you’re going to need some parchment

Paper and a rolling pin so I have two pieces of parchment paper and then I have this so I’m going to kind of press it into you know more of a a longer oval shape because we’re going to roll this into a rectangle but I’m just going to press it

Down a little a little bit first with my hands and then we put the other piece of parchment paper on top and then we use our rolling [Applause] pin and it’s a really nice soft dough so it doesn’t take that much pressure to roll it [Applause] [Applause] out

Okay and the rest of it you can kind of just Mash with your hands just to press it out so it’s a nicer shape you know a little bit more rectangular and if you have thin spots you know this isn’t like a pastry CR crust where it’s just going to crumble

Apart you can you know pick up chunks of it and stick it somewhere else it works just fine and it will stick to each other or to itself really well but we do want to get kind of a straight Edge all the way around and once we fold this up you’ll see

Why okay now I’m going to grab our other ingredients so that we can get this assembled okay we are ready to assemble so first of all I had two cups of frozen spinach here that I let thaw out and then I kind of squeezed some of that

Juice out because we don’t want any of that extra moisture to be inside of here because it will make the crust go soggy so we’re going to use we’re going to put that first that’s going to be on the bottom and it seems like I would be

Putting things this way right but we’re going to put this stuff in the center and the sides are going to fold over it so we’re just going to put our spinach and to spread it out on the bottom and you don’t want to go all the way to the edge cuz you’re

Going to need the edge to be open for uh crimping when we fold that over so you just want to kind of evenly SP uh spread it just along the bottom and in the center of this rectangle about you know a good 2 to 3 Ines wide then we’re going to put this

Mixture on the top our mushroom and onion mixture and it looks like a lot but you kind of want a nice you know nice size Mound so that it doesn’t turn into a just a flat log you know we want this to be a nice puffy looking like roast wrapped in

Pastry I’m just going to make it a little bit more even here flatten out the top a little bit all right and you can just take your parchment because if you just try to peel this up right now it will probably break apart so you just take that

Parchment like that and then place place it back down so it stays on your cookie sheet cuz that’s going to keep this guy from sticking to your cookie sheet then you do your other side over the top just like that look at that guys it’s coming along perfectly and then

Your Edge so you can kind of Pull up The Edge a little bit to kind of pinch it together and then just gently pressing it down and you know you can do a nice little scalloped Edge on it if you want you know if you’re going to get fancy with

It I’m going to keep it just you know pretty simple you know me I like my rustic little bakes here and this you don’t even have to do that much to press this together it’s going to stick to itself so you don’t really have to crimp

That edge at all but then you crimp the back Edge too same thing just to keep all of that goodness inside while it’s baking and you probably will have some juices that are going to ooze out just a little bit but it’s not going to harm anything you’ll just get a little bit

More of that brownness okay so now that our edges are done then just to make a nice design uh if you’ve ever made a Wellington before if you’ve seen what they look like they kind of do a cross-hatching type of um design on it so I’m just going to

Do diagonal Cuts I’m not cutting all the way through I’m just cutting through the surface just a little bit just kind of rocking my knife a little bit so it doesn’t cut all the way through all the way to the corners and then you do your diet your other diagonal the opposite

Direction and this is going to make it look so beautiful and really you could do whatever design you like I just think this particular pattern is is so pretty all right so our oven is already preheated to 400° and we’re going to stick it in for 40 minutes and

About 5 to 10 minutes before it’s done you can use the remaining vegetable broth that you have or you can get a little bit extra and you can just lightly base the surface of it if you want it will turn nice and golden brown by itself but if you just want a little

Bit more of that a little bit of a shine to it you can just lightly glaze it while we’re waiting for that I’d like to share some background on our show the whole food plant-based cooking show is crowdfunded which means these free weekly recipe videos along with our

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Viewers just use code plant-based easy at checkout to save 15% off of your order okay so while our Wellington is cooking we’re going to make a very simple but amazingly delicious little mushroom gravy so I have 4 oz of sliced mushrooms that we’re just going to cook down really quickly

Here I’m going to put half a teaspoon of smoked paprika in with it and a half teaspoon of onion powder and then just a teeny bit of vegetable broth just to get it started cooking so I’m going to cook that down until all that moisture Wicks out and

Then I’ll show you how to finish it off okay our mushrooms are done and I’m going to put that put them in our little neutri Billet thing here that side and then I’ve got half a teaspoon of miso it’s going to give it a little bit

Of a saltiness and also a little bit of rich flavor then I’ve got a tablespoon and a half of a root powder but you could also use corn starch that will work too and I’m going to put about half of our vegetable broth in there this is 2

Cups of low sodium vegetable broth cuz I’m just going to I just want to blend the mushrooms till they’re completely pulverized all right now we’re going to pour that back into our saucepan and we’re going to pour in the rest of our vegetable broth and I just do that cuz it’s easier

To blend the mushrooms with a little bit less liquid if there’s too much liid in there then it takes longer to get everything really consistently Blended together so now we’re just going to cook this on medium high until it is the thickness that you like all right is out

Of the oven guys come in and take a look at it’s so gorgeous I’m so happy with this and the gravy is finished too oh man I just can’t wait to dig into this but I’m going to let it cool for a little bit and then I’ll meet you at the

Table for a taste all right let’s cut into this Wellington I hate to cut into it it’s so pretty oh look at that it’s still pretty hot let’s see all right there we go look at that how beautiful you can really see all of the the spinach and

The mushrooms going to pour a little bit of this gravy on here woohoo M Gravy so delicious come on back next week for another great recipe

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