Derek Hough Struggled to Watch Celine Dion Doc After Wife Hayley’s Seizure

Derek Hough Struggled to Watch Celine Dion Doc After Wife Hayley’s Seizure

In a recent post on Instagram, Derek Hough shared with his followers the emotional experience he had while watching the documentary ‘I Am: Celine Dion.’ The ‘Dancing With the Stars’ judge revealed that he struggled to watch a particular scene in the film, which showed Celine Dion experiencing a seizure related to Stiff Person Syndrome. This moment hit particularly close to home for Derek, as his wife Hayley Erbert had recently experienced a similar health scare.

Derek recounted a poignant memory of meeting Celine Dion with his wife before one of her concerts, capturing a beautiful moment shared between the couple and the legendary singer. However, when it came time to watch the scene of Celine’s seizure in the documentary, Derek admitted that he could ‘barely re-watch’ it due to the painful reminders it brought up of his wife’s own health battle.

Hayley’s seizure, which occurred just months before, left her hospitalized for weeks and deeply affected both Derek and Hayley. The couple has been open about their journey through this difficult time, and Derek’s post serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of supporting loved ones through health challenges.

Despite the emotional toll of reliving these memories, Derek’s post also highlights the strength and resilience of both him and his wife. By sharing their story with vulnerability and honesty, they continue to inspire others to prioritize mental and physical well-being, and to cherish each moment with loved ones.

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